6/4 Florida Championship Wrestling Results

Jun 5, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

from Jordan Owens:

6-4-11: FCW: Summer SlamaRama: Port Charlotte, FL

Titus O Neill beat Brad Maddox (5:10)

Trent Barreta & Xavier Woods beat Rick Victor & Damien Sandow (8:30)

Jon Moxley beat Kenneth Cameron (6:55)

James Bronson, Alex Koslov & Jinder Mahal beat Rodney Thomas, Tito Colon & Donny Marlow (11:56)

Conor O Brian beat Byron Saxton (5:55)

Husky Harris vs Roman Leakee [DCO] (8:49)

Tag Titles: Calvin Raines & Big E Langston vs Tyler Black & Johnny Curtis [DDQ] (9:13)

Heavyweight Title, No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere: Bo Rotundo beat Lucky Cannon (8:59)

Notes: As always there was some letdown & unfulfilled advertisements made by FCW. A Steel Cage match was advertised and for the second time for me at least not delivered. Also a “Superstar Karakoe Idol” Contest advertised & didnt happen. As always door’s opened 30 minutes late. And a Fan Fest was advertised. Lets see here:

“Fan Fest from 5:30 – 7:30 pm with Autograph Stages, Live Music, Games, Exhibitors and More”

5:30 more like 6. Autographs – yes. Members from the FCW Roster. Live Music? Nope, just the usual music over the loud speakers. games? Nada. Exhibitors? There was literally coke, water, iced lemonade & nachos for sale. Thats it. And more? There was no “more” to be found. Sadly the show was fun so I cant hate FCW. I just wish they stop advertising stuff & not live up to it. Shows still don’t go as smooth as they should, they run late since ive started attending in 08 and always have misleading advertisements. This was probably the worst for it being advertised as a Fan Fest and being kinda lame in that aspect. Moxley is now Dean Ambrose but is currently still playing his gimmick from the indies. The first match was probably the worst, it caused Tom Pritchard to yell out “go big or go home” – thus the match ended very soon after. Fun show, as always FCW has some really talented guys in the wings. Just wish they opened on time & actually gave us what is advertised. Or at the very least, say something owning up to the fact.

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