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SPOILER: Title match for WWE Over the Limit

As determined at tonight’s Smackdown tapings, Randy Orton will defend the World Heavyweight champion against Christian at the 5/22 Over The Limit PPV.

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  1. What?! says:

    What a joke of a company!

  2. chris says:

    About time people start realizing that!

  3. DMoney says:

    now not really tna is a joke my friend

  4. MattR says:

    Why would that be? if your going to make a post like yours, give some reasoning as to why. Same for all the post like that about TN…. I mean Impact Wrestling.

  5. RJ Ace says:

    It’s pretty standard for a former champion to get a rematch. The only joke is all the idiot trolls online.

  6. Kevin says:

    I’ll give many reasons why tna is a joke..
    1) They pay kurt angle way more then any other tna star, bad move since the guy is messed up. they could easily hire 5 guys and hype them.

    2) they hired vince russeo

    3) I was reading somewhere that they sometimes are not on time on paying some of there wrestlers.

    4) they allowed jeff hardy to fight when hes was on meth….

    anyother reasons you need?

  7. Tim Steed says:

    I’d like to add that their production is bloody awful, always has been.
    I think the camera men are either epileptic or else they too are on meth!

    On Christian vs Randy Orton… why are people complaining? WWE is supposed to be too predictable according to critics? Then they hand the title to Orton and people give birth to a breeze block over it. The only thing slightly wrong with WWE is that they are giving away ” PPV quality ” matches on RAW or SmackDown, whilst the PPV’s could be better. It’s the start of something better for Christian if anything.

  8. The Kev says:

    I’m still a little frustrated that they took the belt off of Christian as fast as they did. Even if it is all storyline related and not politics, it makes his “lifelong dream” of being WHC look really pointless and makes Christian look like a paper champion. If it were somebody besides Orton that they gave the belt to that could be a future major player( Wade Barrett anyone?)only to have Christian win it back sooner than later,it might be a little more worthwhile, but the fact that Orton has been champion a gazillion times is just old and tired. Also, am I the only one who sees that Orton got the belt just around the time that WWE’s latest movie, with Orton in it, is being released?

  9. Dani boi says:


  10. Dani boi says:

    Triple steel cage match or cena having a life threatening injury since he isnt ever going heel. He is so boring and predictable. And is it just me or does cena have midget hands ethier that or poor blood flow in them

  11. Gentleman Gaga says:

    Lol@This turning into a bash TNA thread.

  12. Dave says:

    Wasn’t Barrett v Zeke booked also?

  13. Craig says:

    hmm while i agree this was way too soon and i do wish christian’s reign was a bit longer -he deserved that much- why couldn’t they wait until OTL for him to drop it? i know, i know..BUT i gotta say the angle was very well worked and believable. (not for nothing i literally choked up watching SD Rewind, or whatever it’s called, this monday. great job with that) Tim is right. it does make sense from a business standpoint, is great for intriguing & UNpredictable (for a change) suspenseful (is a heel turn in the midst?) storyline.. ultimately, title or no title the future looks very promising for our boy christian AND smackdown!
    “but that’s just my opinion, i could be wrong”.


  14. TimL says:

    From my perspective, Orton winning the belt IS predictable. This in turn makes Christian’s heel turn predictable.

  15. CocaCola says:

    Christian Vs. Orton match was a very good one. This will set up a nice FRESH feud along the road. And the way Orton hit the RKO on Christian was executed perfectly.

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