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Report: WWE business numbers for March 2011

March 2011:

* DVD shipments were 474,000, a huge increase for the company. February 2011 figures were only 211,000 units shipped. The release of “The True Story of Wrestlemania” was believed to be the cause of the big bump. More details will be available next month.

* received 14.2 million unique visitors, up from 13.9 million in February.

* averaged 1,300 orders per day, up from 821 in February.

source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. AJ Starr says:

    Not saying it’s good or bad… but we’ve entered spring… and we’ve entered the time when most people are getting their tax returns. People do not have to pay for heating anymore, and are getting caught up on Christmas bills. Of COURSE online orders are going to be up, it does this every year to every business on the planet!

    As for DVD shipments, I never take those numbers seriously when it comes to anything. Shipped amounts, are NOT the same as sold amounts. You can say a singer had a million CD’s shipped to stores, half of them can still end up in the discount bin when they don’t sell.

    An extra few hundred thousand visitors? On the month of Wrestlemania?!

    Wow, I’m shocked about nothing at all here.

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