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Update on The Undertaker

Nothing is official, but the internal thought with WWE is that The Undertaker is basically retired, which explains Michelle McCool’s departure stay at home with him. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, physically Undertaker is in far worse shape than is being let on. The company is not ruling out him wrestling next year at Wrestlemania, however, they are not expecting him to work another match before then. His friends have talked to him about winning again at Wrestlemania 28, and retiring with a 20-0 Mania streak.

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  1. Decaying101 says:

    HHH return and taking over the WWE till mania.

  2. Jake says:

    How stupid can you get The Undertaker owns wrestlemania no one else can take it over, in my personal perspective wether undertaker retires or not wrestlemania needs to ingrave something about The Undertaker every mania bacause of course hes a future hall of famer, and definitely probably the worlds biggest wrestling superstar beside shawn micheals. The rest are main entertainment men most of which dont belong on WWE anymore e.g Stone cold steve austin , Hulk Hogan , Recently Shawn soon to be Taker maybe HHH but either way Taker is going to be huge no matter what happens when that icon of a phenom retires he becomes the gratitude of WWE the heart and soul also the Phenom of the World and WWE universe, ” I have seen best,i have fought the best, i have beaten the best.” Where always The Undertakers Creatures of the night. Everyone.

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