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Charlie Haas comments on the ROH sale (taping in Aug)

Via Twitter:

ROH purchased by Sinclair Broadcast Group LLC. A 600 million Dollar publicly traded company. First TV taping in August. Big Things for ROH!

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  1. Common Sense says:

    Well hopefully they dont go the way of tna and get on tv and try anything[and fail] to just get ratings, hopefully they stick to who they are, and just keep it about great wrestling.

  2. Fairfax says:

    ROH is going to have to change. They’ve featured the same product for the last nine years and its only gotten them so far on there own. Sure in a perfect world sinclair would just bring in boatloads of money and RoH could do with it as they saw fit. But ROH is truly a lot like the old ECW. They appeal to a certain segment of the entire audience and for them to appeal to a broader range of the audience then they’ll have to expand on certain aspects that might not sit very well with there current audience. Size was never important to me personally in pro wrestling. Guys like Tully and Arn and Ricky and Robert and Flair and Steamboat weren’t giants. But they where athletes and they looked the part. I don’t know how well some of these smaller guys are going to be received. A lot of ROH’s current roster are small even for cruiser weight standards. How will a guy like Delirious be received from an average perception? Now I realize that Delirious can do amazing things in the ring but when the rest of your roster goes about the same average height and weight its going to take a lot to get these performers over. Size too often equates credibility in this business. Unless your one hell of a pro wrestler like a Ricky Morton or a Dean Malenko. I’m not saying they won’t get there I’m just saying that ROH is going to b forced to change certain aspects of how the product is presented. And I think sinclair is certainly going to have there say in how ROH moves forward. I think now that they have the financial security that Ring of Honor needs to seriously step into acquisition mode and sign up as much talent as possible. With the current loyal audience in place and a few strategic “tweaks” and the acquisition of some new fresh outside talent I believe the sky could truly be the limit for this company. I wish them nothing but success going forward. fairfax

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