Andy Levine

Jun 7, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

6’5″ former football player Andy Levine was crowned Tough Enough champion
on June 5, 2011 live on Monday Night RAW, beating out his competition Luke
Robinson in the finale. Prior to the announcement, WWE Chairman Vince
McMahon stormed out in a ridiculous blue outfit and asked a few questions to
the two finalists and after Austin announced big Andy as the winner, the
Chairman and CEO welcomed him with a slap to the face that knocked the big
guy flat on his ass. The WWE Hall of Famer then helped the new member of the
WWE roster, shook his hand and gave him his own welcome – a Stunner. The
eliminated contestants – minus reigning Miss USA Rima Fakih – were in the
ring for the first segment before McMahon came out along with Booker T, Bill
DeMott and Trish Stratus. Levine is a 23 year old who had only six months of
in-ring experience prior to joining Tough Enough however he had four years
of high school varsity wrestling experience with a record of over 90 wins.
He currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife Lauren and his daughter
and a son on the way.

Levine was released by WWE in April 2012.

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