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SPOILERS: TNA Impact Wrestling for May 19

The following was taped on Monday, May 16 in Orlando, FL:

Dark Match:

-Robbie E. def. Jesse from “Big Brother”

Impact Wrestling for May 19:

-Immortal comes out to the ring. They say that Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley are in NYC to meet with the Network. Tonight Immortal is in charge. Brian Kendrick brings a bunch of X-Division wrestlers to interrupt so Bischoff books them in matches. Immortal then attacks the X-Division guys until Fortune makes the save.

-Mickie James, Tara & Miss Tessmacher def. Sarita, Rosita & Madison Rayne

-Abyss def. Kazarian to win the X-Division Championship

-Samoa Joe def. Amazing Red in a quick match. Joe kept trash talking him so Crimson made the save.

-Tommy Dreamer and AJ Styles, who is wearing a neck brace, talk in the ring. Dreamer lays him out and Christopher Daniels makes the save. Bully Ray attacks Styles. Dreamer keeps attacking Styles and he has to be helped out of the ring.

-Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett meet in the ring and make a match for Slammiversary. The winner will be the number one contender for the TNA Title. Angle mentions that Karen is gone because of Sacrifice. Jarrett says if he win then he’ll get Angle’s medals. Karen comes out in a wheelchair and Velvet Sky shoves her down the ramp.

-Matt Hardy & Eric Bischoff def. Generation Me. Bischoff picked up the pinfall.

-Velvet Sky def. Angelina Love & Winter. ODB returned after and beat up Sky.

-Gunner beat up Eric Young backstage.

-They have a segment with Robert Roode and Ric Flair. Immortal attacks Roode and they injure his shoulder in revenge of Flair.

-Sting comes to the ring and says his main focus is Hulk Hogan. Mr. Anderson comes out after dressed as Sting in the 1980’s. Anderson lays Sting out to end the show.


-Desmond Wolfe returns as Xplosion commissioner.

-D’Angelo Dinero def. Suicide

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24 Responses

  1. ted says:

    This was ten times better then RAW

  2. Coolquip says:

    Definition of Facepalm: Abyss, X-Division Champion

    Rather Chyna with the World Title(wait dont give Russo any ideas)

  3. Ian says:

    Russo isn’t the only one writing things.

    And it looks like Dinero is still with the company…there were reports he might be done (or rumors at least after a recent tweet)

  4. Agent Cooper says:

    Anything would be better than the absolute borefest that Raw’s become. Even though TNA is a trainwreck, at least trainwrecks have some perverse entertainment value.

  5. advo319 says:

    Don’t flatter TNA, Agent Cooper, both products suck balls. They just made the X-Division Championship as meaningless as being declared the winner of NXT.

  6. Matt says:

    This entire show sounds bad on paper, but it might come across better on TV. Abyss as X-Division champ though, I just don’t get. This is Vince Russo after all though, oh and of course, Bischoff getting the pin in a tag match? SMH at that one too. Just my opinion here, but I really believe right about now, that TNA, has become, WCW ver2. Again, my own opinion, you can disagree with it if you want, you are more than welcome to.

  7. korey parker says:


    How is Abyss having the X-division title a facepalm? Joe, Nash, Angle, and Sonny Siaki all had it lol. I’m not saying you’re wrong but it’s not the first time it was thrown around to strange places lol.

  8. korey parker says:

    Xplosion commissioner? The one-hour show that no one watches has a commissioner character? Why? What major choices would that character have in the compnay in the story? In order to have a character with administrative power he needs to have a title and position OF POWER lol.

  9. no i dont disagree with you matt tna is making a joke out of the X-Division and the X-Division championship abyss come on i wish they would go back to the old days when the X-Division and the X-Division championship ment something

  10. Rob Roy says:

    ANOTHER match for Kurt’s medals??? Another load of tosh from TNA ‘creative’

  11. Kyle Christie says:

    Sounds cool im interested to see Desmond Wolfe as commissioner on Xplosion

  12. Ryan says:

    tna will overtake wwe one day, maybe not in our lifetime but soon, at least if HHH dont take over WWE soon, lol

  13. Meh says:

    Abyss, X-Division Champion. Well if we go by the X-Division motto which is “The X-Division isn’t about weight limits. It’s about no limits.” then it makes perfect sense.

    Also the X-Division title is one of the 4 requirements of the TNA/Impact Wrestling Grand Slam so it makes sense in that regard too despite the fact that X-Division title has always been around Crusierweight wrestlers up until now.

    I wish they would put Christopher Daniels in the World title hunt and let him win at least once as he deserves it.

  14. AJ Starr says:

    Would you people quit your childish whining? The X Division is about no limits and taking risks… that’s Abyss to the letter! It’s not a Cruiserweight Title.

    You people will whine about anything.

  15. HipnosisV1games says:

    hhmmm….good point. I guess the Cruiserweight Division has always blinded me :\ lol


    @ Meh – “Abyss, X-Division Champion. Well if we go by the X-Division motto which is “The X-Division isn’t about weight limits. It’s about no limits.” then it makes perfect sense.

    Also the X-Division title is one of the 4 requirements of the TNA/Impact Wrestling Grand Slam so it makes sense in that regard too despite the fact that X-Division title has always been around Crusierweight wrestlers up until now.”

    Seriously? Since when is a 280-290 pound man considered a cruiserweight? Oh yeah. You must be forgetting that Samoa Joe is a 4x X-Division Champ.

  17. McMahon says:

    Comparing Joe to Abyss is ridiculous in this scenario. Seriously, c’mon now. The title has always been about the fast paced wrestling style. Siaki as champ was terrible. Nash as champ was terrible. When Angle wrestled X Division guys, he wrestled their style.

    But this is pretty much just a revival of that Nash storyline anyway. Powers that be doesn’t give X Division respect. Big guy wins title. People hate it and wonder why the division only matters when someone is trying to destroy it. Same ol’ TNA.

  18. RJ Ace says:

    I don’t really care that Abyss is the X Division Champion because the X Title and all titles for that matter are almost meaningless. A 52 year old is TNA’s World Champion, a security guard went from getting beat up every week to all of a sudden being the TV Champion with no build up, and the X Title has been tossed around like a hot potato the last few years.

    Cena is a 10 time champion and Orton is an 8 time champion all within a 7 year span. In that same 7 years, Edge won a heavyweight title 11 times, Triple H 5 times, Batista 7 times and The Undertaker, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, JBL, Jack Swagger, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and The Great Khali have all had runs with them as well. The US and IC Titles go months without being defended, the WWE Tag Titles go from one non tag team to another, the Diva’s title is on one of the twins that just hung out backstage with celebrities for a year.

    The only titles that mean anything right now in either company is the TNA Tag Team and Knockout’s titles. Even they have lost prestige.

  19. Ryan C. says:

    so many things wrong with this. but ill probably still watch it

  20. AJ Starr says:

    @ Criss

    Again… the X Division is about no limits and taking risks… that IS Abyss. Saying he shouldn’t hold the belt is like saying 2 people shouldn’t be holding a tag team title.

  21. deathedge says:


    I agree with the X division belt is not a cruiserweight belt, but TNA has broke the “2 men are tag champs” rule once with that little Matt Morgan angle a while back.

  22. McMahon says:

    “It’s about no limits” is just a saying. It’s never been a hardcore belt or anything other than a belt for guys who wrestle a fast paced style.

    And TNA also broke that when Angle held all the belts at once.

  23. Kyle Christie says:

    I think all the titles in TNA need to be take n away from Fortune and Immortal they don’t need the titles for the storyline put them on other people British Invasion for example for TagTitles Xtitle im not saying Abyss isn’t good coz he is but could be on like 10-15 guys that would do good stuff for their career.

  24. T says:

    Joe was X-Division champ. Do I agree with the title on Abyss? Nope. But since when have titles meant anything as of late in the WWE or TNA? Hell the WWE title lost all credibility when Vince was champ.

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