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Update on MMA in New York

The New York state senate has passed a bill authorizing MMA in New York, 42-18. It will still have to pass the assembly.

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  1. Cody T. says:

    Still don’t get what the issue is with states accepting MMA. Despite it’s violence it is probably the safest, contact sport around. People should be concerned about the deaths in boxing and injuries in football and hockey more than MMA.

  2. alchemist174 says:

    ^ MMA hasn’t been around long enough to determine long term effects. Don’t jump the gun on that. Eventually, those wretched neanderthals will pay a price for their false pride.

  3. Johnny Comelately says:

    People fear what they don’t understand. Here’s to GSP Headlining an MSG show!

  4. Sir says:

    MMA in New York equals a lot of lost wrestling revenue. How many markets can wrestling maintain?

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