TNA Sacrifice Preview & Predictions

May 15, 2011 - by Jason Graening

TNA Sacrifice comes to us live this Sunday from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL. Sacrifice features four title matches, which is headlined by Sting defending the TNA World Championship against Rob Van Dam. Five more matches round out the undercard, which will feature the TNA debut of Chyna in a mixed tag team match.

– Sting vs. Rob Van Dam (TNA World Championship)
– Kurt Angle & Chyna vs. Jeff & Karen Jarrett (Mixed Tag Team Match)
– Beer Money vs. Matt Hardy & Chris Harris (TNA Tag Team Championship)
– Kazarian vs. Max Buck (X Division Championship)
– AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer
– Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne (TNA Knockouts Championship)
– Mexican America vs. Ink Inc.
– Abyss vs. Crimson
– Robbie E. vs. Kendrick

Sting vs. Rob Van Dam (TNA World Championship)
Sting, who revealed a clause in his contract that lets him choose his opponent, picked Rob Van Dam as his challenger to defend his TNA World Championship against. Sting stated that he chose RVD due to being stripped of the title after being brutally beaten by Abyss and noted that he may have a few tricks up his sleeve. RVD is confident that he will be walking out as the champion and hopes that Sting doesn’t mistake his respect as a weakness.

The winner of this match will have to defend the TNA World Championship against Mr. Anderson, who became the #1 contender by winning a 25-man battle royal this past week on Impact. I’m going to predict that the main event of Slammiversary will be Anderson challenging Sting for the World Championship as Sting will find a way to win the match and retain the championship against RVD.

Starman’s Prediction: Sting to retain the TNA World Championship.

Kurt Angle & Chyna vs. Jeff & Karen Jarrett (Mixed Tag Team Match)
The Angle/Jarrett saga continues. Kurt Angle recently told his ex-wife, Karen Jarrett, that he would never lay a hand on the mother of his children, however, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t find a person to do it for him. Angle then told Karen and Jeff Jarrett that he had a “mistress,” and that mistress was revealed to be the Ninth Wonder of the World, Chyna.

Chyna made her TNA debut this past Thursday night and looks a lot less muscular than she once was. She also hasn’t been seen in a ring for quite a while, so I’m guessing she will have some sort of ring rust on Sunday night. Rust or not, I’m going to predict that her debut match will end much like Jarrett’s final WWE match, looking up at the lights while Chyna picks up the pin fall.

Starman’s Prediction: Kurt Angle & Chyna to win the match.

Beer Money vs. Matt Hardy & Chris Harris (TNA Tag Team Championship)
Matt Hardy said Bobby Roode needs to be put in his place and called up a special friend to challenge for the TNA Tag Team Championship. His partner was revealed this past Thursday and it was none other than James Storm’s former partner, Wildcat Chris Harris. Hardy and Harris have held multiple tag team championships in the past, but neither of the have held the TNA Tag Team Championships.

Chris Harris didn’t look to be in the greatest of shapes when he made his TNA return – he looked more like Braden Walker than the Wildcat. He also hasn’t wrestled in TNA since they returned to the four sided ring, so it will be interesting to see how much ring rust he has. In the end, I expect Beer Money to retain the championships against their two thrown together partners.

Starman’s Prediction: Beer Money to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship.

Kazarian vs. Max Buck (X Division Championship)
Max Buck won this match by winning an X Division Xscape Match at Lockdown. Since then, Buck has barely been seen on television, only in the background when a few X Division stars confronted Eric Bischoff. Kazarian has also been also been a minor background player over the past few weeks.

Prior to seeing this match listed on the card, I almost forgot that Kazarian was the X Division Champion. At any rate, there has been zero build to this match whatsoever, so I have to pick the champion by default to win this match. However, it will probably end up being one of the best matches on the show.

Starman’s Prediction: Kazarian to retain the X Division Championship.

AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer
On a recent episode of Impact, Tommy Dreamer interfered in a tag team match and delivered a piledriver to AJ Styles. Dreamer seemed to be acting against his own will and at the request of Bully Ray. Styles had tried to get answers from Dreamer, but he just told Styles that he is too young and innocent to understand. Styles then challenged to face him in the ring and this match was booked.

I feel bad for Styles, who seems to always be on the cusp of something big, only to be dropped back down and booked in minor feuds. I also feel bad for Styles since I am predicting that Dreamer will somehow steal a victory in this match after some sort of interference from Bully Ray.

Starman’s Prediction: Tommy Dreamer to win the match.

Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne (TNA Knockouts Championship)
Mickie James finally realized her goal of becoming the TNA Knockouts Championship by defeating Madison Rayne at Lockdown. Madison has challenged Mickie to a rematch, however, Mickie made a stipulation for the match – if Madison loses, she will have to let Tara free from her bodyguard contract.

I am hoping that Mickie is able to go 100% in this match, since the last match between these two left a lot to be desired. I know these two can deliver a great match, but this match will have the same outcome as their match at Lockdown, with Mickie winning. I’m guessing that Madison and Tara will go on to feud with each other and open Mickie to start a new program with a different Knockout.

Starman’s Prediction: Mickie James to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Mexican America vs. Ink Inc.
During a Cinco de Mayo celebration, Ink Inc. showed their American pride by chasing Mexican America out of the ring. Jesse Neal, a survivor of the USS Cole attack, told Hernandez and Anarquia that they cannot disrespect the American flag and their country. Their paths crossed again during the 25-man battle royal this past week, with Hernandez making quick work of both of them by tossing them over the top rope.

No matter how bad the Mexican America stable is, they have been getting a fair amount of television time and seem to be getting pushed. Due to this, no amount of patriotism from Ink Inc. will help them in winning this match. Mexican America will come out on top, most likely due to some sort of interference from the Knockout Tag Team Champions, Sarita and Rosita.

Starman’s Prediction: Mexican America to win the match.

Abyss vs. Crimson
Abyss has been targeting Crimson ever since return to TNA after Crimson took him out with his own weapon, Janice. Crimson has also been sharing some words with Samoa Joe, as Crimson has been comparing his undefeated streak to the 18 month streak that Joe had once he came into TNA.

After seeing Joe in a worthless feud with D’Angelo Dinero for months, I am hoping that Crimson comes out on top so these two can begin a feud with Crimson’s streak on the line. It still isn’t where Joe should be, in my mind, however, it is more meaningful than what he has been doing over the past few months.

Starman’s Prediction: Crimson wins the match to keep his streak in tact.

Robbie E. vs. Kendrick
I didn’t even know this match was on the card until I saw in on TNA’s web site. Two X Division stars wrestling for no reason and no build up. Pretty much par for the course for the division. Does it really matter who wins this match?

There is the Sacrifice card in a nutshell. There should be a few good matches on the card, however, I don’t foresee any championships changing hands. This highlights of the card are the returns of Chyna and Chris Harris, however, I am not expecting big things from either of them. At least not at this time.

Sacrifice as a whole seems like a minor blip on the radar as they build towards Slammiversary. This should be an easy pay-per-view to pass on. Of course, live coverage of the event will take place on for those who do just that.

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