Preview & Predictions for WWE’s Over the Limit PPV

May 22, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Hey readers, this is Joseph Nocera alongside Brittney O’Loghlen and we are here to provide our preview and predictions for the upcoming WWE pay-pre-view, Over the Limit. The event will take place this Sunday night in Seattle, Washington. The card looks good and it should be an exciting event. We are going to start off with the WWE Championship ‘I Quit’ Match:
Brittney: After The Miz losing his WWE Championship that he held for a long, unexpected while, he has not been his cocky self as of late. He lost his rematch clause against John Cena the night after losing his belt to him at Extreme Rules. According to Miz it was his apprentice, Alex Riley’s, fault because he slid the WWE Championship in the ring, in an obvious spot that the Referee could see, because it was already used to hit Cena over the head with. The Miz and Riley’s friendship hadn’t been the same since, although Alex Riley helped The Miz get his number on contendership back in the Triple threat on Monday Night Raw two weeks ago, between himself, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio. Rey Mysterio covered Del Rio with the pin and was about to get the three count when Alex Riley moved Del Rio’s shoulder distracting Rey Mysterio. This gave Miz the advantage to pin Del Rio. Alex Riley may have won his trust back from Miz, but can he keep it at Over The Limit? Will Riley cost Miz once again, or will he help him get back his WWE Championship? An I quit match is such a good stipulation, because it pretty much shows who’s tougher than the other, both mentally and physically. The Referee will carry around a microphone the whole time, meaning that you can’t win by pinfall, only by making your opponent say the two words ‘I Quit’. This means submissions are a perfect way to master this, John Cena’s advantage. Although Miz has been threatening numerous weapons to defeat John Cena and absolutely punish him. John Cena goes by his motto almost twenty four seven, never give up. I feel John Cena will retain his WWE Championship by hitting the Attitude Adjustment a few times and the STF submission hold.
Joseph: This match will be very entertaining to watch. I personally believe that this match will mark the end of their feud. I have loved watching the feud between The Miz and John Cena, it has been an entertaining one to watch. The feud began all the way back at the Royal Rumble when John Cena was rolling in the Royal Rumble match, and Miz was on commentary. The Miz was worried that Cena was going to win the Royal Rumble, so Miz stepped into the ring and eliminated Cena. After Cena won an Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, he earned the right to face The Miz for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. The Miz dominated Cena 4 out the 6 weeks before Wrestlemania. At Wrestlemania, The Miz defeated Cena to retain the WWE title thanks to some interference from The Rock. But John Cena finally got his revenge at Extreme Rules, beating both The Miz and also John Morrison to win the WWE Championship in a Steel Cage match. The night after Cena won the championship, The Awesome One cashed in his rematch clause and defeated Cena after hitting him with the championship belt. But after the referee realised what happened, he reversed his decision and John Cena retained the championship. Then one week later, The Miz defeated both Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio to earn the right to face John Cena at Over the Limit for the WWE title. Straight after the match, John Cena came out and he announced that the match at Over the Limit would be an ‘I Quit’ Match. The rules of an ‘I Quit’ match are that there are no pinfalls, no countouts, no submissions and no disqualifications. The only way to win this match is to make your opponent say those two devastating words, ‘I Quit’. This match will be John Cena’s fourth ‘I Quit’ match in the WWE, and he has had a lot of success in this match beating some of the biggest and popular superstars of all time, including the likes of JBL, Randy Orton and Batista. The build-up to this match has been alright to watch, but the problem with the build-up for this match is that the match was announced only two weeks ago, and it has not had as big a build up as wished by many fans. This will be a brutal match with a lot of big spots. This match will go all around an arena, in the ring, on the stage, in the crowd and maybe even in the foyer of the arena. The match will go back and forth and I believe that there will be interference from Alex Riley on behalf of The Miz. WWE has been built up John Cena on his never give up persona, and I think that if WWE were to have The Miz win the WWE Championship in the ‘I Quit’ match at Over the Limit, that would destroy John Cena’s character. I believe that this will be a great match, and John Cena will walk out of Seattle still the WWE Champion.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: John Cena retains the WWE Championship.
Joseph: John Cena retains the WWE Championship.


Brittney: Christian won the title at Extreme Rules, which was only 22 days ago. Christian lost it five nights later on Friday Night Smackdown, to Randy Orton. To be honest, I feel for the man, it’s been his dream since the day he stepped into the ring, and Theodore Long wanted to make an impact for the Smackdown viewers, so unfortunately after putting up a magnificent fight, he lost his World Heavyweight Championship to the apex predator, Randy Orton. Because of being the champion originally, he automatically placed his rematch clause for Over The Limit. Over the last two weeks on Smackdown since losing his belt to Orton, the two have been working very well together and showing great sportsmanship. The two faced off against Sheamus and Mark Henry in a tag team match, picking up the win and shaking hands after the match, which was a really great thing to see. Last episode of Smackdown! Randy Orton faced against The Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry in the main event. With Sheamus interfering, Christian had no choice but to help his future opponent. The two men started off a bit shaky, but Randy Orton showed his respect and gratitude towards Christian, especially after his beautiful RKO to Mark Henry, he displayed a bit of excitement, after doing the splits in the air, yeah, I have to admit, that was definitely a good sight to look onto. Both men are heading into this match with a huge amount of positivity, which is great to see! I am actually really excited for this match, as both Superstars are so talented and amazing to see perform in the ring, I feel both men will keep it even throughout the whole match, leaving the crowd in suspense wondering who will pick up the victory. Christian will set up his finisher, Killswitch a numerous amount of times, and on the final time, Randy Orton will hit the RKO, getting himself the win and he will retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Joseph: This match will be the best technical wrestling match of the night. This match will probably be the last of the feud. Three weeks ago on Smackdown, Christian was the World Heavyweight Champion and he was thanking the fans for the support that lead to his world title win, before being interrupted by Mark Henry, The Great Khali and finally Randy Orton. After all three men pleaded their case for a shot at the championship, Smackdown general manager Theodore Long came out and gave the choice to the fans on who they want to see Christian defend the World Heavyweight Championship against. The fans chose Randy Orton, and Long announced that the match would happen later that night. Later that night, Randy Orton defeated Christian to win the World Heavyweight Championship, ending Captain Charisma’s world title run after just five days. One week later on Smackdown, it was announced that Christian would be getting his rematch against Orton for the world title at Over the Limit. Both Randy Orton and Christian have respect for each other and they have brought out the best in each other. This match will be a very good and it will be given a good amount of time. Both men will be out to put on a show and the crowd will be very into the match. I was very happy when Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship, and I was annoyed when he lost it. I would love to see Christian win back the championship, but I do not think it will happen. It has been revealed over the internet that Vince McMahon does not see Christian as a big main event player and does not see him drawing money for events. The match will be good and I hope it is similar to the match these men had on Smackdown three weeks ago, it was a great match. Christian will want to make the match fast paced and will want to finish it quick, while Orton will want to take his time and target certain body parts that will not help Christian pull off signature moves like the killswitch. It will be an amazing match, and Randy Orton will successfully retain the World Heavyweight Championship at Over the Limit.

I think now we will see maybe Mark Henry or Sheamus go after the world title, and Christian will maybe feud with one of those guys as well? We will see what happens over the next few weeks on Smackdown leading up to Capitol Punishment in June.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Randy Orton retains the World Heavyweight Championship.
Joseph: Randy Orton retains the World Heavyweight Championship.


Brittney: The entire WWE Universe knows Ezekiel Jackson as a former member of The Corre, alongside with Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and of course former Nexus leader and the current Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett. This was until three weeks ago Ezekiel Jackson snapped and attacked all the group members of Smackdown’s most dominating group. The group claimed they were all equals, but it was obvious they all wanted to take charge and be in control, so you could tell it wouldn’t last them long in the first place, as all four men aren’t exactly the most even-tempered wrestlers you will come across. Wade Barrett won the Intercontinental Championship against Kofi Kingston, with Ezekiel’s help, so this should be a very interesting match. Ezekiel Jackson is one of the hugest guys there is in the business, but then again Wade Barrett has always shown strong areas of strength and his height is quite an advantage. Ezekiel Jackson may be tough, so some fans do underestimate his speed, but he is very fast and should keep up in this matchup. Ezekiel will take the lead for most of the bout, making it as if he’s going to win, but The Corre will definitely interfere in this match, saving Wade Barrett from losing his title, leaving Ezekiel receiving a beat down after the match.

Joseph: This is an exciting match for me. I personally am a huge Ezekiel Jackson fan and I believe that this is going to be one of the biggest matches of his career. This feud has not been going on for very long but these two men do have history. Back in January Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater created the group, The Corre. Wade Barrett won the Intercontinental Championship back in March by defeating Kofi Kingston, with some help from Ezekiel Jackson. Then a few weeks ago on Smackdown after Jackson defeated Big Show, Jackson walked away from The Corre. Then after that, Jackson finally snapped and attacked the three other members of the group, but The Corre got the upper hand. Then the same thing happened one week later. This past week on Smackdown, Ezekiel explained that he wanted to start a new era in his career and prove that he is the personification of domination, and he said that he will start that new era this Sunday night at Over the Limit. I see a good match here and I believe that this will be the match that pushes Ezekiel Jackson to maybe a main event status or something a bit less. Barrett will want to finish the match quickly while Ezekiel Jackson will want to just inflict punishment and get all the frustration out of him that he has been carrying for months while being a part of The Corre. I think that we will see interference from both Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel and they will help Wade Barrett. I believe that the help from The Corre will help Barrett in being successful over Ezekiel Jackson. I believe that Ezekiel will be the Intercontinental Champion soon, but not just yet. I see Wade Barrett winning this match and retaining his Intercontinental Championship this Sunday in Seattle.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Wade Barrett retains the Intercontinental Championship.
Joseph: Wade Barrett retains the Intercontinental Championship.


Brittney: This whole feud started over four WWE superstars, all wanting to be the number one contender for the WWE Championship, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Rey Mysterio and R-Truth. As seen on RAW a while back R-Truth became number one contender. Of course, amongst many other superstars, John Morrison felt as if he deserved it. So he stirred Truth up and he finally gave in to put his number one contendership on the line. Truth lost, which lead to R-Truth exposing a new, vicious and aggressive side of him that the WWE Universe has never seen before, completely taking out John Morrison a few weeks back. R-Truth is now a bit, psychotic, and that being said he wouldn’t stop without getting back his spot for number one contender for the title. The Miz ended up earning the chance to be the number one contender against John Cena. With John Morrison injured and R-Truth originally having a bone to pick with Rey Mysterio, here begins their feud. Truth is definitely way more aggressive than before and is looking to punish the master of the 619, Rey Mysterio. That being said, Rey’s highflying offence may get him into trouble, although he always finds a way to get around it. Rey Mysterio has a tremendous amount of talent, but R-Truth really seems as if he won’t let anything get in his way and is a lot fiercer than he was before. Rey Mysterio will put up a big fight, and I think that this will be one of the best matches of the night. I feel R-Truth will pick up the win at Over The Limit, proving to the WWE Universe, Rey Mysterio and everyone back in the locker room that he is someone to be reckoned with.

Joseph: In my opinion, this is the biggest match in the career of R-Truth. Over the last month, we have seen a new, different, aggressive and vicious side of R-Truth. It all started when Raw was in London, England. John Morrison defeated R-Truth to earn his spot in the WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules. After Morrison won the match, R-Truth exposed this new side of him and attacked John Morrison. Then two weeks later, John Morrison was injured by R-Truth and was forced to have neck surgery. The day that John Morrison had surgery, the Raw General Manager announced a triple threat match where the winner would get a WWE Championship match at Over the Limit. The final spot in the match was going to either R-Truth or Rey Mysterio, and the spot went to the master of the 619. R-Truth got in Rey’s face and then Rey told R-Truth that he did not deserve a shot at the WWE Championship and did not deserve to be in the main event of Raw. Later that night after The Miz defeated Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio to earn the WWE title shot, R-Truth came from the crowd and attacked Rey Mysterio. Then one week later, R-Truth claimed that Rey Mysterio was a criminal saying that Rey stole R-Truth’s spotlight. It was revealed later that night on Raw that Rey Mysterio would go one on one with R-Truth at Over the Limit. This match will be interesting to watch and it will be very unique. We are going to see two very different styles clash in Seattle. We have R-Truth who is a brawler who can take punishment, and we have Rey Mysterio who is a high flyer who can hit opponents with a different variety of moves, including some of his unique signature moves like the West Coast Pop or the 619. This match will be given a decent amount of time and the crowd will be really into it and the crowd will most likely be behind Rey Mysterio. A lot of people think that Rey will pull off a win this Sunday, but I see things differently. I believe that this is the match that will elevate R-Truth from being a mid-carder to the main event status. I think that the winner of this match will be next in line for a shot at the WWE Championship. I see R-Truth pulling off an upset win at Over the Limit and I see him getting a WWE Championship match very soon.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: R-Truth wins this match.
Joseph: R-Truth wins this match.


Brittney: The last two Monday night’s in a row Kelly Kelly has defeated Brie Bella in both non-title matches. The first being a tag match with Eve against the Bella Twins and the second being a one on one against Brie herself. This definitely shows that Kelly is well deserving to have a title shot and why not at the WWE’s upcoming pay per view, Over the Limit? Which WWE Diva will walk out of Seattle with the championship around their waist? I definitely feel it is Kelly Kelly’s time, since getting drafted to Smackdown in 2010, Kelly has improved in a big way and has been impressive every week, which clearly proves she’s ready to net that butterfly championship belt. As we’ve all seen Kelly’s move set has changed up a little bit, becoming more aggressive and harder for her opponents, but will it work for Twin Magic, as they could either swap places or distract the referee? Kelly Kelly will hit the face buster, Kelly Killer, running bulldog and the K2 in this match, she has a very good move set. It’s been in discussion whether Kharma will interfere with the match or will she come out afterwards and punish the winner? In my opinion, I feel she will stride out once the winner is announced, and this is exactly why I feel Kelly Kelly is going to be the new diva’s champion, because this will now start the feud we’ve all been waiting for between the two, and why not for the Divas Championship? After-all what’s a feud without something to claim?
Joseph: I believe this match is long overdue. Since last year when Kelly Kelly got drafted to Smackdown, she has impressed me every time she has got in the ring. She has beaten some of the best divas in the WWE, and now she is finally getting her shot at the Divas Championship against Brie Bella at Over the Limit. Two weeks ago on Raw, Kelly pinned Brie in a tag team match and picked up a victory. Then this past week on Raw, Kelly pulled off a win in a non-title against the current Divas Champion. And this past week on Smackdown, it was announced that Brie Bella would be facing Kelly Kelly with the title on the line at this Sunday’s pay-per-view. I don’t think this match will be given a lot of time but I do think that it will be a fun match to watch. This will be only Kelly’s second shot at a championship, the first opportunity she had was at Money in the Bank 2010 when she faced Layla for the WWE Women’s Championship. I think that Kelly has what it takes to be the top diva in the WWE, and I think that she deserves to be the Divas Champion. The match will be short but it will be good. Brie Bella will try and attempt switching with Nikki Bella and try and pull off some twin magic. But I believe that Brie and Nikki will not pull it off, and I am making the prediction that Kelly Kelly wins the Divas Championship this Sunday at Over the Limit. I think that we will also see an appearance from the WWE newest diva (if you can call her that) Kharma. She will make her presence felt at Over the Limit and I believe that she will show Kelly Kelly that she wants the Divas Championship.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Kelly Kelly wins the Divas Championship.
Joseph: Kelly Kelly wins the Divas Championship.


Brittney: The least most exciting matchup of the pay-per-view, we can all admit to that, right? This has got to be the most boring and painful feud I have seen in a long time. Michael Cole and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler have only faced each other two times before now and Michael Cole has won on both occasions. Jack Swagger and Michael Cole’s friendship has now come to an end, so what is Michael Cole to do now? This is now definitely a huge advantage for Lawler. This is finally Jerry Lawler’s opportunity to get his revenge on Cole. The stipulation for this match is ‘Kiss my foot’. Don’t you just want to jump out of your chairs in excitement? The rules of the match are basically, as it says, you cannot win by any other way than getting your opponent to kiss your foot. I’m sure that the entire WWE Universe has total faith for Jerry Lawler, as he’s lost both matches and it’s his final chance to get back at Cole, and are praying for the fact that he doesn’t have to kiss Cole’s infested foot, Ugh! If Jerry Lawler does lose, he has to induct Michael Cole into the hall of fame himself, if it ever occurs. I am more than positive that this won’t happen and Jerry Lawler will put his skills to the test this Sunday night in Seattle and defeat Michael Cole and shutting his mouth for good! This will be a wonderful end to a very annoying feud.

Joseph: This is it, this has to be the match that will end this boring feud. In the Extreme Rules preview, I said that I was sick of this feud and I was hoping that it would be done after then, but WWE have decided to try and bedazzle fans one more time with another amazing wrestling display of Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. REALLY?! I am so tired of watching the feud between these two. The last two occasions these two men have faced each other, Michael Cole has got the last laugh. At Wrestlemania 27, Jerry Lawler made Cole tap out but due to a decision made by the Raw General Manager regarding interference from special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin, Michael Cole won by disqualification. Then at Extreme Rules, Michael Cole, along with his partner Jack Swagger defeated Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross in a country whipping match. Then two weeks ago on Raw, Jerry Lawler made the challenge to Michael Cole for one more match, and the stipulation being that if Michael Cole won, Jerry Lawler would give Cole his WWE Hall of Fame ring. The challenge was accepted by Jack Swagger. Then this past week on Raw, after both men had signed the contract, Cole announced that the match would be a Kiss My Foot match. In case you have never seen a Kiss My Foot match, here are the rules. There are no pinfalls, no disqualifications, no submissions and no countouts. The only way to win is to make your opponent kiss your foot. This will be the first Kiss My Foot match in WWE in over 16 years, the last match was between Bret Hart and one of the men in this match, Jerry Lawler. Michael Cole will be struggling in this match, now that he has lost the trust and friendship he had with Jack Swagger on Raw. There will be some comedy spots in this match, but I can not wait to see Michael Cole get his mouth shut. There is no way WWE would force Jerry Lawler to give away his Hall of Fame ring. Therefore, I think that Jerry Lawler will pull off a victory and retain his WWE Hall of Fame ring this Sunday at Over the Limit.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Jerry Lawler wins this match.
Joseph: Jerry Lawler wins this match. 


Brittney: Big Show and Kane are both former and the current WWE Tag Team Champions and have a lot of history together. I feel that these two work impeccably well together as they are both huge Superstars and can dominate almost anyone at anytime. Mason Ryan and CM Punk are both members of the New Nexus. It would not be a good idea for the rest of Nexus to interfere as it will cost Mason and Punk the titles if they get caught, leading to a disqualification. If they were to ever come out to the ring to inflict harm on Big Show and Kane, it would be at the end of the match. Nexus may come ringside during the match and distract Big Show and Kane, but no way will they interfere during the match. Big Show and Kane will have no worries or fear about Nexus coming out because they know they will only retain, so they will be fully focussed, which is not good for Mason Ryan and CM Punk. Mason Ryan is much more confident and less scared than Nexus leader, CM Punk. Mason Ryan is a big guy and I feel he will get all the work done, and when Big Show or Kane are down, he’ll tag in CM Punk to do all the rest of the work. Kane and Big Show will put up an excellent fight, but I have a feeling that CM Punk and Mason Ryan will be bringing the Unified Tag Team Titles to a brand new home together, on Monday Night Raw.

Joseph: This match will be interesting to watch. We have three former world champions in this match and we have Mason Ryan, who in my opinion will be a future WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. This feud started three weeks ago on Raw when Mason Ryan single handedly took down both Kane and Big Show. Then in the two weeks following, both teams got the better of each other. This past week on Raw, it was announced that Big Show and Kane will be defending the WWE Tag Team Championship at Over the Limit against two members of the New Nexus, the big man from Wales Mason Ryan along with the leader CM Punk. This will be a competitive match and we will probably see Mason Ryan do most of the work for the New Nexus, while Big Show and Kane will probably have an equal amount of time in the ring. Expect to see some interference from the other two members of the New Nexus, Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga. This match will not steal the show, but it will still be good to watch. It has been proven that CM Punk and Mason Ryan can take out Kane and Big Show, but they will not get the job done in Seattle. I am predicting that Big Show and Kane will retain the WWE Tag Team Championship in Seattle at Over the Limit. I think that the New Nexus will receive another shot at the gold but for the Over the Limit, I see Kane and Big Show picking up a big win and retaining the WWE Tag Team Championship in the process.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: CM Punk and Mason Ryan win the WWE Tag Team Championship.
Joseph: Big Show and Kane retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.


Brittney: For the last couple of weeks, tension has been building up between these two men, Sin Cara and Chavo Guerrero. On Friday Night Smackdown, Chavo at first seemed to approach Sin Cara in his jealous ways that his well known Mexican heritage would be taken over by something much more exciting. Sin Cara is absolutely amazing in the ring, one blink and you’ll miss him, this explains why Chavo Guerrero could some what be jealous. Two weeks ago on Smackdown! Chavo Guerrero sat ringside at Sin Cara’s match against Daniel Bryan. Chavo claimed he was okay with Sin Cara, although kept referring to his moves a bit like his own, just not as great. Chavo distracted Daniel Bryan during their match, with the referee and Sin Cara unaware, this left Daniel Bryan unbalanced on the top rope and giving Sin Cara more time to move out of the way. After the match was won, Sin Cara had discovered who gave him the advantage for a win, Chavo Guerrero went to congratulate him and raise his hand in victory, but Sin Cara saw on the replay that Chavo helped him and he knew that he is completely capable of winning the match on his own. This Sunday, Sin Cara brings his amazing talent and Chavo takes his evil intentions to Over The Limit to battle out their issues in front of the Seattle crowd. In some ways they perform similar in the ring, but mostly they have different ways of performing. Sin Cara is definitely more of a highflyer than Chavo, then anyone really. Don’t get me wrong, Chavo Guerrero is extremely talented in the ring also, he’s a Guerrero?! His talent is just often mistreated because of new, flashy talent.. I believe that Sin Cara will pull off the win with his beautiful, indescribable finisher, the Top rope C4. The feud will not be over; there will be many more matches for Chavo to get his revenge. This feud is very exciting, as we have two of the most talented men on Friday Night Smackdown battling it out, what could be better?

Joseph: I can not wait to see this match. I am a huge fan of the Mexican wrestling style and these guys are legends inside the squared circle. Since arriving on the WWE scene, Sin Cara has been taking people’s breath away with some amazing moves and some impressive victories over the likes of Jack Swagger, Alex Riley and Daniel Bryan. He is able to pull off some very stylish moves which keeps the crowd on the edge of their seats. Then we have Chavo Guerrero, a legend in the sport. He is a former ECW World Champion, former WWE Tag Team Champion and also a former Cruiserweight Champion. Chavo is also the nephew of WWE Hall of Famer, the late, great Eddie Guerrero. I am a big fan of both men. When I see Sin Cara make his entrance and jump into the ring, I get excited to see what he will do in the match. I believe that WWE has not used Chavo Guerrero to his full potential. Chavo has the skill and the charisma to be a main event player, its just that WWE doesn’t use him in the right way. 3 weeks ago on Smackdown, Chavo was on commentary for Sin Cara’s match. Then he was at commentary for his match the next week. When Chavo was on commentary, he was claiming that Sin Cara had learned all of his moves from Chavo. Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan on Smackdown thanks to help from Chavo, but Sin Cara was not happy with the assist from Chavo. Sin Cara got in Chavo’s face and shoved him on his backside. This past week, Chavo Guerrero said that he was a better wrestler then Sin Cara and that he would prove it when he defeats Sin Cara at Over the Limit. Then Sin Cara got a bit of payback when he attacked Chavo after Chavo’s match with Daniel Bryan. I can not wait for this match, it will be fast paced and very exciting to watch. Both men can pull off extraordinary moves and they can make the crowd get really excited. I think that Sin Cara will pull off a victory at Over the Limit. I hope that this leads to big things not just for Sin Cara, but also for Chavo Guerrero. He has a lot of talent and I hope WWE will take advantage of his talent by giving him more of a push in the future.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Sin Cara wins this match.
Joseph: Sin Cara wins this match.
We would like to thankyou all for reading our preview and predictions for Over the Limit. The card looks amazing and we know that we are definatley going to enjoy this pay-per-view, we hope that you enjoy it as well. Thanks for reading, and remember to catch WWE Over the Limit, this Sunday night from Seattle, Washington!

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