TNA SACRIFICE: Beer Money vs. Matt Hardy and Chris Harris (TNA Tag Team Titles)

May 15, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA Tag Team Championships
Beer Money (c’s) vs. Matt Hardy and Chris Harris

We start with Chris Harris and James Storm, the former America’s Most Wanted tag team partners. Harris is wearing “AMW” trunks. They circle the ring and Harris quickly tags in Matt Hardy. Storm with a high knee and neckbreaker bomb on Hardy. Tag to Robert Roode and Beer Money drop two sets of knees. Hardy sends Roode to the corner and tags in Harris. Roode with a big chop to Harris and quick flying takedown. More chops from Roode and neckbreaker combo. Tag to Hardy who takes a clothesline from Roode. Tag to Storm and Beer Money split the legs of Hardy. Hardy drops Storm and Roode with big right hands. Tag to Harris who yells out, “Now it is time!” Storm breaks free from Hardy and Harris bails. Harris takes a drink of Storm’s beer on the outside and spits it in his face. Harris with big left hands to Storm on the mat. Tag back to Hardy and Harris sends Hardy into Storm in the corner. Storm catches Hardy with knees to the face. Tags to Harris and Roode. Roode with a series of clotheslines dropping Harris. Roode catches Harris with a boot and neckbreaker combo. Roode sends Hardy to the outside when he jumps back in. Roode with another big chop to Harris. Roode with a hook suplex on Harris. Hardy pulls Storm off the ring apron when Roode went for a tag. Harris with a full nelson slam on Roode with force. Hardy with a side slam on Roode after getting the tag. Hardy drops an elbow over Roode as well. Tag to Harris who sends Roode into the corner with help from Hardy. Harris spits in the face of Storm. Roode gets the hot tag to Storm. Harris and Storm start going at it with Storm getting the better of him. Storm with a Lou Thesz Press dropping some big right hands. Harris tosses Storm out, Storm holds on and flips back in going back after Harris. Storm with a DDT through the ropes on Harris. Roode tosses Hardy out. Storm has Harris hooked in the corner and drops him with an inverted DDT. Hardy with a Side Effect on Roode back in the ring. Storm with a backcracker on Hardy. We get the BEER…MONEY spot. Storm with a superkick on Harris. Roode was about to setup Harris for the DWI, but Storm stops him and says he wants to go up top. Roode holds Harris and Storm comes off the top rope with a leg drop executing the old America’s Most Wanted Death Sentence double team finisher. Storm gets the pinfall for the win.

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Beer Money

After the match, James Storm stares down at Chris Harris. Robert Roode tosses him one of the titles and Beer Money holds up the TNA Tag Team Championships. We see a replay of the finish.

Backstage, Bully Ray is getting in Jeremy Borash’s face saying he knows he intimidates people. JB asks why Tommy Dreamer is acting out recently. Ray said JB and everyone else is on a need to know basis. He talks about how he could easily beat JB right now “because he can.” Ray said AJ Styles embodies everything he hates about modern day pro wrestlers. He said a real wrestler drinks whiskey, listens to rock and roll and chase women. Ray pushes JB away and said he powerbomed AJ off the entrance ramp because he wanted to. He promises to take out AJ once again and then focus on his friends in Fortune. Ray threatens to visit AJ’s “redneck house” to do bad things with his wife.

* AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer is up next.

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