WWE Tough Enough Recap

May 9, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller

Luke comes in and greets Jeremiah and reflects on his close call, calling what Austin did adding fuel to the fire. Christina and Ivelisse talk with one another. Christina is convinced that her mission is to call Ivelisse on “her sh*t”.

Daily training time as Bill leads the recruits in calisthenics. He comments that the top and the bottom haven’t been differentiated. Booker gets on Eric’s case after he appears to be gassed. Bill gets on the ladies’s case. In comes Austin, this week’s theme is focus. Said he could have the worst day but when it comes to it, he gives the people what they paid for. Christina defined her appearance in the bottom three as a wake up call. The recruits go through body slamming drills. Jeremiah, spits blood after his performance, which Bill attributes to his competitive nature. AJ shows Trish that he has not really progressed.

Its time for elbow drop drills. Eric and Ive have some slight issues. Ive blames it on Christina injuring her, which Booker T sees through. Christina, meanwhile, impresses the trainers. Recruits get dismissed after a good day of training, but Bill doesn’t see Ive and think she’s ready to quit. Ive denies that she wants to quit and describes her injury more. Booker tells her she has a decision to make.

COMING UP: The week’s life lesson in practice

The recruits are brought to a ropes course. Austin introduces John Morrison, who describes focus as everything that surrounds everything that is done. Austin sets everyone free on the course. Austin guarantees someone is gonna fall. Martin falls, but not in the way he thought, because he finished. The camera focuses on Ive, who shows to be struggling through the entire ordeal. JoMo decides to climb up to give her some words of encouragement, she almost makes it when she falls. JoMo keeps encouraging her, which she appreciated. Andy shows a new appreciation for the life lesson. Eric gets tied up on the floating bridge while Christina catches and passes him. Eric continues to struggle through much of the course as he seems to have given up as Austin sends up someone to get him down. JoMo parts by saying don’t worry about what you can’t do, focus on what you can.

Time for today’s skills challenge. Austin describes today’s challenge, “cop a squat”. Bill has the competitors get on the top rope and do squats with their hands behind their heads. Andy gets pissed at himself when he shows that he could not accomplish anything. Martin cans his streak as he puts his hands on Bill by mistake. AJ is eliminated early from his heat and Eric shows trouble as well.

The final four (Jeremiah, Ive, Christina, and Luke) are put up on the top as Andy and Eric run the ropes. They will go till two are left. Luke and Jeremiah are the final two. Back to bag drills. Jeremiah seems to lose focus as Luke shows up and dominates. Austin is impressed by his rebound as Austin and the trainers discuss what they have to discuss.

They start by discussing Jeremiah. Booker says he refuses to lose and says he has impressed him more than anyone, but Bill is afraid that he has reached his plateau. They also say good words about Luke, who rebounded. They are concerned about Andy, but are aware he probably wont do much on the top-rope. They show more concern about Eric, who seems to be getting worse. They also mention Ive, who Booker says is making sure to point out that she is hurt. Bill thinks that Christina has the spark she needed. Bill feels AJ is just happy to be here.

This week’s bottom three are: Eric (2nd appearance), Ivelisse, AJ

AJ feels comfortable where he is. Eric thinks he has improved and will have a better chance of staying than Ive. Ive looks at her swollen quad. I think Austin sends her home tonight.

Eric, AJ and Ivelisse enter the training room ring and Austin makes his grand entrance. Immediately he focuses on AJ. Austin tells AJ that he has had better days. AJ says he wants to be one of the best in the world. Austin says he isn’t a miracle worker. He calls AJ the kind of person that would be a good neighbor, but he wants to know why he should pay money to see AJ. AJ says he wants to inspire in means indescribable, which Austin calls good bullshit. Austin asks if this is a dream of his, why hasn’t AJ impressed him?

Eric is next. Austin points out his conditioning hasn’t improved. Eric feels the training workouts are getting harder and that he’s giving it his all. Austin brings back the memories of the ropes course. He says Eric could be somebody, but he could be nobody too. its up to him to take the ball and run with it.

Which brings us to Ivelisse. He asks her to rate her pain, which she puts at about an 8. Austin says if it wasn’t for Ive’s leg, she wouldn’t be in the bottom three. He says he has to do what he has to do. She gives the belt up, as much as it kills her to. Austin wishes Ive luck. But Austin said he isn’t done. He eyes AJ and Eric. He asks AJ if he wants to give him the belt and says he’d have to take it from him. He tells AJ hes coming to the end of his rope. He tells Eric it takes someone special to be in the ring, that he has to want it. He says he doesn’t want to go home, to which Austin says its too bad because he’s sent out.

He tells AJ that if tonight doesn’t light a fire under his ass, he doesn’t know what will. Ive is sad about going because of her injury, but is glad she never failed. Eric felt like he failed and let his family down and said that he was going to keep at it.

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