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Hogan threatens lawsuit against Warrior


Hulk Hogan THREATENS Lawsuit Against Warrior!

Hulk Hogan is not taking the bashing from The Ultimate Warrior lying down, telling TMZ he plans on filing a lawsuit against the Warrior for “spewing sewage.”

The Warrior went crazy on a 7-minute video tirade, saying, among other things, that Hulk is a cocaine user who had an open marriage and encouraged ex-wife Linda Hogan to have sex with other wrestlers.

For starters, Hulk says the allegation of drug use is “a blatant lie.”

As for claims about Linda, Hulk says, “None of that ever happened. This guy is out of his mind.”

Hulk says he’s tried ignoring The Ultimate Warrior, to no avail. So now Hulk has gotten his lawyer involved and plans on dropping the hammer — in court.

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19 Responses

  1. advo319 says:

    not sewage if its true Terry

  2. mshelez says:

    Shouldn’t they just fight it out in the ring? Last one standing gets to tell his story. lol

  3. Hush says:

    Sounds like a better match than Halloween Havoc

  4. Hulk Hogan says:

    Well let me tell you somethin brother! All the Hulkamaniacs know that I’m the God of the universe dude! When I take Warrior to court, I plan on dropping my all powerful leg drop in front of 600,000 screaming Hulkamaniacs brother! Ulimate Warrior, you will pay brother for spewing lies about the God of the universe Hulk Hogan dude. There is no wrestling without me brother so let me tell you somethin brother, brother, BROTHERRRR! Watcha gonna do when Hulk Hogan and his 73 inch pythons sue youuuu!!!!

  5. G3 says:

    this is low key funny

  6. Kerry says:

    Come on guys, forget about a lawsuit – Hogan-Warrior II! Bring Jim Hellwig um, I mean Warrior, to TNA, oops, I mean Impact Wrestling & fight it out in the ring.

  7. Hulk Hogan says:

    Lmfao @ Hulk Hogan’s comment (PS i know its not hulk hogan, i mean seriously anybody can easily post his name as hulk hogan lolllll!!!!!

  8. Criss Brian says:

    Warrior’s insane. Completely disregarding TNA… oops Impact Wrestling, I respect Hogan a million times more than warrior. Read his last book and his tweets and it’s obvious that Warrior is a washed up crazed has been looking to extend his 15 min of fame which expired a long time ago.

  9. Dr. Mality says:

    Don’t like or trust Hogan, but Warrior is a crazed neo-Nazi goof living in Candyland.

  10. N. Gaijin says:

    Agreed Dr. Mailty, these two roided-up d-bags deserve one another. The two of them are known for their tendency towards frivolous lawsuits, it was only a matter of time before one of them went spewing off about the other and they took it to court. I find it ironic… poetic even, that Helwig is about to get sued for the very thing he accused WWe of doing with their “Self-Destruction” DVD. I don’t know how, but he managed to get a substantial settlement out of his suit with Post, methinks Big Jimmy might be on the streets soon, if Hogan’s past luck is any indication. Then Hogan can burn all that money in the old bum’s oil drum that is TNA/Impact Wrestling and can join him on the streets, where the two of them can continue their little verbal feud like the rest of the crazed sidewalk residents that Helwig apparently despises.

  11. Joseph says:

    I gotta say this is Russo’s best work yet….

  12. Captain Ass says:

    I know what I have heard in the past from interviews that I have done that Hulk is a two faced man, but what Warrior is saying is really out there. Is he telling the truth? Nobody really knows but the ones close to Hogan. All I can say is that if Warrior is fabricating, Hogan will sue his ass, and rightfully so.

    I get a kick out of what set Warrior off. Hogan said that Warrior was brought in to put the bullet in to Hulkamania all those years ago. So what? That sets off a tirade like what Warrior is doing? A little melodramatic, are we, Warrior?

  13. T says:

    It is all a work and the build up to Warrior vs Hogan 3 !!! ha ha ha

  14. John says:

    Growing up I always liked Hogan, but he has worn his welcome out in this industry (at least I would like to think that he has, apparently TNA has not). Everything he is doing is all about Hogan, and no one else. He has held young talent down for far too long, just so his boys could stay in the limelight (himself included). Time to go Terry.

    As for Jim, good Lord has he lost it or what? He was a nutjob all those years ago. Seems time hasn’t helped him at all. If he is telling lies, then I don’t blame Terry for suing him. This is just insane. But very entertaining. :-)

  15. Deathedge says:

    I’m conflicted here. On the one hand if it’s real, I have to support Hogan and just think that the Warrior is an idiot; If it’s fake then I have to see a, barring some miracle, horrid Hogan vs Warrior re-match.

    *crosses fingers* Please be real… and please let Warrior represent himself in court…

  16. Ryan says:

    and following the story in a couple days we’ll see Terrys wife/ex wife whatever she is now days supporting the truth of the warrior hah

  17. X-AdamC-X says:

    @Deathedge, And also in character too. That would be sweet!

  18. Hulk Hogan says:


  19. -Jay- says:

    Warrior is hooked up to a coke iv and hogan stores coke in that handlebar…screw the rules book it for next year in miami mcmahon!

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