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Planned main event for WWE Over The Limit is revealed

By Adam Martin,

According to the official website for the Key Arena in Seattle, one of the main matches for WWE’s Over The Limit PPV on 5/22 has been revealed featuring John Cena defending the WWE Championship against The Miz in a “I Quit” match. WWE has yet to officially confirm this match.

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  1. name says:

    Another match to make Super Cena that much more “super human”.. Wonderful.. Not trying to sound like a Cena-hater or whatever cas I’m not.. it’s just that it’s not likely they’ll ruin his image by making Cena say “I Quit”..

  2. name says:

    Nor am I a fan, I’m just trying to say.. What’s the point?

  3. Decaying101 says:

    Batista’s story revamped. Thanks WWE

  4. RAWISWAR says:

    I was a huge Cena fan a few years ago but I feel like there is at least 10 other people deserving of the title over the Miz

  5. Kerry says:

    Never have been a Cena fan, but he is the Hulk Hogan of the 2000’s. I wasn’t & still am not a Hulk Hogan fan either.

  6. advo319 says:

    Im not sure that Im buying into this match… <_< The same day an article is posted about how over Miz is on the roster is followed up by this?

  7. Kyle Kosiba says:

    John Cena Overrated I hate Him I hope HE SAys HE Quits Like He Did To Batista and Made Batista quit the company the next night

  8. Toni says:

    Stupid match if it happens, and I mean IF it happens. No one in their right mind is going to think the Miz could ever make Cena say I quit. Hell at this point I don’t think Cena would lose an I quit match if it was him vs the entire WWE roster. He would make each and everyone of them say I quit, starting with Zack Ryder.

  9. -Jay- says:

    Hooray more Super Duper “I’m gonna have the title til next year” Cena!

    The writers brains are set on rewind in WWE and TNA.

  10. J-Ro says:

    I doubt Cena would say ‘I Quit’ as a face. As a heel? Oh yeah, big time. When Edge became heel, eventually actually lost a Ladder match for the first time. I don’t even think Cena’s even cleanly tapped out before. Well, except maybe in 2003.

  11. Rex Anderson says:

    Really? I Quit.

  12. Anony-mouse says:

    Any time cena’s in an I Quit match he doesn’t lose because they don’t want the arenas flooded with the tears of depressed children and soccer moms… that’s the same reason they don’t ever let him lose by submission… it’s bullsh*t.

  13. Peoples champ says:

    Cena would never say i qui coz he is a super human,he can deliver AA to an tsunami…lol
    he can lock in STF to a twister and make it to tap out….lol

  14. Terror says:

    Miz will probably say I Quit, then go off to Smackdown!.

  15. John Cena says:

    I quit!

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