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Raw Rating for 5/16

Last night’s 5/16 WWE Monday Night Raw did a 3.08 cable rating with 4.7 million viewers; lowest rating since January

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  1. advo319 says:

    it really wasn’t that good a RAW. Im not surprised it went so low.

  2. Agent Cooper says:

    The show has been a complete borefest for quite a while now, so I’m glad the ratings are starting to reflect that. The same thing literally happens week after week after week. There is zero creativity and a complete lack of compelling storylines. I’d rather watch TNA’s trainwreck than the mind-numbing repetitive boredom that permeates the lazy WWE product.

  3. Captain A$$ says:

    WWE always seems to have a lull in business after Wrestlemania. It’s like any creative juices that do flow around January-April are spent by the time May-August comes around. As for watching TNA, I’d rather watch paint dry.

  4. Jon says:

    people are sick of cena i think. that’s one other reason. The other one is ofcourse, the product sucks and is boring, they have so much talent that if you just let them go out there with out a script for a promo, then.. maybe it would be better. let these guys do what they were trained to do.. let them wrestle, let them put on great great matches,push people like cm punk, daniel bryan, the miz even, get swagger a manager, push him. they got guys like christian who can work with guys like this and even guys like evan bourne, wade barrett i think is a solid worker who deserves a main even push. stop with the cena’s and ortons and sheamus’s and just generally your typical wwe “superstar”. Who is main event in wwe? Orton, Cena… who was main event like 5 years ago.. same 2. it’s just ridiculous now and the pipe thing with cena on raw.. Just its enough for me. I cant stand wwe anymore. It’s just awful and as along time fan.. it sucks cuz i dont want to see them fail, i want to see them do well.. be the best they can be, for the past 5 6 10 years.. it’s just been terrible.

  5. B says:

    Of course here come the cena and tna haters

  6. AJ Starr says:

    Geez… marks are a beautiful thing. The people aren’t tuning out because of John Cena.

    They are tuning out because the product is so awful, boring, repetitive and bland, that you can literally sit there and know what’s going to happen long before it does… as in WEEKS in advance.

    If people are tuning off for one person, it would be Michael Cole, since he gets more air-time than anyone else in the company.

  7. Reb Brown says:

    Ouch, while I don’t keep tabs on ratings all that often.. that is the lowest I’ve saw RAW get in quite some time.

    As one of the fans who used to watch every week & has now, for about a month, converted over to only reading ‘spoiler/event’ coverage.. I can’t really put an exact reason as to why I’ve lost interest. I did enjoy what they were doing with Cole, but from reports.. it sounds like it’s getting a little excessive… that and even though I enjoyed his character.. it made many matches hard to bare while he’d stay in character to announce; in other words, severely taking away from the matches at-hand.

    I also have a tendency to go in ‘phases’ if you will.. so getting burnt out on the product is partially my deal, not all WWE & TNA’s fault.

  8. Jon says:

    Where in anyones post does it mention TNA? where in this post does it mention IMPACT? so how the heck could this be about WWE vs TNA. seriously,you people throw out these insider terms like “marks”, yet what the heck does that make you? makes you a bigger mark as obviously you know what the word means.. i mean think about it.

    Calling someone a mark, is that really supposed to be some insult or something? i mean… it seems to be what alot of you do.. you throw around the word like its an insult when in reality a mark is basically a fan.

    I just dont see how people think calling people marks yet they themselves posting on the same article/post is really proving anything.

    that would make you a mark also… wouldnt it?

  9. Jon says:

    heres reality… sci-fi cancelled nxt because it was getting tna impact ratings… think about that one.

    you people crap on the wwe rating… yet sci-fi took nxt off partially basically they were averaging around a 1.0 1.2 rating… thats what TNA averages on a good week. Yet TNA RULES!! and WWE SUCKS!!!

    THINK ABOUT IT before you people go spewing your bullcrap.

  10. Jon says:

    FACT is… wwe could put on the best show ever and some people would still crap about it. Truly, you cant make everyone happy and i think with some of you, its pretty obvious that you are just anti-wwe and anti-vince mcmhaon… regardless of what they do.

    You could have HBK come out of retirement and face daniel bryan in an iron man match on raw and it would rule and people would crap on the show, jericho could return on that same show and people would still say its predictable and boring.. you could have vince mcmhaon come out, say screw PG.. this isnt for kids anymore and people would crap on it. DONT MATTER with some of you what vince or WWE does, you will never ever EVER give them their proper respect.. WITHOUT VINCE AND WWE, you wouldnt have TNA and your precious comments sections where you can call people stupid terms like you arent one your friggin self.

  11. Reb Brown says:

    ^ From what I’ve saw here Jon, that’s all this AJStarr guy does; calls people marks & proclaims that the WWE is failing/etcetcetc. Do yourself a favor and google his name & you can see just how pathetic the guy is.. for supposedly knowing so much on how to ‘book’ a successful show & all that jazz.. I find his performances in his little utube vids.. lacking.

  12. Matt says:

    @ JON
    Actually you have it wrong …

    Without Vince SR you would not have WWE what it is today because HE is the one that made wrestling. Not what wrestling is today which is more entertainment then anything. VKM has forgotten what the foundation was built on and I have been saying this for awhile now..when your foundation becomes not starts to crumble…Proof is in the pudding of this rating and how stale the show has become!

  13. AJ Starr says:

    Hey Reb, that is about the worst and most pathetic argument you could muster up. By the way, when your entire rant on how pathetic I am, is completely grammatically incorrect with tons of spelling errors, it makes you look like a damn uneducated fool.

    And Jon, NXT wasn’t pulled for low ratings, the contract ran out, and it wasn’t getting the ratings that WWE PROMISED it was going to get. Comparing it to TNA’s ratings when they are on a completely different level, is about as childish as Jon trying to call me pathetic when he can’t even spell the word.

    This is why I call you people marks… very few of you have a damn clue how anything really works. You think sitting there in your chairs telling everyone who would love or hate this and that, is pure fact.

    No, posting here does not make someone a mark. Someone ranting about things that aren’t true, and blaming everyone except the WWE for their shoddy product IS being a blind mark.

    Personally, I just love hazing you guys, because you get all up in arms, and complain and rant like little children who were told “no.”

  14. AJ Starr says:

    By the way Reb, anyone with enough knowledge of how the business works, could EASILY outbook the WWE’s current staff of writers, even using their pathetic rules and codes. All you really need to do to start, is restructure the roster, and keep the green rookies down on the bottom of the card where they belong, like Mason Ryan, and only keep seasoned vets in the Main Event who actually DRAW MONEY… and start writing up feuds that will actually sell PPV buys.

    It’s not rocket science.

  15. AJ Starr says:

    Remember the days where people had to work their way up to the top? Probably not. The Rock and Austin weren’t Champion 6 months in like half the “stars” are today, they spent 2 or 3 years before ever getting a shot… and they were a hell of a lot more over than say… Sheamus, who never had to pay any real dues.

    Sorry to say, but a lot of you don’t know jack about the business, because you sit there and say nothing is wrong… yet I don’t see ratings going anywhere but down… buy rates are tanking… attendance is slowly going down… yet the WWE keeps driving their prices up for a bad product to compensate for the loss of viewership and revenue.

    It’s basic business… and Vinnie is doing a terrible job!

  16. AJ Starr says:

    Last small bit here…

    Look at soap operas, which the WWE is basically claiming they are.

    Twists, turns, drama, and things you NEVER see coming. I don’t see any of THAT on WWE programming, and haven’t in a decade. I can call an entire show as it happens, minutes before it unfolds, and why? Because the writers are absolutely lazy with common sense.

    It’s not a lull for it being after Wrestlemania, either. There is nothing to pull viewers in. The WWE’s main focus is on an announcer screwing with another announcer… and a match happening a year from now. Sorry… I’ll watch Netflix and pick my own entertainment… thank you.

  17. truth says:

    “Personally, I just love hazing you guys, because you get all up in arms, and complain and rant like little children who were told “no.””

    A great quote by AJ “Starr”… especially after making 4 consecutive comments where he complains about the current wrestling products (mainstream anyway). I suppose when you waste 10 years trying to become a wrestler, you don’t have the time to actually GO TO COLLEGE; if you did, you’d see how contradicting your comments are & that Reb hardly made a, if any, ‘grammatical’ errors in his comment.

    I don’t agree with all of what Jon & Reb posted, and I do agree with some of their points, as well as some of yours AJ… but wow, I’m glad I googled your name… because it’s painfully-embarrassing to see you try wrestle & do mic-work… & then come back here & post about how simple it’d be to book for WWE.

    TL;DR: Go get your GED, AJ. Oh yeah.. didn’t you say, a few weeks ago, that you were done with watching WWE? I think we have a, as the guy who apparently struggles to even get 50 views on his youtube-wrestling videos filmed in an elementary gym would say.. MARK on our hands here.

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