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Update on CM Punk’s contractual status

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that CM Punk’s current WWE contract expires in September and the belief still seems to be that he will be taking time off.

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  1. Rex Anderson says:

    He honestly needs a break. He has been active since he was in ROH as World champion

  2. i hope that when punk returns that they give him a world title shot he deserves one

  3. -Jay- says:

    Punk should take time off from that bs fest. guess they will have Cena squash him because Cena certainly needs a bigger push…right.

  4. chris says:

    He should just sign with RoH now that they got a good tv deal.

  5. Agent J says:

    I hope he returns to ROH for a few shows before he goes back to WWE.

  6. marty mcfly says:

    amen to what asterik said!! i never get bored either of see cm punk wrestling, i didn’t notice that he is such an amazing technical wrestler, i mean he kicked orton’s ass on wrestlemania 27!! it’s a shame the result of that match but whatever, he deserves more than it has received.

  7. korey parker says:

    Possible TNA run again? TNA really dropped the ball with him!!! Now that he is a star he will be returning with more power in his name.

    Is he the only former TNA guy to use the same name in WWE as he did in TNA?

  8. name says:

    @korey parker
    You’re crazy. Can you imagine how CM Punk would fit into the mess that is the Immortal-Fortune storyline? I’ve been following TNA for a while with that storyline, and I still don’t understand much of it. Adding CM Punk would just be too much for TNA right now. Worst case, he’ll return to “save the X Division” which will probably fail miserably.

    Also, the only one I can think of that used the same name when they jumped ship to WWE from TNA is Kazarian..

  9. korey parker says:


    But considering he was one of their boys before he became a star they can maybe utalize that fact? I don’t know……They also make no mention of Mr.Anderson being their prior to being “Mr. Kennedy”…….they don’t seem to do a lot of what would make sense though.

  10. N. Gaijin says:

    Yeah… for sure… Punk is going to TNA… where they’ll “use him properly”. You know, they’ll finally bring that old relic Hogan out of “retirement” so Punk can job himself out of a career. Seriously though, there was nothing for Punk when he was originally in TNA and there’s even less there for him now. Punk doesn’t need TNA, TNA needs Punk. Chances are, if Punk is indeed going to let his contract expire, he’ll just take some time off, maybe do some shows for ROH, but the guy will always have a home in WWe… keep wishing marks.

  11. Brock says:

    Are we forgetting about RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Matt and Jeff Hardy,Taz? These are all talents that have used the same name in both WWE and TNA.

  12. RVD420 says:

    All you morons have to do is listen to ONE punk interview on TNA and you`d realize he`d go back to CHIKARA before he went to TNA

    and Brock i think he means people who went from TNA to WWE with the same name….Marcus Cor Von anyone!!

  13. deathedge says:

    Am I the only one who was shocked WWE let him use the CM Punk name, considering how determined WWE is to “build their own stars”?

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