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WWE: Randy Savage Will Be ‘Greatly Missed’


Vince McMahon has released a statement on the death of Randy “Macho Man” Savage … calling him one of the “greatest Superstars of his time.”

The WWE statement reads, “WWE is saddened to learn of the passing of one of the greatest Superstars of his time, Randy Poffo, aka Randy “Macho Man” Savage.”

“Poffo was under contract with WWE from 1985 to 1993 and held both the WWE and Intercontinental Championships.”

“Our sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends. We wish a speedy recovery to his wife Lynn. Poffo will be greatly missed by WWE and his fans.”

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10 Responses

  1. -Jay- says:

    Lotta guilty hearts in Stamford today.

  2. xyu says:

    As meaningless as it is, I hope he will be inducted in the hall of fame this year. The Macho Man is the sole reason I became a wrestling fan I always hated Hogan and would not watch him. But, when the Macho Man came on, I was sold. I was such a mark for him no matter where he was and if he was a heel or face. I will miss him and thanks for the memories Randy.

  3. Jon says:

    why guilty hearts in stamford? did vince mcmahon cause the car accident? seriously, not every wrestling related death can be attributed to vince. savage was a grown man, he made the choices he made, like the statement said he left wwe in 1993. thats 18 years ago. How anyone can say anyone in stamford feels guilty when this is a tragic tragic car accident.. he had a heart attack while driving man.. thats not on vince or anyone at wwe. 18 years ago he left vince and wwe. 18 years is a long time. Instead of pointing blame to vince and wwe, does it maybe go through your head at some point that geesh, maybe they legit feel awful because maybe just maybe they actually have hearts too?

    Blaming WWE for a heart attack while driving is not the classiest thing to say especially since this was so tragic. not a drug overdose, didnt kill himself.. had a heart attack. Let it be. Maybe Macho Man rest in peace. 18 years ago brother, thats a long long time.

  4. Nuff Said says:

    Guilty? Contracts for wrestling go two ways you know. And if McMahon were the prick you all paint him to be, he would have simply overlooked Savage’s death and gone on with business, but he did not and would not have done that

  5. The XFL says:

    @Jon agreed 100%. Marks love to hate Vince, even during such a tragic period of time, when it was clearly beyond anyone’s control. Blaming ANYONE at all is just pathetic. Get over yourselves. RIP Savage, indeed one of the greatest during his time, and a true charismatic figure that can never be replaced.

  6. -Jay- says:

    Guilty as in blacklisting him from the HOF and WWE for years for whatever reason, maybe now they will honor him. RIP Randy Savage.

  7. Jon says:

    im gonna throw this out there. I’m in Canada, after raw and smackdown they do a little Right After Wrestling/Aftermath thing where they talk about the events. After SD, they talked about savage,and they said, the host did an interview with the genuis, randy’s brother about a week ago. Host said Lanny told him that randy had moved on from pro wrestling and didnt want to go back. I mean, makes me think maybe he indeed was offered a spot in the hall of fame, he was working with wwe for the wwe legends video game thing a while back… maybe they offered him a spot and he said no thanks, im good. Does that cross anyones mind or does it always have to be Vince’s fault? Rumors are just that, i don’t think anyone should believe what they hear happened between vince and him, something about stephanie right? well, thats just bs. Fact is,piper said it today.. macho knocked vince out at a bar. Thats the story. let the man rest in peace and quit blaming people for anything. Hall of Fame.. who cares really? for all we know macho man turned it down.

  8. Jon says:

    Guilty? of what? seriously. This is a tragic accident and you have to throw around words like guilty and vince’s fault… it’s sickening. Some of you truly just… need to get a life and not believe everything you hear. did you know the world was supposed to end today? i mean according to rumors.. well, funny thing happened.. IT DIDNT.

  9. xyu says:

    @ -Jay-, my thoughts exactly friend.

  10. Common Sense says:

    For all The thirty something wrestling fans who experienced wrestling in the 80’s-90’s, Macho Man IS the Hall Of Fame, there was no WRESTLER better at everything encompassing all talents, he shot the best promos, wrestled some of the best matches, and converted regular adolescents in to lifelong wrestling fans. Randy Savage you are wrestling, I would imagine that most of the wrestlers today use Randy Savage as inspiration to become what they are. And to all the cynics out there who have some other agenda at hand, let us just remember Randy Savage, without our on cynicism getting in the way, thank you Macho Man!

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