TNA SACRIFICE: Kazarian vs. Max Buck (TNA X Division Title)

May 15, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA X Division Championship
Kazarian (c) vs. Max Buck

Lots of counter flips early on. More headlock counters on the mat as well. Kazarian with a drop toe hold and back to the headlock on the mat. Kazarian with a float over reverse DDT on Max. Max with a dropkick through the ropes on Kazarian. Kazarian flew back landing on the concrete floor right on his head. Back in the ring, Max with a jawbreaker. Max with knees to the back of Kazarian. Max catches Kazarian with a kick to the face when Kazarian hit a few right hands. Kazarian jumps right back up hitting a gutwrench from the top. Kazarian with a series of clotheslines on Max that finishes with a big spin kick. Kazarian with a scoop slam and springboard leg drop combo. Kazarian with a quick snap neckbreaker after Max countered his Fade to Black finisher. Max with another counter who powerbombs Kazarian to the corner. Max with a springboard stunner off the top rope. Max with a DDT on Kazarian from the corner. Max connects with a 450 Splash, hooks the leg and Kazarian barely kicks out. Kazarian drops Max off the ropes and then kicks him in the head. Kazarian then hits the ropes and hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Max with Max’s head literally bouncing off the concrete floor. It looked even worse on the replay. The crowd started chanting “THIS IS WRESTLING.” Kazarian catches Max with a Shining Wizard after rolling out of a rollup attempt and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Kazarian

After the match, we see a replay of highlights leading to the finish.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Abyss talking about his match with Crimson tonight. Abyss talks about how he will never stop and never quit. He mentions RVD taking his teeth away from him…and he kept on going.

A video package runs focusing on Crimson’s undefeated streak and his match with Abyss tonight.

* Crimson vs. Abyss is up next.

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