5/30 WWE Tough Enough Recap

May 30, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller

Jeremiah and Luke are excited about being two of the surviving three as Andy makes his way back in. Andy admits his anger after the elimination he just endured. He seems to be more focused than ever before.

The final three make their way to the gym for training. Bill DeMott says there is no theme this week, which Trish elaborates as a fine tuning session. The trainers have the guys show the best that they have. Bill admits he sees potential in all three of them, but only one of them will make it to the end. Andy seems to lose the grip of the situation and gets admonished for it. Now the three start to mess up a bit, which pisses off Austin. Booker dismisses all of them, saying each one of them failed today’s training.

The contestants are brought to a studio, where they are introduced to The Miz. Miz congratulates the three on making it as far as they did. He talks about how press and promotion is part of their life. Trish tells the guys they will be on the cover of WWE Magazine and dismisses them to get made up. Each of them gets a picture with their tough enough belts and a red car behind them. Luke and Jeremiah have no problem through his photo shoot, while Andy needs encouragement from Miz to get him to break out of his shell. Miz takes off and Austin sends the guys back to work.

The recruits make it back and get warm ups. Each one now has eyes on them as they go through moves with trainers and each other. Andy seems to finally be finding who he is, much to the delight of the trainers and the chagrin of the competitors. Luke impresses Bill with a nice dropkick and Jeremiah seems to be going a bit too fast for himself for a moment. Today’s training was parsecs better than the previous day.

The guys are brought to the Mattel Children’s Hospital. Austin talks about how WWE likes to give back to its fans. Today, the competitors will have to brighten the spirits of some hurting fans. All three competitors seem to take this visit to heart. Austin is happy with how all three handled it and send them back to the compound.

Back at the gym, Austin is now there to see what all three have learned from the competition. Austin had them doing things from running the ropes to doing move chains. Andy again impresses the trainers with how much he has broken out. Jeremiah seems to show his green again with the bag as he mishandles the bag, and messes up on a hip toss. Austin tells the guys to go back and pack their bags, then come back.

The guys are back in the house. Andy gave Jeremiah props for his creativity, but is unsure if Jeremiah has what it takes. The guys take a shot in honor of being the Top three instead of the bottom three, then go to meet their fate.

Austin comes out to his usual TE introduction at this time and looks at the final three, telling him he’s proud of them. Then he brings reality to the situation: one is going home. It was revealed that Jeremiah was in the Army for a tour of Afghanistan. Austin calls him a jack of all trades, master of none. Austin’s eyes settle on Andy next. He thinks Andy is too weak mentally, Andy tells him he thinks Austin’s full of shit. Jeremiah says he thinks Andy is soft. He even goes as far to say he is emotionally stronger than Luke. Austin thinks Luke only has his looks. He seems to stumble across his words but then says he drops a mean elbow. He also says he took pride in Jeremiah coming to him for help and calls Jeremiah’s win his win, while Austin says his win might be Luke’s loss.

Then Luke calls Jeremiah the arrogant one of the group, which Jeremiah called it confidence. Luke says he has the best skills challenge, while Jeremiah had a rough day. Jeremiah admitted he didn’t have a best day. Andy is accused of crying, while he says that he isn’t afraid to show his passion. Austin thinks that as much physical prowess he has, his mental status doesn’t make up for. Austin asks Andy if Luke has potential, to which he says no and calls him a weasel. Austin calls out his nervous laugh and twitching. Luke is then asked how Andy did, to which he said he had a half-and-half day. Andy admits he didn’t bring it all to the table, while Jeremiah thinks he raised the bar every day, to which Austin calls him out for today, calling him reckless.

He commends the three for putting up a fight, but says Jeremiah’s skill level passed him by and it’s time for him to go home, but not before telling the other two how close he came to sending both of them home. Jeremiah went out with no regrets and knows he has a lot of catching up to do. Austin then says the next time Andy and Luke will face each other in an FCW arena, the official development territory of WWE. The winner of a 5 minute exhibition will win the contract. The two finalists and Austin then shared a beer bash. Both men are elated about this opportunity that they have.

Next week is the final week for this season of Tough Enough. Who do you think will win it all?

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