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Ricky Morton goes on another YouTube tirade

Received via e-mail:

Wrestling legend Ricky Morton does another youtube video this time directed at Virginia promoter Marvin Ward. Has Ricky really reached the point in his life where he is actually bothered by what an indy promoter says about him. Fans may remember the youtube video Ricky did about Kevin Nash not long ago. It is sad to see legends who laid the path for this industry come to a point in their life they resort to this type of action.

Here is the link to the youtube Ricky just released about the indy promoter:

The company he is talking about is Wards AWE company out of Virginia. Here is the links: /

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  1. deathedge says:

    I’ve actually met and talked with Morton at a few house shows in North Carolina.

    He kind of comes off as a bitter old man who is ashamed at where he is now. It’s pretty sad…

  2. seth says:

    maybe he should be more worried about the child support he owes…

  3. JD Storm says:

    sad to see a man like Morton get to such a low point.

  4. Indy says:

    i wrestled for Marvin Ward on the indy scene. Morton is right about him.I don’t want to talk crap about a guy just wanted to let you know Morton isn’t lying.

  5. KennyD says:

    Kinda sounds like sour grapes because he has faded from the lime light .. and has financial problems like everyone else … If the child support had been paid when it was due ; he wouldn’t be in financial straits right now …. sorry about his problems ; BUT we ALL have problems ..

    The promoter is TRYING to run a business and can’t cater to everyone … he has to do it the best way he feels is good for his company . Don’t like the way he runs things ; then don’t wrestle for him anymore ..

  6. keith says:

    ricky morton is living in the past. he had a great career in wrestling and pissed away all the money from his hey day of six figures a year. And who’s fault is that. He should FORGET this BUSSINES as he puts it ITS OVER.
    Time to get another job ricky…. Your wrestling days are over

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