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SPOILERS: TNA Impact Wrestling for May 26th

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* There are two director-type chairs in the ring. Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme are the hosts of Impact Wrestling and are out hyping the crowd.

* Sting’s music and video hits but it’s really Mr. Anderson out as old school Sting. He says this is the Scorpion Sitdown. Since he can’t wrestle due to age he’ll sit down and talk. The crowd boos. He brings out his first guest, Disco Inferno. Disco dances out. Sting says you were there, you saw it all. Disco says you really are butt hole huh? Sting asks him what he did to his injured foot? Disco says for comedy he did on Dancing with the Stars. Can we move on? Loud boring chant starts. Sting says he can get boring and just sits there. Disco tells him to get going. Sting says he was there for guys like Firebreaker Chip and Glacier. Since he was there he wants to hear from Disco’s lips what it was like. Disco wondered why he was there and he figures he wants the real story on Sting. Disco starts to talk about Sting but Anderson keeps interrupting woos. Disco says if he brought him here he needs to listen. Back then the belt didn’t make the wrestler, the wrestler made the belt. When Sting came around he commanded respect. When he was there he’d help everybody get better and Anderson should kiss Sting’s feet for making the business what it is. Anderson interrupts, does a stinger splash to no one. Disco asks why he calls himself a butt hole when he’s just a jerk. Anderson says excuse me. Disco asks if he stuttered. He gets up dances, has the mic drop down, says jerk into it and stands there. Anderson takes the mic and bashes it in Disco’s face. Disco is bloody. Anderson delivers more blows. The real Sting comes out and chases Anderson off through the crowd.

* Street fight, Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray vs. Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles. Styles has a neck brace on. Winners via spike piledriver to Dreamer, AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels. Good brawl.

* Velvet Sky is out. She asks if some of the Knockouts are insane in the membrane with the accusations against her. From Winter saying she’s jealous to Karen Jarrett saying she’s Angle’s mistress to ODB’s problem with her. She says she heard she’s in the building. ODB comes out and confronts Velvet. ODB says she got a call she was fired 6 months into her multi-year deal. She was told it’s because she doesn’t have the right look. Velvet said her problem with management has nothing to do with her. Velvet has been working her butt off day after day getting her butt kicked, trying to be the best. ODB tells her to shut her pie hole. ODB says she’s pathetic and an embarrassment to the knockouts and women in general. That’s why Angelina left her. Velvet starts to cry. ODB mocks her. Velvet goes to leave but ODB attacks her. She is beating and choking Velvet. Security breaks it up but ODB breaks through and attacks Velvet again. Security grabs ODB and Velvet runs off.

* Eric Young goes into the bathroom to find Gunner. Young goes into a stall that Gunner goes to hit him. Young says hang on. He might have accidentally taken Gunner’s belt. He’s sorry. He wants to make it up to him and lay down in the ring for Gunner. Gunner says if he doesn’t lay down he’ll put him down.

* For the Olympic gold medals, Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett has been signed for Slammiversary.

* Matt Morgan vs. Jeff Jarrett w/Karen. Karen’s ankle is wrapped and she’s using a crutch. Before the match Hebner forces Karen to sit further away from the ring. Winner after interference by Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett. Karen distracted the referee and Steiner delivered a flatliner to Morgan.

* Eric Bischoff is out. He says he loves each and every one of us. He said last week he sat down and had a pow wow with Mick Foley and some network reps. He convinced the reps that Foley is not qualified to be the leader of Impact Wrestling and only one man can do that. That man is the one, the only, Hulk Hogan. Hogan joins Bischoff in the ring. Hogan said all it took was a good old fashioned sit down. He says they realized his genius is second to none. He’s back in the saddle and clear saying from now on. He says what Bischoff did last week by taking apart the X Division was great. Mick Foley comes out. Hogan says he’s not invited. Foley chants start. Foley says he doesn’t need to be, he’s a network executive. He says all Hogan accomplished was making the network mad. When Hogan left, Foley showed them how the X Division helped put TNA on the map. So not only does it stay, it will go to new heights. Bischoff says that may be well and good, The Network has nothing to do with the pay-per-view. Foley says the Network is where you promote the PPV so if you think you can have a PPV without the network. Hogan says he still has the pull and why not have his X Division Champion against Foley? The X-rated Abyss vs Foley? Brian Kendrick, Generation Me and Amazing Red come out. Kendrick starts spouting philosophical stuff and saying that they’re there for good. Hogan says he better shut-up and leave. Kendrick calls Hogan a cripple. He says he wants to take Foley’s place and face Abyss. Hogan asks if he’s serious. Hogan agrees and says Kendrick’s blood is on Foley’s hands.

* TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Winter w/Angelina Love in a non-title match. Winner via Last Kiss Goodnight, Mickie James.

* For the TNA X Division Championship, Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick. Winner via Black Hole Slam, Abyss.

* They re-taped the segment with Velvet Sky and ODB to make it shorter and more to the point.

* For the TNA TV Title, Eric Young vs. Gunner. Winner via small package and new champion, Eric Young. Young laid down but it was a trick and he swerved Gunner.

* Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle. Winner via Angle Slam, Kurt Angle.

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9 Responses

  1. Will says:

    So Gunner loses the title to Young by a trick roll-up? Wow. All the TNA fans defending putting Gunner clean over Daniels going “They’re gonna push Gunner!”, but that was the ONLY win he got since winning the title (from two jobbers might I add). What a waste. At least they did something right and had Styles beating Dreamer and not the other way around.

  2. Nick says:

    Disco Inferno!

    I would watch the show just to see Glenn light up the microphone, no matter how goofy the segment might be.

  3. -Jay- says:

    Lol Eric Young is over…who is Gunner?

  4. Drew says:

    Man I bet Kendrick loved calling Hogan a cripple to his face. I bet it fkn sucks for the fans when they have to sit through a retake on a segment,lmao

  5. Matt says:

    The TNA TV title will never become more than a mere meaningless joke if this keeps up, same can be said for the X-Division unless it sees some serious rejuvenation. So far, this supposed “rebranding” isn’t really sounding evident and IMPACTful at all …

  6. Ryanc561 says:

    Where’s Chyna? And this is so crappy it’s painful. TNA using to be awesome, and had the potential to be better. Now TNA is the embodiment of everything I’ve heard WCW was from 1999 to 2001

  7. HipnosisV1games says:

    HELL YEAH ERIC YOUNG!!! don’t Fire Eric!! Don’t Fire Eric!! Gunner’s push isn’t over. This is simply to make him a 2 timte TV champ but dammit I’m glad Eric Young is now TV Champion and holder of the TNA World Title!!

  8. RJ Ace says:

    Why are they giving away RVD vs Kurt Angle on free tv with no build up?! WWE and TNA needs a lesson in wrestling booking 101. There is no chase for the chapionship and no buildup for marquee matches. Jack Swagger is one of the few guys John Cena hasn’t stea rolled yet and WWE just threw them out there Monday night with no build up. That match could headline a ppv. RVD vs Kurt Angle is a fresh dream match that should be at Bound For Glory. It seems like the sae old TNA to me.

  9. i agree rj ace if things keep going the way that it is wrestling and im talking about tna and wwe will be out of business

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