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Detailed The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale Recap

* We are live from Las Vegas. Mike Goldberg & Joe Rogan welcomes to the event which will begin with a matchup featuring the TUF 13 semi-finalists. Commercial. 
* Match #1: Chuck O’neil vs. Chris Cope. Chuck lands a right outside leg kick. Chris evades punches but us tied up in a dirty boxing position up against the cage. Chris lands a left knee to the gut oas they separate. Chuck takes a right low kick. Chuck misses with a right headkick. They exchange inside leg kicks. Chuck lands a left body kick. Chris hits Chuck with a heavy left hook & pushes Chuck into the cage. Chuck lands a right low kick. Chris lands a combo into the stomach and face of Chuck. Chris gets a left head kick blocked, misses a spinning back kick as the round ends. 10-9 Chris.
* Round 2: Chris lets out a Woo as the action resumes. Chuck lands 3 leg kicks. Chris with an inside leg kick. Chris pushes Chuck into the fence but gets reversed. They disengage and Chris lands another left hook. Chris is doubling his left jab as he holds the center of the Octagon. Chris throws two overhand rights that are blocked. His left head kick is blocked. Chuck avoids a Superman punch, twice. They exchange leg kicks as the round ends. 10-9 Chris.
* Round 3: Chuck starts off by throwing leg kicks. Up against the fence, Chris lands a left elbow to the face. Chuck gets hit with a left hook. Head kick by Chris is partially blocked. He misses a spinning heel kick to the face. Up on the fence, Chuck places knees into the body. Chris does well to avoid the takedown. Chris hits a nice spinning left backfist, along with punches to follow up. Chuck strikes with an overhand right. Chris throws punches as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Chris. Commercial.
* Winner: Chris Cope via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). Commercial.
* Match #2: Kyle Kingsbury vs. Fabio Maldonado in light-heavyweight action. Kyle looks ripped as the match starts. Kyle lands 2 right low kicks. Kyle initiates the clinch where he lands 5 knees into the arms of Fabio. Fabio lands an overhand right onto the forehead of Kyle. Kyle gets the clinch again & hits a knee into the face of Fabio. He gets the takedown but is caught in a Guillotine. Kyle reverses, escapes, and we re-set in the center. Fabio nails a good left-right. Left hook by Fabio, then shruss off a clinch from Kyle. Kyle takes down Fabio where he drops elbows down onto the forehead of Fabio. Fabio escapes, he tags the body of Kyle with punches. When they are in the clinch, Kyle is throwing knees while Fabio is aiming for the body with punches. Round ends. 10-9 Kyle.
Round 2: Kyle trying to maintain space with push kicks. He drives forward to get the takedown. In Fabio’s guard, Kyle loses position & we are now standing again. Hard left jab by Kyle, then a headkick that is partially blocked. Fabio avoids a trip takedown. Fabio drives forward but is back on the ground with another takedown by Kyle. Up in the fence, Fabio strikes with left, rights to the body. Stiff jab by Kyle as he throws a leg kick to the thigh of Fabio. Round ends 10-9 Kyle. Commercial.
Round 3: Left body kick by Kyle as Fabio takes jabs to the face. Fabio, bleeding out of his right eyebrow, gets taken down. More knees in the clinch by Kyle as Fabio lands a left hook to the face. Kyle’s left eye is swelling badly, he takes 3 straight left jabs to that spot. Fabio with a jumping leg hook to the face, falls on top of Kyle. They remain here until the referee stands them up. Fabio loses his mouthpiece after a knee but we resume after he gets it back. Fabio gets a takedown before the round ends. 10-9 Fabio. Commercial. 
Winner: Kyle Kingsbury via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). Commercial.
* Joe Rogan interviews Shane Carwin, who will headline UFC 131 next Saturday against Junior Dos Santos. Carwin mentions having a great camp, implementing a new nutrition plan, looking forward to the KO. Commercial.
* Match #3: Ed Herman vs. Tim Credeur. Both guys did not compete at all in 2010. Ed tags Tim with a left hook. Both men are exchanging punches in the cage. Tim extends his left jab well. Ed grabs the neck with his left hand as he drops Tim with a right uppercut. He continues the barrage, Tim briefly goes out as Herb Dean stops the fight. Commercial.
Winner: Ed Herman via TKO just 46 seconds into the fight. Ed plugs his new Gym, commercial.
* Junior Dos Santos is interviewed. He speaks about altering his strategy for Shane Carwin, preparing for the wrestling, says “don’t blink.” Commercial.
* Match #4: Round 1: Anthony Pettis vs. Clay Guida. Clay is bouncing/jumping up and down. Anthony lands a nice body kick which Clay uses to get a takedown. Anthony is trying for an Armbar/Triangle with Clay postering up to drop punches. Hammerfists by Anthony from the bottom. Anthony gets up but Clay pushes him into the fence where he gets the takedown. Clay executes shoulder strikes as he tries to strike Anthony. The round ends with Clay hitting more shoulder strikes. 10-9 Clay. Commercial.
Round 2: Clay lands a right low kick. Clay pushes him to the fence where he drags him to the ground. Clay just holding Anthony up in against the fence here. Clay desperately trying to get the takedown. They separate, Anthony hits a nice left headkick. Spinning back kick by Anthony, he tries for the combo but Anthony gets a takedown. Anthony rolls into an Armbar but Clay evades it enough to wait out the round. 10-9 Clay, commercial.
Round 3: Clay hits an overhand right, then gets the takedown. Clay is staying in Anthony’s guard not attempting to pass, just throwing few punches. Clay tries for a takedown but Anthony is able to get side-control. Anthony gets full mount but Clay decides to give up his back. Anthony hits one punch to the cheek. Clay is able to slip off & is now on top of Anthony. Boring, Terrible Fight Guys, Trust Me.
Winner: Clay Guida via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). Clay literally thanks about 25 different individuals as his brother holds up a “Clay Guida” cardboard cutout. Pathetic. Commercial.    

* Match #5: Ramsey Nijem vs. Tony Ferguson. Before the fight, we get to see their respective training camp videos. The fight begins with Ramsey charging forward behind punches. Tony gets a takedown. Ramsey tries to move around & is able to get to his feet. Ramsey hits a good left hook but Tony takes him back to the ground. They get back up as Ramsey is throwing a lot of punches, causing Tony to duck & evade the blows. They circle around then Tony throws a right-left combo with the left hook landing squarely on the jaw of Ramsey. Ramsey collapses to the ground, Tony lands 1 more blow as the referee stops the fight. Impressive finish by the new Ultimate Fighter Winner.
* Winner: Tony Ferguson via KO at 3:54 of the first round.
* Match #6: Scott Jorgensen vs. Ken Stone. Stone standing Southpaw, really connecting with his kicks and punches. Ken tags him with a couple of punches. Ken lands a left body kick, headkick, low kick. Ken looks solid in the standup as he is the one connecting with more punches. Scott decides to take the fight to the ground which he does. Ken threatens with an Armbar, then a Triangle. Scott lifts up Ken, then drops him back down. In Ken’s guard, Scott drops a hard right hand onto the chin of Ken & he is gone. A few follow up punches & the fight is stopped with Scott getting the win in a fight he was losing.  
* Winner: Scott Jorgensen via KO at 4:01 in the first round. 
* Match #7: Josh Grispi vs. George Roop. Grispi ducks his head and charges with punches. Roop circles away, but he quickly hits the deck on Grispi’s second effort. Roop’s head against the cage as Grispi looks to attack. Grispi steps out to side control and works on Roop’s left arm. Not there, so he switches to the neck. Roop works up, but Grispi ties up the legs and drags him back down. Roop drives some elbows to the side of the head. Grispi covers, adjusts and swiftly moves to mount. Halfway in, and Roop works to a knee. Grispi is glued to his opponent, but Roop does get back to his feet. Nice knee inside from Roop. He finally pulls away and fires off a high kick, but Grispi lands a few punches as he charges back into the clinch. Grispi hits the floor and looks to snag a leg, but Roop postures up over him and lands a few big elbows. Final seconds, and Roop lands a few more punches from the top before the bell. Great finish from Roop, and he may
have taken the round with the work. Roop 10-9.

Round 2 – Roop active again early, and Grispi hits the deck from a kick. Roop rushes into top position and works punches and elbows again. Grispi’s grappling no threat early, as Roop pressures from the top. Grispi hooks the arms to slow things down, but Roop finds space to drive in more elbows. Grispi searching for something, but Roop keeps grinding away from the top Grispi rolls to his knees, but Roop punches away from behind. Grispi rolls again and works to guard. Roop firing away with elbows to the head and body, and the action is entirely one-side with one minute left. Grispi absorbing more shots from the top. Grispi scrambles to his knees, but Roop continues to punch away. Knee to the body for Roop. Grispi trying to control and arm and work something. Roop, 10-9.

Round 3 – Roop takes the center. High kick and front kick for the rangy fighter. Grispi looks like he wants to trade, but
he’s not pulling the trigger. Grispi catvces the left leg and trips Roop, taking top position int he process. Roop threatens from his back, but Grispi scrambles free and to the feet. Grispi drives back in for a takedown. Actions stalls there, but Grispi won’t release. Dean stops the action and warns Grispi to keep his mouthpiece in. Roop unleashes a combination on the restart. One kick nails the cup, and we have a brief break when Dean calls time. On the restart, Roop again works kicks to all angles. Roop charges in and drops Grispi with a body shot, and that’s the fight.
* Winner: George Roop via TKO (punch) at 3:14 of Round 3.

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