WWE OVER THE LIMIT: Big Show/Kane vs. Punk/Ryan (WWE Tag Team Titles)

May 22, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE Tag Team Championships
Big Show and Kane (c’s) vs. CM Punk and Mason Ryan

We start with Kane and Mason Ryan. The crowd chants “CM PUNK” loudly. Punk points to the crowd and goes, “You gotta wait.” A loud “BATISTA” chant breaks out as Ryan locks up with Kane. Kane with a quick uppercut on Ryan. Ryan with a big scoop slam on Kane. Punk smiles from the corner. Tag to Punk. Kane drops him with an uppercut. Tag to Big Show who kicks Punk in the corner. Big Show with a huge chest chop on Punk. Big Show then stands on Punk’s back. Big Show with another chest chop. Big Show attempts a third chest chop, Punk turns around holding his head and Big Show slaps his back instead. Tag to Ryan who levels Big Show with a clothesline and elbow drop combo. Tag to Punk who tries to pin Big Show, but Big Show powers out with force. Punk is going for choke when Big Show lifts him up, tags in Kane and Kane nails Punk with a big boot. Kane with a quick side slam on Punk. Kane with his top rope clothesline on Punk, gets him ready for a chokeslam, but Punk with a cheap shot with Ryan distracting the referee. Ryan kicks Kane out of the ring. Punk with another cheap shot with Ryan distracting the referee once more. Punk tags himself in and goes to work on Kane in the corner. Kane counters a bulldog attempt by Punk and Punk almost takes a punch from Big Show in the corner. Ryan gets the tag and executes a big running powerslam on Kane. Ryan with a modified bear hug on Kane. Kane responds with a quick suplex. Punk with the tag to prevent Kane from tagging in Big Show. Punk misses an elbow drop on Kane from the top. Hot tags to Big Show and Ryan. Big Show drops Ryan with a series of clotheslines. Big Show with a body splash on Ryan. Ryan and Punk avoid a double chokeslam, but Big Show later clotheslines both. Punk is tossed out. Big Show and Kane with a double chokeslam on Ryan and Big Show hooks the leg for the win.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Big Show and Kane

After the match, we see highlights leading to the finish. Back live, Big Show and Kane give the crowd in Seattle one last salute holding up the WWE Tag Team Championships. At ringside, we see an upset CM Punk.

Booker T, Josh Mathews and Jerry Lawler plug the Capitol Punishment PPV on Sunday, June 19th. They play a video mixing in video of President Obama answering questions related to WWE (much like the NFL Coors Light commercials with past NFL coaches).

* Brie Bella defending the WWE Divas Championship against Kelly Kelly is up next.

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