Mick Foley raises over $100,000 for RAINN

May 14, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Mick Foley via Twitter:

RT PLEASE! The #10forRAINN campaign is officially over, and it has been amazing – far exceeding our wildest hopes. Over $121,000 raised, in addition to increasing awareness, and allowing so many survivors to see support coming from a source no-one ever expected it from. I am SO thankful. I know I tweeted ALOT about this cause for the last 38 days, but the VAST majority of you were supportive and understanding. I WILL be doing this again for RAINN many months from now, but in the meantime, I am going to be adding a second Twitter address that will allow me to keep in touch with all of the new friends I have made through this cause, while keeping @realmickfoley as primarily a wrestling and entertainment place..with some occasional facts and random thoughts on life thrown in. By all means, I will encourage people to follow me at both addresses, and when it’s time to raise money for RAINN again, I WILL renew the bombardment of regular appeals, and ask that you understand.Also, due to the response to this past auction, I will be putting items up for auction regularly, many of them with a "buy it now" option, so that people can buy items without jeopardizing Junior’s college fund. I am going to be thinking about a few different organizations I can donate some of the proceeds to, probably in the 25-50% range for most items. One of the things I love about RAINN is that is a small group that does big work, so that every dollar meant so much. Feel free to suggest groups that could use a hand from these auctions. I’m thinking of GIVE KIDS THE WORLD as one of them, and might change them up every week or so, or have different items helping different causes.Thanks again for an amazing 38 days. I am so pleased with what we accomplished.

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