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Brian Knobs mocks the death of Randy Savage

At a recent wrestling convention in Newark, CA, Brian Knobs (from the Nasty Boys) was running around holding his chest and pretending to have a heart attack to mock Randy Savage’s death, the day after the legend had passed away in Florida.

Sean Waltman posted on Twitter: “There’s a little bit of history between us, but no big deal in my book. What is a big deal in my book is when he arrived at the convention and he came to me laughing and holding his chest, saying, ‘Oh yeah!’ and mocks having a heart attack. I immediately told him how f***ed up I thought it was. He blew me off and went to just about everyone else in the room, doing the same thing. Some fans even saw him do it. Mocking the death of Randy less than 24 hours after it happened. I know I’ve done some bad things in my life, a lot of things I’m very sorry for. Many probably think I have some nerve coming off like a moral authority, but someone has to call Brian out on his bulls**t.”

What made doing that even more ill-timed is that Lanny Poffo was scheduled at that convention, but pulled out upon learning of his brother’s death.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Brian Knobs is officially full of crap. He can go take his fight behind off a bridge. There’s absolutely nothing funny about that.

  2. Joe says:

    What a gutless coward…

  3. Poopsy says:

    Is that fatass really so desperate for attention that he has to mock a dead wrestler that was probably at one point his friend just so he can reclaim his former glory? Pathetic and immature………

  4. chris says:

    Knobs is just jealous that Savage is a legend, and Knobbs is nothing more then a footnote. Part of a tag team more known for rubbing a jobbers face in their arm pits, and getting the crap kicked out of them by LOD at Summerslam. Knobs is only still around because he’s been willing to count the winkles on Hogan’s nutsack!

  5. Ryan C. says:

    I love my dark humor but even that was too much. Knobs couldn’t work worth a damn when it came to something other than hardcore wrestling

  6. tony says:

    knobs only wishes he was half the wrestler that savage was. to me he will forever be know as a second rate wrestler and a useless talent

  7. paul says:

    Knobbs is a puppet, I only wonder how far up Hogans arm is!! Piece of Crap

  8. Drew says:


  9. Asterik says:

    I think anybody associated with Hulk Hogan as a friend are jerkoffs, Hogan and Knobs are like each other, desperate for attention…

  10. Nuff Said says:

    Brian Knobs is and always has been a hack and a tool

  11. DeathPhoenix says:

    Sad part is Hogan defended him saying people just don’t get his humor and just need to laugh it off yet he’s trying to say he was Savage’s friend Hogan and Knobs are just worthless

  12. Ian says:

    Knobs is a piece of crap and I have lost more respect for Hogan for defending him, especially since he recently stated that him and Savage had just started speaking again last year after 10 year of not speaking and was sad that they hadn’t talked in that long…no matter what your humor is there is nothing humorous about this at all.

  13. Truth B Known says:

    Fat-ass + talentless = worthless wrestler!

  14. Sheila816 says:

    What a worthless piece of fecal matter Knobbs is. Not much of a surprise here since he is bosom buddies with the Huckster. Totally disrespectful and not even a bit funny.

  15. JD Storm says:

    Knobs is a waste of skin.

  16. Rick says:

    Wow, that’s unbelievable. I guess I won’t seem out of line by saying that I think we all wish it was Knobs who was the victim.

  17. John says:


  18. Steve says:

    I’ve never heard a good word said from wrestlers about the Nasty Boys so I am not very surprised but am proud of Sean Waltman for not only calling his bullsh*t but also for owning up to his past mistakes. That is more than most people ever do in life.

  19. xyu says:

    Well, he is just saying what Hogan wants to say but Hogan can’t get away with it. Human garbage this one.

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