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5/28 “Moonshine Matinee” with Lanny Poffo‏ Report

From Jeff Sheridan:

22.Hillbilly welcomes back the fans on this
edition of the show to where he again says it’s his Memorial Day weekend show, says he’s celebrating all the heroes that’s served
America well & says anyone that’s served in
the military he loves & appreciates them. He
again says he’s dedicating the show to
Savage who was 1 of the best wrestling
technicians, says on the phone is someone
who’s also his friend that both go back a
long way is Randy’s brother, Lanny Poffo: & thanks
Lanny for coming on the show during this
rough time to where he says he
appreciates him. Lanny says he appreciates
him inviting him because he knew that Hillbilly loved Randy & says Randy loved
Hillbilly too.

Hillbilly says all 3 had a bond together to
where they knew each other for a long time, says that their dad Angelo Poffo was
someone that he had much respect for as he did for anyone else in the business & says he was a fine, stand up human. He says Lanny’s mom [Judy] is a wonderful lady, says that he & Lanny took lots of trips
together & had lots of laughs together &
hopes to have more. He says this [Randy’s
death] is something that hit us out of the
clear blue sky, says he can’t believe it & says
he’s had Lanny on his mind ever since. He
says he had to put him on the show & again
says he appreciates him for being gracious
enough to be on.

Hillbilly asks Lanny to tell the fans on what
he’s feeling now, Lanny says that he feels
that they’re on the start of something very
positive & says this past Monday the viewing of Randy took place. He says nothing could’ve gotten worse then that,
says to see his mom & to be there for her
was for her to see the shock of seeing her
1st born son layed out like that & says that
was horrible. He says he stayed with his mom during that time because she needed
him, says that his family needed each other
& says there ain’t no self made man in this
world. He says people like that are those
with false pride & modisty & says we all need someone to lean on.

Lanny says his mom’s 84 & wished that she
would’ve died before Randy, but said that
nobody had to view to what she had to see
that was layed out before her. He says after
viewing Randy’s body they returned to view
again, then the family took a rest & then
returned to say goodbye to Randy. He says it was a beautiful private ceremony, says that he feels that it created some great
closure & says Randy’s widow, Lynn, called
him who told Lanny that Randy didn’t want to be put in an urn [after being cremated].
He says Randy made his wishes known, says that he called his mom to tell her that Lynn
told him that the family needs to be there
now because Randy’s ashes needed to be
sprinkled immediately.

Lanny again says that Randy didn’t want to
be in an urn, then says his mom wasn’t ready to do that yet & when he asked her as to when she’ll be ready, her response was 10 minutes. He says he called Lynn to tell her that he’s on the way to her home
soon, says that the family went to spread the ashes immediately & says his mom who’s been a reckloose was with Randy’s stepdaughters, Lynn who he was married for 1 year & 10 days, Lynn’s sisters & says all
had the nicest time in honor of Randy to where it was beautiful. Hillbilly says that’s
what Randy would’ve wanted & says that if
there ever was a free spirit that was on
Earth it was indeed Randy.

Hillbilly says that’s how he remembers
Randy, says that Randy was all about happy
& positive energy & says Randy was a delight every time he saw him. He says they’ve had lots of stories that they’ve
shared thruout the years, says they’ll be
having more happy stories about him &
Lanny agrees. Lanny again says the ashes
were spreaded, says that Randy wouldn’t
want anyone to mope around because life’s
too precious to waste a single moment of
negativity. He says that before Randy died &
feels he knew this, because Randy knew that his body was breaking down & says he
was prematurely aging to where his joints
were miserable.

Lanny says Randy hurt his neck in the movie
“Spider-Man” [as Bonesaw McGraw]: , says he hurt his
knees in WCW & also hurt his back. He says
you can’t beat gravity because it wins,
Hillbilly says that’ll get you everytime & Lanny says that Randy made peace with Hulk Hogan, WWE & others that weren’t on
his good list. He told Hillbilly that he was
never not on his good list, Hillbilly says he
knew that & tells Lanny he appreciates him.
He says that Lanny that he’s 1 of the greatest ring workers who came from a
great family such as Angelo & Randy, then
tells Lanny to hold on while he plays some
tunes during the break.

23.Plays Tom T. Hall’s “A Hero In Harlan”,
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys’
“Kentucky Waltz”, Terry Funk’s Hillbilly Jim
promo, Flynnville Train’s “Alright”, Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow’s “Picture”.

24.Hillbilly says welcome back to the show,
again introduces himself & again says he’s
got Lanny on the phone. He says he can’t
say on how much this is doing for him &
hopes that it’ll help Lanny by being on the
show. He says he’s got great memories of
Lanny & his family, Lanny says he feels the
same & knows that the show’s in beautiful
taste because he knows that Randy’s listening. Hillbilly says he’s got great memories of Randy, says that we live a life to where we keep moving forward & to take a person like Randy to make us stop,
reflect & think about the good times they
had. He again says he’s had great memories
of Lanny, Randy & Elizabeth.

Hillbilly says what times they were to where
they were magical, says that they were those guys that were so lucky to be woven
into the fabric of America & says it’s because they came there at the right time
when WWF was hoping. He says Lanny was
with him then & said they had a good ride,
Lanny says it’s been a blessing for him & says he don’t regret a minute of it. Hillbilly says that sat in many places & talked in
restaurants in places like Newfoundland
about both of them wouldn’t have a reason
or afford to be in these places. He says they
can go worldwide, performed in front of
millions, says that people liked them & asks
as to how much better could it have gotten.

Lanny says he always knew that if anyone
remembers his name it’s because of Angelo
& Randy & says that was his blessing.
Hillbilly says Lanny’s very kind, says that he
could do things in the ring that most people couldn’t think about & says with his
flexiblity he could stand on his won. He says
that’s tough shoes, says that Lanny’s the
best guy that he’s met who can handle that
shadow as good as anyone & says he held his head up with distinction. He says it
proves the merit of the man that Lanny is,
calls Lanny his lifetime buddy & says Lanny
knows it. Lanny thanks him, agrees that they’re friends forever & says 1 time he shared a room with David Sammartino: .

Lanny says it’s when David told him that his
father [Bruno Sammartino]: ruined his career & Randy’s ruining Lanny’s career. So Lanny’s response was that he called David
“stupid”, then said that he told David that if
his dad wasn’t Bruno Sammartino & if his
brother wasn’t Randy, both he & David
couldn’t get a job carrying the jackets back
from the ring to the dressing room & told
David, “shame on you”. Hillbilly says that
Lanny’s attitude was always the 1 thing that’s always been unwaving, says that Lanny always had positivity in everything he
ever said & says it’s why he & Lanny get along famously.

Hillbilly says both had great laughs forever,
then asks Lanny if there’s an organization that Randy would’ve want fans to send
donations to. Lanny mentions All Childrens
Hospital: & George Steinbrenner Fund For Underprivileged

Children & says Randy worked with them for 13 years. He says when his dad died
3/4/2010 Randy went into a deep depression to where he asked Lanny to come to his home that was about 5 miles
away. He says both talked to where Randy
told him that 1 of the biggest regrets in his
life was when he took Stephanie Bellars [Randy’s ex-girlfriend]: & gave her the
Gorgeous George name.

Lanny says the original Gorgeous George Wagner: who was TV’s 1st wrestling star was the Hulk
Hogan of his day. He says Randy felt that he
trashed George’s name by giving the name to anyone but Wagner & especially to gender bending girls. He says George was 10 years older then Angelo & when Angelo was just starting out, George encouraged him by helping him a lot. He says lots of stars won’t do that for jabronies, says that Angelo was a star because of George & then plays what he says is the last soundbyte of Randy did. He says the quality
may sound poor but hopes it’s still good

As Lanny plays it the quality wasn’t great but from what I tried to hear, it sounded like a Gorgeous George promo of sorts.
Lanny plugs to where
it takes you to , then says 1 day before he died Randy was online & had everything ready for He says Randy invited him for a toast by thanking him for all of his hard
work on the project, says that Randy’s “type
A” personality drove everyone crazy & says
he was at Randy’s house for 2 hours. He says both he & Randy laughed & shared lots
of fun, then responds to those who wondered if he did a poem at Randy’s funeral.

Lanny says he did 1 for Randy’s wedding & at Angelo’s funeral, then says at Randy’s
funeral he took a post-it note & wrote a
message which was an answer to a 40 year
joke that they shared, to where he says he
got the last word. He then impersonates
Randy by saying “Now’s the time to bear
down, it’s not the time to take a vacation,
now’s the time to bear down” & says that
was a joke to where they’d always have a laugh about. He says on the post-it note he
wrote:”Now’s the time not to bear down,
Love Lanny”. Hillbilly says we’ve been blessed during the past 2 breaks to have
Lanny on the show & again tells him that he
appreciates him.

Hillbilly says he’ll be playing some songs now & asks if he wants to hear a Hank
Williams song [“Tuesday’s Gone”] , Lanny says he’d like to hear Hank Williams Jr. but that’s just him & says he’ll do that now. He
tells Lanny he’ll talk to him soon, sends all
his best to his mom & says long live the memory of Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

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