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Poll Results: Grade TNA’s Slammiversary

Live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL

* Opening video, which was put online prior to the PPV.

* Announced earlier, the tag team title match would open tonight’s PPV.

* Pryo

* Tazz and Mike Tenay hype the PPV.

* Christy Hemme is the ring announcer…

(1) TNA Tag Team title match: James Storm and Alex Shelley (with Bobby Roode) vs. The British Invasion (Douglas Williams and Magnus).

Roode (with his arm in a sling) joins the broadcast position with a six pack a beer. Roode says Storm and Alex Shelley are like an all star team. Great suplex by Magnus on Shelley, but he doesn’t go for a cover. Fans start to chant “USA, USA.”

With his legs open on the ropes, Shelley does a suicide dive onto both members of the British Invasion on the outside of the ring. High impact move by Shelley from the top rope, but only a two count.

Storm accidentally spit into Shelley face, which nearly cost the babyfaces the tag titles with Storm nearly being pinned.

Sliced bread by Shelley, and Storm gets the pinfall to retain the tag team titles at 10:56.

Storm and Shelly shake hands after the match.

* Backstage, we see Jeff Jarrett arrive two hours before the show. Then we see Kurt Angle arrive at 5:20PM ET.

* Backstage, JB interviews Scott Steiner. Steiner calls the fans in the building and watching live white trash. He said Morgan isn’t as strong as he is. After the match, Steiner said he is going to show Matt Morgan’s girlfriend what it is like to be with a real name.

* Hemme messes up in the intro for Steiner. She said he was from the University of Michigan in Detroit (which is actually Ann Arbor).

(2) Scott Steiner vs. Matt Morgan.

With Morgan down, Steiner asked the fans to look at this “candy ass.” Brian Hebner is the referee for this one.

Steiner maintains the upper hand. Morgan feeds off the crowd, and hits a running clotheslines. Side slide by Morgan. Sit down slam into a pin by Morgan, but only a two count.

Back in control, Steiner continues to heat the crowd. Steiner recliner applied by “Big Papa Pump” on Morgan.
Morgan lifted Steiner, but Steiner does a victory roll, but only a two count.

Carbon foot print by Morgan gets the victory for Morgan at 9:20.

After the match, Morgan kissed his wife sitting ring side.

Backstage, JB interviews Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett has already taken everything from Angle (his wife, his kids, his integrity), and tonight, he’ll take whats left – his gold mental. Jarrett says the victory tonight is dedicated to Karen, who is home in Tennessee.

(3) X-Division title match: Abyss vs. Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick.

Earl Hebner is the referee for this contest.

With Abyss lifting Kendrick on the outside, Kaz hit a drop kick onto Kendrick.

Blackhole slam by Abyss on Kendrick, but Kazarian quickly broke up a possible pin attempt.

Missile drop kick by Kendrick on Abyss, but only a two count.

Tornado DDT by Kazarian on Abyss, but he kicks out to save the title.

Double drop kick by Kazarian and Kendrick on the champion. Stacked pin, but Abyss kicked both guys off. Roll up by Kazarian, kick out by Abyss. Kaz and Kendrick went at it, as Abyss slowly made his way back up the ring apron. Abyss pulled out Kendrick as he was about to pin Kazarian, and pinned Kaz himself at 12:02 to retain the X Division championship.

After match, Abyss cut a promo into the close up camera, divide and conquer in a three way!

* We see a video highlight package for Crimson-Samoa Joe

(4) Samoa Joe vs. Crimson.

Crimson doesn’t let his ring music complete, as he comes storming into the ring, as the referee rings the bell to officially start the match.

On the mat, single leg Boston crab applied on Crimson, after a series of near pin fall attempts. In frustration, the guys exchange facial slaps. As both guys wear down, they exchange a series of punches.

Crimson moved out of the way of a possible muscle buster attempt. Crimson surprised Joe at 10:34 with a spear, and gets the victory. The two shake hands after the match. Joe appeared to say they would do this again.

Backstage, JB interviews Winter and Angelina Love. Winter tells Angelina that she is ready to take her medicine. Love said that she won’t need that anymore, and that she understands.

(5) Knockouts championship: Mickie James vs. Angelina Love (with Winter)

Earl Hebner is your referee.

James keeps a watchful eye on Winter on the outside of the ring.

On the outside, Love rammed James into the ring steps.

Thesz press by James from the top rope onto Love. Back heel kick by James, but Love was helped to the rope by Winter. Love attempted to pin James, who grabbed the bottom rope but Winter tried to stop her. Hebner saw her, and argued with Winter. Winter again tried to give Love extra leverage, but James kicked out. After a botched DDT, James pinned Love at 8:00 to retain the title. After the match, James was attacked by Winter. Winter hits her with her own belt. Hebner yells at her to leave, leaving a weary James in the ring.

* Backstage, Bully Ray is interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Bully Ray says he is a man, while AJ Styles is a boy. Bully Ray said he is 6’3″ and 285 lbs, and in the best shape of his career. He said he is mad at himself for not getting rid of Styles earlier.

(6) Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles in a last man standing match.

Fans start a “lets go AJ” chant.

On the outside, Bully Ray pulled up the ring steps, and went after Styles near the guard rail. Bully Ray places a trap Styles under the steps as he put weight on for additional pressure.

A series of chomps appeared to show busted blood vessels on AJ’s chest. AJ asked for another, and the loudness of the chomp got fans to chant “holy s**t.”

A springboard allowed AJ to nail Bully Ray with a punch, as the referee counted to six with Bully Ray before he broke the count. Sit down power bomb by Bully Ray from the ropes landed both men hard on the bat, as the referee started to count both men down.

Bully Ray grabbed a chain , but Styles got it away from Bully Ray and nailed him with it on the outside. Bully Ray went under the ring to blade, and came out with color. Styles continued to throw punches, and finally brought him back into the ring. Springboard 450 on Bully Ray, as the referee counted, but he was able to get back to his feet. With Bully Ray tossed out of the ring, Styles launched himself onto Bully Ray. Ray is bloody mess.

Bully Ray tossed Styles to the top of the stage. Pele by Styles, and he kicked Bully Ray off to the floor. Running forearm off the stage to the floor on Bully Ray. Fans chanted “this is awesome,” as Bully Ray broke the count at eight. Styles set up a table. Styles nailed Ray with a chair, putting his opponent on his back on the table. Back to the stage, Styles climbs up the steel structure, and does the Macho Man elbow drop onto Bully Ray, landing both men throw the table! Both men down, as the referee counted. Styles is up at six, but Bully Ray kicked him down from the floor. Bully Ray gets up before 10, and is declared the winner at 20:18. Heck of a match!

Staff, security, and referee help both battered men up.

Backstage, Mr. Anderson tells JB to watch what he is going to do tonight.

On the way the ring, Mr. Anderson grabbed the mic and said tonight there will be a new world heavyweight. He said the new champion will be from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He said Mr. Anderson, and before a second Anderson, Sting ran up from behind, and started whaling on him on the stage heading down the entrance ramp.

(7) TNA World Heavyweight title match: Sting vs. Mr. Anderson

Once the match officially started, Sting brawled with Anderson into the crowd. Sting tossed Anderson again an Impact wrestling sign, but Anderson returned the favor. Referee Jackson James allowed them to continue to brawl into the audience.

Finally back in the ring, Mr. Anderson worked on Sting’s left arm. Anderson applies an armbar. Anderson does a DDT on Sting’s arm, but the Stinger kicked out. Wrist lock by Anderson on Sting’s left arm. Sting finally gained the upper hand and hit a series of clotheslines. Stinger splash, and Sting set up for the Scorpion death lock, but Eric Bischoff runs out to distract Sting, and remained at ringside.

Near pin fall attempt by Anderson at 14:00, and looked frustrated. Scorpion death drop, and it appeared it was a three count. Sting was frustrated, as fans chanted “that was three.” Anderson gave Sting a low blow, and Anderson pinned Sting at 15:49 to win the TNA title.

After the match, they reviewed the tape. Bischoff hit the mat first, so when the referee counted two, it appeared it was a three count.

Karen Jarrett is interviewed live via satellite from Tennessee. Karen said Mike Tenay isn’t concerned about her, and she is stuck at home because her ex-husband pushed her. The satellite and the sound are a few seconds off, at least it is on my DirecTV feed. “You are an A-1 ball buster,” said Tenay to Karen.

– We see an Angle-Jarrett highlight video package.

– Jeremy Borash did the ring introductions.

(8) Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle in a #1 contenders match. Stip: If Jarrett wins, he receives Angle’s Olympic metals.

Fans are firmly behind Angle, with loud chants of “Angle, Angle” and “lets go Angle.”

Jarrett was able to flip Angle over the rope, which allowed Jarrett to work on Angle on the floor. Jarrett dropped Angle’s neck on the guard rail.

Both men hit cross body blocks at the same time, which grounded both competitors until a referee five count.

At the nine minute mark, Angle went for the ankle lock, but Jarrett was able to roll through. Quick Angle Slam, but Jarrett was able to kick out at two.

Jarrett hit the stroke at 10:25, but Angle kicked out. A series of reversals for a piledriver attempts, lands Jarrett into the angle lock, but the roll through knocks out referee Brian Hebner. From under the ring, Jarrett grabs a guitar, and nails Angle with it. The referee is still out. Earl Hebner runs down, but only a two count.

German suplex #1, German Suplex #2, German Suplex #3, but Angle failed to put Jarrett away.

Angle pulls down the straps. Angle went to ram Jarrett in the corner, but he moved out the way and Angle rammed his shoulder in the ring post. Stroke from the top rope, but Angle kicked out!

Jarrett applied an ankle lock on Angle. Fans chanted “Angle, Angle,” but Angle was able to get out with chants of “USA, USA.” Angle put on the ankle lock again, and Jarrett tapped out at 17:37 to become the new #1 contender for the TNA championship.

After the match, we saw highlights of the match.

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23 Responses

  1. Blocker says:

    Without a doubt THE most BORING ppv in wrestling history. If Impact is going to survive they must rid themselves of the middle-aged WWE rejects like Sting, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle and Bully Ray and promote their REAL stars – AJ Styles, Matt Morgan and Crimson. If it wasn’t for these 3 the entire ppv aould have been enough to make me barff! I feel so ripped off that I spent good money on this crap. At least their other 2 embarrasments, the Hardy brothers were nowhere to be seen. Never again!!

  2. Juan says:

    It is the little things that make a difference. The poster show three wrestlers who did not even appear on the PPV [Eric Young, Christopher Daniels & Chris Sabin]and one wrestler who is injured and did guest commentary [Robert Roode]. These may seem like nitpicking- but seriously TNA don’t make it so damn easy!

  3. Jose says:

    Bully Ray was on the cusp of singles superstardom ten years ago, and now, he finally gets his due…

  4. ED says:

    Bully Ray SUCKS!! in the ring Devon carried him all the years they were together. AJ jobbing to him is a crime! Ray can can cut a descent promo but is very slobby in the ring & is always botching moves & could careless if he actually hurts his opponent just ask Randy Orton or Batista.

  5. eddie cook says:

    Juan if u would watch impact u would know Sabin is also hurt that’s y Shelly teamed with storm but eric young and Daniels being left off is stuoid

  6. Juan says:

    I do watch Impact- I do know Chris Sabin is injured. And I do know about the ad hoc team of “Gun Money” – does not change the fact that Chris Sabin & Robert Roode were not on the card in a wrestling capacity. Just a silly mistake- which TNA cannot afford to make.

  7. TakerNGN74 says:

    @Blocker, just so you know Sting is not considered a WWE reject because he was never in the company unless you are counting him being in WCW which is of course owned by WWE.

  8. bob holly says:

    when i was a kid in the 80s i used to rent some vhs tapes called “faces of death”. it was horrible, most of it obviously fake and badly done at that but it did have its “omg” moments. then came part 2 and then 3 and so on. i watched them not for entertainment because you know when you pick it up off the shelf its not going to be a fun thing to watch, but i watched each one to see how much more awful it could get and the feeling of being sickened by what i was seeing (the gore, the attempt at humor, etc) was kind of desired when i pushed the “play” button. by the time the series got to 5 or 6 it no longer had an effect on me, it was just boring trash that was trying to out-do itself with shock and unnecessary filler painted with a haze of horrible comedy.

    this is how i watch tna shows. at least faces of death knew when it was time to quit.

  9. Blocker says:

    OK TakerNGN74. There are WWE rejects and WCW rejects. It hardly weakens my point does it? Sting, Jarrett, Steiner are well past their “use by” dates as are Hogan and Bishoff.

  10. AJ Starr says:

    Blocker, get a damn clue. Unless someone has never worked for a company other than TNA, then you consider them a “reject?”

    Grow up, kid.

  11. Saint Savage says:

    Sting has been the cornerstone of TNA since it started up. He is a true Legend and deserves respect. Whether or not he worked for WWE doesn’t change the fact he helped this company grow, but one man can not do it all.

  12. Sean B says:

    wheres the king of the montain match. i always loved them

  13. Denis says:

    Yes, TNA has its problems, as does WWE. Wrestling fans should want to see both organizations do well because it would be better for the business as a whole. If Vince controls everything, then the product becomes watered down. Wrestling was at its best back when their were still territories and you didn’t see the same wrestler week after week after week. Competition is good for the business. If you really love wrestling, you should want to watch as much as possible.

  14. -Jay- says:

    WWE currently sux but TNA just absolutely sux the state of pro wrestling is piss poor at the moment.

  15. Juan says:

    I agree with Denis. The problem is that promoters try to give us that old school wrestling by using the same old school wrestlers. I love Ric Flair- just not in the ring. I love Hulk Hogan – just not in the ring. Time to allow the next generation of stars to shine.

  16. ThatGuy says:

    Impact doesn’t have the experience that WWE has. it’s not THE greatest promotion out there, but it definitely isn’t the worst. The superstars that are on the Roster are misused, yes, but that Vince Russo and the Creative Dept’s fault. Very little of you realize that. The “Wash Ups” Blocker is trying to belittle are VETERANS who are trying to Save the company. Not once did he talk Down about Kurt Angle. Funny Note, Every Superstar on that Roster has either worked for WCW/WWF/E or in their territory. Youtube it. AJ Styles had a match in WWF. Same with Samoa Joe. Look at them now, they’re the poster children for Impact. See the correlation Blocker, Your statements are weak kid.

    Funny note as well, TNA ripped ROH, JAPW and AJPW of their talent but the TNA kids are the TNA kids to the ignorant.

    When TNA/Impact falls through (And it inevitably will) Half the Roster will either work for WWE or for ROH/DGUSA/JAPW/AJPW. The Veterans, or wash ups Blocker likes to call them, will either retire or go back to the WWE as a Talent Agent.

    Now, as for the PPV itself. It’s not the best. TNA is slipping tremendously through its facade of WRESTLING MATTERS. I read the PPV, and it didn’t sound that great. Crimson/Joe match could’ve been A LOT longer. Styles/Bully sounded decent. The major matches were predictable. If Ultimate X or King of the Mountain would’ve been included, the PPV would’ve been better. Vince Russo NEEDS to be fired. I’m 18, in college and nothing more than a wrestling fan and I myself could write better than him on any given day.

    Definite 2 out of 5.

  17. OstegoAmigo says:

    @ Blocker

    Funny that you want to get rid of all the WWE and WCW rejects. Let’s see.

    AJ Styles: WCW reject.
    Samoa Joe: WWE reject
    Ken Anderson: WWE Reject.
    Matt Morgan: WWE Reject.

    I could go on and on, but you fail to realize that TNA is still a young company. People have to work somewhere.

    I could have the potential for a great company, but they are severely mis-managed, much like WCW was. I also think that you shouldn’t have a person who is one of the main bookers, a person who thought that making David Arquette WCW Champion was a good idea.

  18. Denis says:

    Many good points brought up by you guys. Promoters are scared to push young talent, because they don’t have the “name” factor. The older guys were cash cows at one time, and many promoters will run them into the ground. And it happens in all companies. TNA is missing a chance with the great group of young talent they have. Russo does need to go. The management in TNA is, at this moment, the worst. Flair is a great mouthpiece, but I don’t want to see him in the ring. Ditto with Hogan. I have no problem with Sting.

  19. james says:

    So when is Sting vs. Angle? I would argue that these two still have a lot to offer and are not there to steal the spotlight.

  20. daniel says:

    james, u mean anderson vs. angle, he won the title, wht i dont get didnt they say that it was a 2 count so why wasn;’t the decision overruled wtf!

  21. Rob Deyette says:

    Props to sting for not taking the money and running to WWE. As far as the PPV is concerned it was awful. Their was only two good matches and they were not even title matches.[AJ Styles vs Bully Ray and Jarrett vs Angle]

  22. james says:

    O yeah my bad. Now i’m less excited, those two wrestled each other two death last year. I’m guessing Angle will get written out soon so that he can go train for the Olympics.

  23. Mc hype says:

    Yo TNA right now needs to get rid of the older guys WWE needs to push the guys that really deserve it R-TRUTH is a joke like THE WHOLE CENA/RTRUTH FEUD is a mess, ORTON/CHRISTIAN is a great feud, Alex Riley and Miz stole the show last night on raw.

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