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Update on The Undertaker

Nothing is official, but the internal thought with WWE is that The Undertaker is basically retired, which explains Michelle McCool’s departure stay at home with him. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, physically Undertaker is in far worse shape than is being let on. The company is not ruling out him wrestling next year at Wrestlemania, however, they are not expecting him to work another match before then. His friends have talked to him about winning again at Wrestlemania 28, and retiring with a 20-0 Mania streak.

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  1. advo319 says:

    I would be ok with that. He deserves to die with the streak intact.

  2. Mshelez says:

    Poor guy. I hope he gets a good send off. Even though it wouldn’t fit his character to have a goodbye like HBK or even Edge, he deserves something more than just to fade off into the sunset. And if he can do it, he needs to have one last match to finish the streak at 20-0, but not if it means he’ll do any further damage to himself.

  3. Captain A$$ says:

    He has done way too much to his body as it is, but that’s his dedication to us fans and to himself to do his best for as long as he can. I admire his heart and passion for the business. People often ask me why I like to watch wrestling. When I gave them examples of the Undertaker and what he has put himself through, they generally get a different opinion on this scripted form of entertainment. At that point, my goal was accomplished.

  4. Captain A$$ says:

    I’d also like to add the obvious…..what they do as far as match results go may be scripted, but what it does to their bodies is far from planned.

  5. Cornette's Face says:

    Just give him the easiest enemy for his 20th streak, like Vince McMahon.

  6. J says:

    i was well surprised when he did the leap over the top rope at mania 27 in his condition. lets hope a good solid 6-9 months out helps him to come back and finish the job, 20 and 0

    however his last mania should be against Cena, and he’s doing something else at 28 isn’t he. so i’m hoping the reports turn out false, and taker can do 2 more manias before hanging them up.

    He will get a huge send-off, it won’t be people coming out and hugging him and crying and s**t, but it’s gotta be something special.

    Man, i’ve been watching him since i was 7 or 8 years old, 20 years he’s been my fav. When he’s gone from WWE then i’m done with them as well i’m sad to say, unless there’s a miraculous turn around in the product in general.

  7. dave says:

    Captain, I agree completely.

    So let’s start the bets on his last ever opponent…HHH? HHH and HBK?

    What if they did a 6-man match with Taker v Orton v HHH v HBK v Kane v Batista. Taker’s greatest opponents still able to work efficiently.

  8. Rick says:

    I don’t agree with him going out without him losing at Mania.

    The truth is, if someone ends his streak, that will be a huge platform for them to move in to.

    Personally, I would love to see Wade Barrett beat him at Mania, then he would instantly move in to the main event.

  9. dave says:

    The WWE has a crop of great British wrestlers, let them end the streak! Not likely…it’ll be a Taker buddy or someone he handpicks (a favourite of his)

  10. Captain A$$ says:

    Nobody will end his streak. No chance in hell.

  11. -Jay- says:

    The man has earned his rest, legend.

  12. Reb Brown says:

    Only one man can take the streak …

    Lord Trytan, he has let Taker have the spotlight long enough & will come for what is rightfully his soon.

  13. deathedge says:

    I personally think that WWE should end the streak, but they probably won’t.

    Mcmahon v Undertaker at WM 28 might happen. The storyline and build up to it could be epic, but the match itself would be crapola

  14. raven12516 says:

    @Cornette’s Face: Vince isn’t as easy as Michael Cole.

  15. Korey parker says:

    For WM final they need to do a gauntlet: Have Vince come out weeks b4 and say that he refuses to have his showcase of WrestleMania be defined by what Undertaker did and swear to take it away from him. Set it up so that you make him wrestle the four toughest enemies he has ever had.

    First you do Kane just because
    Then DDP for that fued they had (cough dropped)
    Then Triple H
    Then you BRING BACK Batista and that would be a good way to finish it.

    You give Kane a sign off (face it….he is done)
    Build DDP up for DVDS like you’re using him on
    Bring Batista back in huge fashion

    IF I had my way then after the 4 (putting him at 24) the lights would go out and Goldberg would be a possible 25th win….i know it won’t happen but that would be cool——-Why can’t I book!? I won’t lose your money! lol

  16. Kerry says:

    @Reb Brown:

    Who the heck is Lord Trytan?

  17. Tony says:

    First, for one last time, PAUL BEARER comes down the ramp, URN leading the way. His final opponant should be the Miz. Make it a good match and let TAKER “Make him famous” just like he did Jeff Hardy. Then TAKER wins the match, MIZ gains a new level of respect from the WWE UNIVERSE which catapults him to greater heights.

    No tears, no hugs, just the dark music. Smoke. and He and Paul Bearer fade away into the darkness, never to be seen ever again.

    Only the URN remains on the stage.

  18. O says:

    Rest in Peace. haha, see what I did there? =) I’ll miss the Undertaker when he’s gone, he’s always been one of my favorites

  19. Decaying101 says:

    Maybe Vince returns and taker interrupts and that leads to wrestlemania.

  20. bravest PAPAyA says:

    His final opponent should be Morrison, it would catapult Morrison to where he belongs. Especially, if he ends the streak.

  21. rossco says:

    @Bravest Papaya


    Starship pain ? Really ? Come on, get a new gimick, attire and finishing move then well talk.

    If Morrison Breaks the streak, I will start a bon fire with all the WWE memorabillia, DVD’s, and game’s in my house. Morrison is not as Kevin Nash would put it, “Money”

  22. Mshelez says:

    Don’t you think HHH will be his last opponent? HHH did say that he would there waiting for him, whenever he was ready to come back. I have a feeling that next year’s WM will consist of UT v. HHH for the final time with UT keeping the steak.

  23. deathedge says:

    Morrison + streak challenge = Undertaker squashing Morrison like he was a Corre member!

  24. reyo says:

    At this point it’s up to taker. I wouldn’t blame him for walking away if he felt his body was too beat up to put on a good show and would respect him more if he just walked away and let the streak end at 19 if he felt that way. Taker has given the fans everything he has in his career and owes us nothing else but a farewell hall of fame speech. I’m just glad I got a chance to see him wrestle for as long as he did and to get his autograph.

  25. Thomas says:

    As much as Undertaker has done and put up with, he deserves and has EARNED to retire with that streak intact. Besides, if Shawn Michaels didn’t get to end it, then NOBODY deserves to end it. 20-0!

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