Wrestlers make the best actors in the world?

May 6, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Cracked.com has an article up on the website titled “5 reasons pro
wrestlers are the best actors in the world,” where it goes over some of the
real injuries and shoots which wrestlers had to keep on going not to break
kayfabe. Listed in #5 is ‘Broken Bones? Keep On Wrestling!’ As an example,
the article recounts when Bret Hart got his sternum and most of his ribs
broken by Dino Bravo and Triple H tearing his quad but still going ahead
with the Walls of Jericho move. #4 was “Guy Trying to Kill You? Keep
Wrestling!” The example used in this one is from Smackdown when Kurt Angle
almost got his hand broken by Daniel Puder when Puder went shoot-style and
locked Angle in a kimura arm bar with the referee counting the 1-2-3 quickly
to break it off. “Head Split Open? Stay in Character!” is number three, with
Mick Foley vs The Rock at the Royal Rumble as an example. That night, Rocky
hit Mick Foley with a chair for a total of 11 consecutive times. Number two
is “Keep Acting, Even After Being Fired!” The example used in this case is
Brian Pillman’s crazy persona from WCW on to ECW and eventually to the then
WWF. At number one is, “Someone Dies in the Ring? Stay in Fu**ing
Character!” The example was a tag team bout from the 1950s where a female
wrestler died and police arrested the other three wrestlers involved in the

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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