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Report: Mick Foley wasn’t first choice for “The Network”

Reported by Adam Martin of

Mick Foley apparently wasn’t TNA’s original choice as the representative for “The Network” storyline reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This same report also speculated that another 90s wrestling star was in mind, but a deal couldn’t be made.

Despite the tease on television, this name wasn’t Bill Goldberg (who Hulk Hogan has stated many times in the media that he wants to bring in as a potential “game-changer”).

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  1. Common Sense says:

    Hey Hogan, I have a game changer for you, you should gather all the athletic, talented, and entertaining indy wrestlers you can, then create a division for them, so that they can create “match of the year” matches week in and week out, but heres the kicker, you should then bring in a wrestler who at his height of popularity was to old to wrestle, give him creative control, then he should book the division into oblivion, and then you should let the ratings go down, and then bring in one person who’s only claim to fame, is that he was undefeated in a sport where the matches are predetermined. And then you should commit Christopher Daniels!

  2. Jose says:

    how in God’s name is Goldberg a game changer when he didn’t even change the game 12 years ago?

  3. DJ Reign says:

    Rumor had it prior to Savage passing, him & hogan had started speaking again. Wonder if he was the network rep?

  4. Danny says:

    …and you can call it ‘Deja Vu Wrestling’…

  5. drxfeelgood says:

    @ Common Sense
    I love the way it read: “Common Sense says:…”
    Well put, friend; well put!!!

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