Video: El Invader #1 reappears in WWC Puerto Rico‏

May 22, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

from Javier Gonzalez:

In the last segment of WWC Superstars after failing to find him at home, Sensacional Carlitos finally meets the Invader in the place where this share with other bikers and talks about what Gilbert has been doing with the legends, including the same Invader. Carlitos says that he want the Invader faces Gilbert in a match but Invader says that he is retire in 2006 but Sensancional Carlitos says that was in another company (IWA) and the fans deserve to see again in the company when he began his career in WWC. Invader said that at his age and return to the ring would not be possible. Sensacional Carlitos then asks about her relationship with Carlos Colon and Invader says it’s something that happened and has been in his mind because he wants to settle their differences with Carlos Colon.

Sensacional Carlitos is going to fix it by mentioning the differences, implying that the would make way to the Invader return to the ring.


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