5/16 WWE Tough Enough Recap

May 16, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller

The camera shows AJ making his way back in the house. AJ explains the situation to everyone else, and they were surprised to say the least. AJ admits that tomorrow is going to be a long day and says he is dedicated to showing the trainers that they made the right decision keeping him around.

The next morning Trish and Christina are doing yoga while Trish tries to get her to open up as she is worried about Christina being the last female recruit. Trish says she knows Christina is working hard and believes that she can make it.

Its Daily Training time, time again to find out the week’s life lesson. Bill tells Christina that he’s proud of her. The recruits are doing moves in the ring when Austin comes out. The week’s lesson is creativity in move execution. Bill has the recruits do their take on a fireman’s carry as well as an arm drag. AJ, however, is still showing timidness. The trainers catch Jeremiah losing his focus as well.

We’re brought back to daily training as the recruits practice being thrown out of the ring. Austin is pissed about everyone because he isn’t satisfied with how they do so. Booker then shows them all how to throw someone out. Trish comments on the situation saying everyone was being “deadasses”. Then, Luke is rocketted out of the ring by Andy, which drew a LOT of heat from the trainers. Bill said they wasted his and their time. Austin tells them all to get lost.

Back at the house, Andy is on a TE laptop looking at a video of his little daughter, which brightened his crap day a bit. Then he called his wife and talked to her a bit. He knows its tough on her, but he’s in competition for a reason.

The TE compound is paid a visit by Kelly Kelly, Eve, and the Bella Twins, much to the surprise of the guys; seeing them enter their domain. The divas give Christina some compliments on how she is doing, which she appreciates. The recruits are taken into their limo and out to dinner in an upscale Chinese restaurant. All of them have a good time, Luke does a bit of drinking, Jeremiah talks about how far he’s come, Christina talks more about how far she’s come, which impressed Kelly Kelly. AJ talks about his recent shortcomings. One of the Bellas makes it clear that its important to make himself get noticed in a good way. Then Jeremiah gets smacked…twice! Then Luke gets smacked and the two guys playfully smacked each other. This segment ends with a toast from Martin.

Next day, the recruits are brought to THQ HQ to create their own dynamic superstar profile, which they seemed to have fun with. Now they get to talk about it. Jeremiah is first, his is “The Natural”, Christina named her character Mikayla. Jeremiah was a clear winner. AJ came up with Jaxon Crash, while Luke chose “Legend”. Hope he doesn’t run into Randy Orton. AJ explains that he was thinking of a metal head. Luke explains that he learned not everything is about moves. Martin went with a Warrior look alike while Andy went with a character named Silent Rage, a homage to everything in his mind. He asks the THQ rep who he would bring into his next game and chose Luke. Austin dismisses the crew for more ass kicking by the trainers

We come back and its a night time training session. Jeremiah is of the impersonation that everyone, including himself, needed it. AJ once again was not showing anything new to the trainers, which pisses them off. All of a sudden, a pop and Martin went down fast. He sees a medic, he hurts the inside of his ankle. Bill showed a genuine concern because Martin can’t even stand on it at first. He is taken by the medic to a local hospital while he worries about his standing in the competition.

In the morning, Martin had not come back yet. Luke shows legitimate concern for him, but that doesn’t change how he is going to perform in today’s skills challenge. The recruits do calisthenics as Martin comes in on crutches. The diagnosis is….he fractured his ankle and the doctors won’t clear him for competition. Its tough to see him go out like this, and you can tell this wasn’t what he wanted. Austin summons him into his office. He says he hates to see Martin leave and talks about when he was really worried about being able to come back from injury. He tells Martin that if wrestling is his passion, he’ll be able to continue.

Austin pointed to the wall of belts and said he took everyone else’s belts because they couldn’t hack it, but he’s not gonna do that. Austin let Martin hang it up himself, it would be the only time he did that for anyone. Martin swears that he’ll be back. Everyone gave him a standing ovation, which meant a lot to him. He said godwilling, he’ll be able to rebound, and is glad that he was able to leave the competition and not have to quit or be ejected.

Five people remain, but Martin’s injury does not stop today’s skills challenge. They have 2 minutes to demonstrate everything that they’ve learned, with one move from the top rope. AJ and Christina are first, Bill tells Christina to own this and he believes in her. Chrstina appears to cominate the whole match even giving AJ a bodyslam with a slap right after. Top rope move she does is a double axe handle…but then she landed bad….this isn’t good. Bill blames it solely on AJ. Austin calls for no elimination tonight and tells everyone to leave. One thing is for sure, AJ needs to go….

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