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Mike Goldberg comments on WWE‏

From Arda Ocal:

here are comments from Mike Goldberg on the WWE:

theScore Television Network’s Arda Ocal caught up with UFC commentator Mike Goldberg and asked him about how close he was to signing with the WWE in 2005. The Full interview is here (VIDEO):

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  1. advo319 says:

    lord knows he’d be a better commentator than Michael Cole.

  2. Toriegh MDOT says:

    I think he would have been very good in the WWE, maybe had he gone, I am sure by now he would have been considered the best of this era, too bad he couldn’t do both !!!

  3. Gazz says:

    As much as I’d have liked to have heard Goldberg call a WWE event, I can’t help but wonder whether he’d have been allowed to continue calling WWE’s matches in the same way he’d call a UFC bout (a la Joey Styles calling the in ring moves/action) or whether he’d have been sent to FCW (or which ever developmental they used at the time) to learn how to call matches WWE style.

    Personally I don’t think I could imagine Mike telling back stories or hyping a main event during a match.

    Oh and was it just me or was anyone else surprised that his voice is a tad higher than what we hear at UFC events?

  4. Radar says:

    watching this and listening to him sounds some much different then what he sounds like on the ppvs.

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