5/6 ROH house show results from Dearborn, MI

May 7, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

A. T-D defeated JEFF BROOKS via a head kick

Main Card

~ The show opens with a ten-bell salute to the late LARRY SWEENEY.

~ Attendance is estimated between 500-550.

1. TOMMASO CIAMPA defeated HOMICIDE via a shot from PRINCE NANA’s loaded crown

After the match, BARRISTER R.D. EVANS hit Homicide with a chair, but Homicide shook off the glancing blow. Evans pushed ERNESTO OSIRIS into Homicide, who delivered a Cop Killa

2. MICHAEL ELGIN defeated ANDY RIDGE via a twisting powerbomb

~ STEVE CORINO hits the ring for his granted interview segment. He talks about his recovery as well as CHRISTOPHER DANIELS’ decision to join THE HOUSE OF TRUTH. Corino says he has a sponsor now, a returning face to Ring of Honor. With that, he is interrupted by MIKE BENNETT

Corino tells Bennett to drop “BRUTAL” BOB EVANS as his trainer. They jaw-jack on the microphone with Bennett proclaiming that he’ll push Corino “off the wagon”. That leads to GRIZZLY REDWOOD hitting the ring

3. MIKE BENNETT defeated GRIZZLY REDWOOD via a piledriver

4. MARK & JAY BRISCOE defeated THE ALL-NIGHT EXPRESS (KENNY KING & RHETT TITUS) in a First Blood Match when PAUL TURNER saw Rhett bleeding. However, he failed to notice Mark’s own bloodloss before calling for the bell. Mark was “crazy gushing…nasty!”.

These two teams will meet on May 21st at “Supercard of Honor VI” in a Chicago Street Fight!

Intermission Time


6. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS defeated COLT CABANA via the Angels Wings when TRUTH MARTINI hit Cabana in the back of the head after a missed Flying stinkymouth attempt

7. ROH World Tag Team Champions SHELTON BENJAMIN & CHARLIE HAAS defeated KYLE O’REILLY & ADAM COLE in a non-title match via the Paydirt on O’Reilly. Said to be a “really good bout” and one where “Cole & O’Reilly hang with the big teams again”

8. RODERICK STRONG defeated EL GENERICO in a No Disqualification Match via a backbreaker-style move from the 2nd rope through a table. The House of Truth interfered throughout, leading to “great nearfalls”.

9. THE KINGS OF WRESTLING (CHRIS HERO & CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI) defeated THE AMERICAN WOLVES (DAVEY RICHARDS & EDDIE EDWARDS) via Hero hitting a Roaring Elbow to Edwards in the back of the head. Moments before, Richards had accidentally kneed Edwards and then paired off with Claudio. Described as “fantastic”, “nearly flawless” and “just so good”

After the match, Edwards told Richards that they’re brothers, but Edwards isn’t Davey’s “little brother” and can handle himself. Richards had no response as Edwards left.

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