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Lex Luger working for WWE?

From Jay:
In an interview with Live Audio Wrestling, Kevin Nash revealed that an E-Mail was passed along today announcing that Lex Luger was now in charge of The WWE Wellness Policy.

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  1. peoples champ says:

    wat…? Lex luger working for wwe…!

  2. Calvin says:

    Pot calling the kettle black?? Atleast he knows from 1st hand experience

  3. Ky stud says:

    Lugar in charge of the wellness program? That’s like the Fox being guard over the Hen House!!!

  4. Dave K says:

    Really?? Luger in charge of Wellness Policy??? What a joke. After all the issues he has had in that category. That’s like putting a jewelry thief in charge of a jewelry store. Or putting a Socialist in charge of a Capitalist economy….oh wait, we have that. So I guess Luger isn’t that bad. Seriously though…with the issue he has had and the rumored involvement in Miss Elizabeth’s death and the WWE couldn’t find someone better or more qualified than Luger?

  5. Nick says:

    Anyone else consider this might have been Nash telling a joke….

  6. Elvis Steverson says:

    Lex Luger is really in charge of the WWE Wellness Policy? What is this world coming to?! I DON’T KNOW!!!!

  7. Fairfax says:

    A capitalist economy that’s obviously failed. What’s the national debt these days? Anyhow…I hope good old flexy Lexy sets his office up in the Lex Express. Can you imagine seeing that bus parked with a line of the “ent’s” steroided freaks waiting to step aboard and “drop” haha. Luger tests them and then offers them a discount on the goods he’s selling. But in truth, its said that Larry Pfohl has found Jesus and turned his life around. If that’s the case and this is true then good for him.

  8. Captain A$$ says:

    Assuming this is true, Luger has learned from his mistakes, and people CAN change. Look at Superstar Billy Graham, who granted, has turned back into the bitter old man that he was years ago, but he learned from his mistakes too, and he has taught people about what steroids do and the effect they have on you. So again, if it’s true, give Luger a break.

  9. cold says:

    Nash must be as high as RVD if he made that statement with any kind of seriousness.

    WWE Wellness Program has always by their own admission been run by physicians.

    So unless Luger has been using his down time to finish Medical School, I call B.S.

  10. -Jay- says:

    Supposedly Lex Luger has turned his life around for the better, not buying what Nash says tho.

  11. Kevin says:

    From “On Thursday, former WWE and WCW star Lex Luger announced that he currently works in the WWE behind the scenes with the company’s Wellness Program. Luger stated in an interview with the “Busted Open” radio show on Thursday, that he counsels various WWE wrestlers on a variety of topics including nutrition, wellness, exercise and the overall taking care of their bodies.”

    Divas beware.

  12. Agent Cooper says:

    When Miss Elizabeth died, that seemed to be the wake-up call Lex needed to get his life in order. There’s been no reports of Lex being anything other than a model citizen since then.

  13. Dave K says:

    I guess bottom line is, outside of “give Lex a chance” or “maybe he’s turned his life around”, there’s NO ONE more qualified or better suited to hold this position? And Fairfax, Capitalism is not broken and the debt has nothing to do with that. The debt is because GOVERNMENT can’t stop spending. Capitalism is driven by business and businesses can’t and aren’t succeeding due to gov’t regulation and spending.

  14. Rick says:

    This is actually a good idea, if he’s completely clean which is must be otherwise Vince wouldn’t have hired him, then he is the best person for the job.
    He has the experience and know how of what to look for.

  15. Kevin says:

    @Dave K- Not trying to start a debate but how are businesses not succeeding when corporate profits hit record highs in 2010?

  16. Jose says:

    Define irony.

    Anyway, seriously, I saw him do an interview with Bill Apter a few weeks back, he seems like he’s turned it around. Dude wears a lot of hockey jerseys tho, his body must be wrecked looking.

  17. JK says:

    Lex had a rough life. The man was a quadriplegic for nearly a year from a spinal stroke. He’s still confined mostly to a wheel chair, but I saw him walking at the HOF this year, albeit not like you or I could walk, but he’s a fighter. No need to cast stones at him.

    As for being cleaned up, yes he was clean for years and all the way up to his stroke. Not only was he a physical specimen in his prime, but he also knows the affects of banned substances, how they are screened and has been down a path that he’ll likely tell most not to follow.

    I think this is a win-win for WWE and for Lex. He was on top of WCW for a long time and could help the WWE and it’s younger stars while maintaining a presence in the wrestling business and earning a paycheck. That says a lot about his character right there.

  18. leonscott says:

    I think that is what is popularly referred to as a tongue in cheek joke

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