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SPOILERS: TNA Impact spoilers for 6/2


-The show opened with a brawl between ODB and Velvet Sky. This turns into a  match which ODB wins. Miss Tessmacher helps Velvet Sky afterwards.

-We  get a promo with Eric Bischoff in the ring. He calls out Beer Money and is  threatening to strip them of the tag team titles. Alex Shelley comes out and  announces that since Chris Sabin is out with an injury he will team with James  Storm at Slammiversary against the British Invasion.

-We get a #1  Contender’s Match for the X Title between Brian Kendrick and Kazarian. It goes  to a time limit draw but when they get more time, Abyss comes out and interrupts  the match resulting in no winner being announced.

-Crimson defeated Matt  Hardy. After the match Samoa Joe comes out but is taken out by  Crimson.

-Angelina Love defeated Miss Tessmacher

-Mr. Anderson  wrestled Eric Young who was dressed as The Great Muta. Gunner comes out and  tries to distract the referee but it allows Young to spit mist in the eyes of  Anderson. After a moonsault Young pinned Anderson. After the match, Anderson and  Gunner beat down Young until Sting made the save.

-We get a promo between  Bully Ray and AJ Styles setting up a Falls Count Anywhere Match at the  PPV.

-Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett defeated Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle  when Steiner pinned Morgan. During a brawl between Angle and Jarrett, Karen  Jarrett falls and looks hurt.

-We get a promo involving Hulk Hogan and  Eric Bischoff. They are reading a letter from The Network’s Attorney. After a  bit of trash talk Hulk Hogan reveals that Mick Foley was fired closing the  show.

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12 Responses

  1. Because reading a letter Matters!

  2. kev1403 says:

    What the hell!!?? i dont even watch TNA and i cant believe they let their number one contender to the TNA title, get beaten by a mid carder at best! Very laughable. Very stupid. Very WCW.

  3. eddie says:

    Kev if u watched tna u would realize eric young is getting pushed right now. And beside same thing happens in wwe.

  4. DJ Reign says:

    Wow that was a pile of hot crap

  5. Hung Wei Lo says:

    Foley was probably fired due to the fact that he spoke the truth about the TNA house shows.

    “Maybe so, but two days later, I trapped The Rock under a pallet of beer kegs to win the WWE strap in an Empty Arena match a/k/a TNA house show.”

  6. Agent Cooper says:

    Yeah, I’m wondering if that firing was legit. I doubt TNA was pleased with Foley’s Twitter joke about their house shows.

  7. Agent J says:

    seems like a missable impact …

  8. eddie says:

    Matches my not look good on paper but they could be good on tv

  9. magnum says:

    And you guys think Wwe is even Better WWW sucks all they have is homoboring cena

  10. james says:

    So how long until Mick Foley is back in WWE?

  11. JayJay says:

    If I remember correctly, this site had a story about Mick Foley’s contract being up in 6 months, and that story was several months back… so I don’t think this was a real firing, but it was a case of Mick not wanting to resign, or they didn’t want to resign him.

  12. HipnosisV1games says:

    HELL YEAH Eric Young FTW!!

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