WWE Tough Enough Finale Recap

Jun 6, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller

The show started with a season summary, running through all the eliminations and emotional moments.

Tonight, Andy and Luke will fight, the one impressing the people that matter the most win the contract. Which one will be TOUGH ENOUGH?

Its been a while since the training sessions and Andy talks about sacrificing the life he has with his family to try to make it in the business. He calls this contest the perfect chance to provide. His wife indicates her support for him to win this competition and helps him with keeping in shape. He packs his bags, saying goodbye to his family, saying he’s ready without a shadow of a doubt in his mind.

Camera now goes to Luke, who shows off his party boy style and some of his own workouts, which involve doing what he calls “caveman training”. He also had the benefit of a ring which his friend had set up. He is determined to hunt Andy down. He thanks everyone in his life who sacrificed everything for him to do what he has set out to do, especially his mother. His strategy is simple: to be himself.

Andy and Luke make their way to the Tough Enough ring in FCW, the official development territory of the WWE, greeted by Bill DeMott and none other than Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat. Ricky talks about people that FCW has prepared such as Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio. He hopes that FCW can add one of the finalists to those ranks. Bill tells them they will both have an exhibition match…against DeMott himself. He reminded them that he said he meant it when he said to get to the WWE, they go through him.

Steamboat sees the boys out and lays out his expectations. Then he has both of them work in the ring. Ricky praises Luke’s speed and admits he will have to take some risks while saying Andy might need a little work to slow down.

Coming up: The finalists have their matches, then Stone Cold Steve Austin announces the winner LIVE tonight!

The sun comes up as both guys enter. Luke called this week mentally AND physically challenging. Andy admits having butterflies, saying that either the nuts drop or you run away; and he has no plans on running away. The FCW arena fills as its time for the matches to start. Booker T cuts a brief promo about the show then appears to go on commentary. Next, Bill DeMott makes his way out, who has no plans on relinquishing his spot.

Cut to Richmond, VA and Cole and Lawler on commentary. Lawler says he does not envy the task that Stone Cold is up against.

The matches are up… NEXT!

Back at the FCW arena, the crowd is going wild as Luke talks about how he wants it. Both men are brought out and we are then treated to a montage of both of the fights to the theme of Tough Enough. At the end of that montage, Bill AND Ricky Steamboat shakes both their hands.

Bill enters the waiting room with Booker T. Booker asks if they feel they did their best. Luke felt he could have done better while Andy felt confident. Booker tells them to pat themselves on the back. Bill tells them they will be live on RAW and that he’s proud of both of them.

Coming up NEXT: Stone Cold crowns the winner of Tough Enough

Justin Roberts announces for the crowd to welcome the Tough Enough trainers as we are LIVE for the finale. Bill takes the mic first, saying tonight is the night, much to everyone’s excitement. First out, the eliminated contestants, then the finalists come out. Andy comes out with a “Silent Rage” t-shirt on. Booker congratulates both for making it this far and introduces Austin. (And I LOVE the way he said it too)

Austin takes a good swig of beer before getting a cheap pop. He says he’s proud of everyone and encourages the crowd to give them a hand and a hell yeah. He thanks Bill, Trish and Booker for being his trainers. He talks about what would happen next, about going into the office, but they can’t do that today. He asks Bill his thoughts.

He says both made it through a lot of obstacles and hurdles. If he HAD to pick one, he’d pick Andy. Austin asks Trish next, who goes with Andy as well. Booker T’s time, calls Luke a pretty boy, someone with a future, but he looks at Andy and has two words: IT Factor. Its unanimous from the trainers, but its Stone Cold’s call.

He goes at both guys and then asks Luke what he thinks of Andy. Luke says he showed up to TE with one intention, to be the next superstar, and he gets some boos. Andy gets the mic and some cheers. Andy runs him down under the bus and says Luke does not deserve to be here, to some good cheers. The scene is cut to a limo, OUT COMES THE BOSS!!!!

Enter Vince McMahon, who comes out to a decent pop. It appears the eliminated were cleared out and its just down to Vince, the finalists and Austin. Vince asks for a hug, Austin says How bout a stunner instead, saying they don’t need to hug. Vince introduces himself. Vince asks both what makes them think they can stand in the same ring as HBK, Andre The Giant, Sgt. Slaughter, or even Stone Cold Steve Austin. Andy went to say he would guaran-damn-tee, and Vince cut him off. Luke got the mic and got booed immediately. Vince asks for character traits, Andy says he’s the baddest person in the competition.

continued to the Raw report….

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