WWE OVER THE LIMIT: Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly (WWE Divas Title)

May 22, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE Divas Championship
Brie Bella (c) w/ Nikki Bella vs. Kelly Kelly

Kelly wrenches back on Brie’s head against the ropes early on. Kelly with a crossbody on Brie. Kelly channels her inner-Rikishi and rubs her behind in the face of Brie in the corner. Nikki gets in a cheap shot when Brie distracts the referee. Brie kicks Kelly in the chest and drags her back in. Brie works on Kelly’s left arm and then slams her down when Kelly fights her way to her feet. Kelly with a Lou Thesz Press on Brie and then shoves her down. Kelly goes crazy kicking Brie and hitting a quick bulldog. The Bella’s do the switch. Nikki then drops Kelly with the facebuster and gets the win.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Brie Bella (with an assist from Nikki Bella)

At ringside, Michael Cole leaves the Cole Mine to go warm up for his match with Jerry Lawler tonight.

A video package runs hyping Randy Orton vs. Christian.

* Randy Orton defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Christian is up next.

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