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Update on John Morrison’s recovery time

According to, John Morrison is expected to miss four to six weeks of action due to his neck surgery due to a pinched nerve.

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  1. mshelez says:

    Thankfully thats not too much time missed. Hopefully his fued with Truth doesn’t die because of this.

  2. Captain A$$ says:

    If anything, it should amp the feud up more because he was out with an injury “because of” R-Truth. Christian came back and went right after Del Rio. Morrison should do the same with Truth.

  3. mshelez says:

    I hope so. I remember when Evan Bourne was doing really well in the WWE. Then he got hurt, came back and his storyline has gone downhill since. Shameful.

  4. Dani boi says:

    I personally dont see as to why he should return to the pointless fued with Booker T v2. Morrison has the potential and ability to fill HBKs role hell i even think he should use the super kick now that the move isnt owned anymore if ric flair can take buddy rogers gimmick and it didnt hinder him in anyway then why couldnt Jomo just use the starship pain instead of the elbow drop. Now Kofi vs Truth would be interesting

  5. mshelez says:

    I like Morrison a lot but he doesn’t have the same mic skills as HBK and unless that improves, he won’t be at the same level.

    He will return to the feud with Truth because a.) they were friends and now they’re rivals and b.) like Captain A$$ said, he’s out of commission right now due to an injury by Truth and he has to make him pay for that.

    Although, for the record, I think Morrison should have been the one to turn heel because he was the one who came out and instigated Truth into the match that made him lose his spot in the first place. Funny how the crowd stayed behind Morrison.

  6. Dani boi says:

    yeah true and when he made that comment that truth smoked i was cringing that he might be doing a cm punk angle thank god that was left alone but i can stomache staple faces such as mysterio,cena,kingston or whoever it seems that they have limited deph and get stale

  7. Dani boi says:

    i meant i cant stomache them oops smart phone being stupid

  8. Mshelez says:

    I was confused by what you were saying so I’m glad you clarified. I don’t like faces too much myself. I prefer the heels. I like when they tell the fans how much they don’t like them or they yell at them. lol I don’t know why I get a kick out of it but I’ve been that way for years. Its like when they turn face, they lose their edge. Speak of which, he was a much better heel than face. Same with Orton. But I was always a fan of HBK, HHH and Y2J no matter what they were.

  9. Nic says:

    I love how people talk up how great jomo is, then say he should be made a replica of HBK… surely if he’s talented enough he’ll succeed regardless? Work ethic counts for lots also, look how far miz has come from a PPV lap dance from Kelly Kelly and Layla and big dick Johnson and being fed worms by boogeyman to www champ beating cena at mania! Why try and get the next HBK and why not try and build the FIRST John Morrison… He’s a super talent but the hbks, jerichos, Kurt angles, and undertakers of the world are at the top for a reason… They draw! Jomo is one of my fav wrestlers but he shows the personality of shelton Benjamin at times!

  10. advo319 says:

    Oh boy, someone here has Mike Adamle syndrome!

  11. Dani boi says:

    I didnt mean the he lose him self i was strictly saying that he can fill the role that Hickenbottom left behind i remember when he first debuted in wwe on Raw i was impressed and then he went away and returned a year lated with MnM on SD

  12. Craig says:

    this might seem stupid, but i’m kind of not ruling out a Miz face turn by the end of the year (possibly this summer) and M&M reunion!

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