TNA SACRIFICE: Sting vs. Rob Van Dam (TNA Championship)

May 15, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA Championship
Sting (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Sting with a quick shoulder block early on. Sting catches RVD with a high knee when he dove forward. Sting with a clothesline on RVD and RVD quickly bails. RVD with a quick rollup on Sting when he jumps back in the ring. RVD then catches Sting with a big spin kick. RVD with big kicks to the body. RVD charges and misses a splash on Sting in the corner flipping over the top rope to the outside. Sting attempts a Stinger Splash on RVD over the guard railing, but RVD sees it coming and bails. RVD attempts a leg drop springboarding off the steel guard railing, but Sting moves and RVD clutches his leg in pain. Sting goes to work on RVD’s bad leg kicking away at it. Sting sends RVD into the wall in the crowd. RVD counters sending Sting back first into the wall now. Anderson is now making PG jokes on commentary. More brawling in the crowd. RVD with a modified crossbody sending Sting into the steel guard railing. Sting fights his way back to the ringside area along with RVD. Sting is the first back in the ring. RVD drops Sting’s head off the top rope. RVD comes off the top rope with a big kick to the head. Sting gets his knees up during a Rolling Thunder attempt by RVD. Sting with a series of clotheslines on RVD. Stinger Splash attempt and RVD catches Sting with a big spin kick. Sting rolls out of the way when RVD attempts a Five Star Frog Splash. Sting with a close rollup. Sting attempts a Scorpion Deathdrop, but doesn’t get all of it. Sting picks up RVD and connects with another Scorpion Deathdrop. Sting gets the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Sting

After the match, Sting holds up the TNA Championship. On commentary, Mr. Anderson said he has something of a surprise in store for Sting this Thursday night on Impact. Guess he didn’t get the memo of the new name. We then see a replay of the match leading to the finish. Back live, RVD smiles at Sting and raises his arm. Mr. Anderson says he is going to go visit with Sting in the ring. They flash the copyright graphic as Anderson is walking towards the ring. Anderson and Sting have a stare down.

A promo for TNA Slammiversary 9 on Sunday, June 12 airs.

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