Ricky Morton goes on another YouTube tirade

May 9, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Received via e-mail:

Wrestling legend Ricky Morton does another youtube video this time directed at Virginia promoter Marvin Ward. Has Ricky really reached the point in his life where he is actually bothered by what an indy promoter says about him. Fans may remember the youtube video Ricky did about Kevin Nash not long ago. It is sad to see legends who laid the path for this industry come to a point in their life they resort to this type of action.

Here is the link to the youtube Ricky just released about the indy promoter:

The company he is talking about is Wards AWE company out of Virginia. Here is the links:

www.awesomewrestlingentertainment.com / www.facebook.com/awesomewrestlingentertainment

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