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Blog: WWE’s Be a Star gimmick is a joke.

-WWE’s Be a Star gimmick is a joke.

by: Atlee Greene



Last Monday on Raw, we saw movie stars and wrestlers at the kick off party for the WWE’s anti bullying campaign “Be a Star”. Watching this segment, I realized that the purpose of the party was simply to promote their new movie, “That’s What I Am”, as opposed to raising awareness about bullying. In these cases, the company is often a wolf in sheep’s clothing looking to attach their name to a worthy cause in order to improve public perception. It’s well known among hardcore fans that the WWE turns a blind eye towards bullying in their own locker room. Many in the business cover this up saying they are simply “ribbing” someone in order to have a little bit of fun to break the stress of a long hard road schedule. Some even say this ribbing is a method used to determine if someone has what it takes to make it. Sometimes this is true, sometimes it’s not.

At the end of the day Vince McMahon does not care what happens in his locker room as long as it doesn’t lower the companies stock dividend. This is a problem and I think it sends a horrible message. Bullying has become an increased problem in the United States. More than ever we are hearing reports in the news of children and adolescents who are suffering form mental health problems as a result of bullying. The victims in these cases go through various stages of depression and anxiety which can lead to serious psychotic disorders and suicide. The “Be a Star” gimmick will cease to exist after the WWE is done squeezing every penny out of the movie. I love Wrestling. I can’t stand the way WWE does business sometimes.

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  1. Jon Richards says:

    People that spout off about the behaviour you refer to (though how you know so much about the locker room whilst not being a WWE employee is impressive) are MOSTLY disgruntled ex-employees. The majority of the roster have seemingly no problem with things. I can’t say to be sure , because I DO NOT WORK THERE therefore I would not be so stupid as to post a blog moaning aout the conditions there.

  2. mike t says:

    a great example of this is when jack swaggers lisp is brought up on tv. kids have lisps and here they are making fun of a heel for it on their show. good going vince.

  3. xLx says:

    Quit your complaining. Bullying isn’t even a problem, the problem is no one wants to teach their kids to stand up to the bully.

  4. chris says:

    No, WWE is pro0moting the film by giving Randy Orton (one of the cast members) the WWE world title, thus screwing Christian (look for a Christian heel turn).

  5. drxfeelgood says:


    Not necessarily. Big Show didn’t become champion for Knucklehead, nor did DiBiase for Marine 2. Orton winning the title against Christian could just mean changes, like Jericho said. I’m a fan of Christian’s and have been wanting him to be champion for quite some time, but I don’t believe he’s been screwed. After all, who else is “main event level” (for lack of a better term) on Smackdown? Other than Sheamus maybe. Balance it with a heel and a face..

  6. No says:

    WWE is a joke.

  7. T says:

    I also have a hard time buying the anti-bullying image as I recall a Piggy James storyline that involved bullying. I recall a few other personal jabs at wrestlers throughout their history.

    Or I could say how TNA launched an anti-bullying campaign first and the WWE is ripping them off /sarcasm

  8. Matt says:

    The argument holds merit. Last week i’m pretty damn sure we just saw The Rock bully Michael Cole.

  9. JonnyR says:


    bullying isnt a problem. it only exists because of weak, gutless people unprepared to stand up for themselves.

    what happened to survival of the fittest?

    and when was the last time wwe put their name to anything that didnt give them extra publicity? its a business therefore the main goal is profit, not tryin to stop kids being pushed over in the playground

  10. king o'p4in says:

    WWE is just trying to cover it’s own butt. The bullying happens all over the WWE locker room, only those who are no longer with the company speak out about it because people who are still with the company fear for their jobs. As far as the weakening of society goes, I agree, it’s sad that people can’t stand up for themselves however at the same time it is sad that people cant accept the differences of others. Ignorance is the root of bullying, plain and simple.

  11. Nick says:

    The stupidity of “anti-bullying” campaigns astound me. Will such things slow or stop bullying, peer pressure or negative behavior in children?

    Are we really going to attack the storytelling of a show based on good vs evil because bullying isn’t allowed. Should they all just hug it out after every match?

    And, really, I don’t think anyone that hasn’t been a wrestler or is a wrestler now has any commentary to make on the state of WWE’s locker room. I’m fairly sure the current generation of wrestlers are far and away from the hardcore ribbing of long ago. And I for one, am not sure if that’s even a good thing.

  12. mshelez says:

    If there was no ‘bullying’ in WWE, what the heck would we be left with? Granted some storylines do cross the line between reality and fiction, like Cole commenting on Mother’s Day to King or when I think it was Punk called out Jeffy Hardy when his house burned down. Those are in bad taste but it is to further the storyline.

    However, if you look at them off screen – see their comments to each other Twitter (especially the Divas who seem to really like each other) for example – it seems that most of them really do like each other.

  13. Bolivwx says:

    I remember just a few weeks ago when TNA had an anti-bully campaign. All I have to say about the comparison between this and WWE’s anti-bully campaign is that TNA is actually trying. To me, I don’t like watching TNA as much because every time I tune in it feels like I am watching some lower quality reality show with a little bit of wrestling in it. Even though WWE is more watchable for me, I still have to give TNA the credit for actually trying to make a higher quality wrestling show. The reason why I say that is because of the fact that WWE is actually trying to be recognized as a non-wrestling entertainment company, and like what many people have already said, what they do in the ring is still wrestling regardless of what they want to call it. I will respect WWE a lot more if they expand on the aspect of wrestling instead of trying to omit that same word from their program. So props to TNA regardless of their quality!

  14. yatin says:

    even though for their profit but still wwe is promoting the cause..!!
    it’s atleast etter than the companies who don’t do any good to the people instead rip them off their basic needs..

  15. Lungs_of_Steel says:

    Here’s a profound thought:

    Wrestling is fake.

    If you dig deeper, the true bullies in the WWE are the ones that lose. It’s the classic Hollywood formula of good defeating evil.

    Another way to see it is that the movie in question deals with a gay character who’s being true to himself, and the anti-bullying initiative is a way to promote the idea that picking on people no matter what is just uncool.

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