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Detailed 5/6 WWE Smackdown Recap

by Kyle Robinson

Smackdown Results 5-6-11

The opening WWE video plays followed by a hype package showing Christan’s journey through WWE and how he felt he earned the World Heavyweight Championship. Josh Matthews welcomes us to Smackdown as Tony Chimmel introduces Christan. Micheal Cole comes across and explains that Christan won the championship with Edge’s “Help” The Music goes out as Christan begins to talk.

Christan says he’s been waiting 17 years to do this and holds up the World Heavyweight Championship. He cuts a promo about how he had wanted to win the World Heavyweight Championship since he was a kid and how he dreamed of where, when, and how he would win and how the dreams pale in comparison. He says a lot of people have helped him along the way including Edge. He talks about how him and Edge grew up together, and he says that without Edge there is no Christan. He then thanks the WWE Universe and calls them his peeps. He talks about how the fans wanted this moment just as much as he did, then he goes back to how the title belongs to the fans and Mark Henry interrupts Christan.

He gets on the Mic and congratulates Christan and says he was cheering for Christan because he wanted to be the first one to get his hands on the world title. Christan cracks a joke saying that the title was made out of gold and not choclate. Next Great Kahli is out to interrupt Henry.

Kahli says congratulations but tells Christan that rather then accepting Henry’s challenge he should accept Kahli’s Challenge. Christan makes a couple of remarks about how Henry and Kahli are both freaks and if they got one more freak they could join the circus. Next out to join the fray is Randy Orton, the crowd gave one hell of a pop.

Orton says he’s not a freak and that he is new on Smackdown and that if all it takes is to challenge for the title to earn a shot he wants his name in the hat then out comes Teddy Long. He says there is a decision to be made about who’s next in line for a shot at the title. He says he’s not going to make that call but the WWE Crowd is going to do it. The crowd immediately starts chanting Randy.

Long calls Henry, the crowd boos, next is Kahli and the crowd is split. Next he says Do you want to see Christan vs. Orton for the title and the crowd goes nuts and he says he’s going to make the match for tonight. Looks like the main event is set to be a World Heavyweight Championship Match between Christan and Randy Orton.

They Hype this past Raw and how they will have a video recap as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Smackdown comes back and we see Kahli walking through the back with Rungent saying that he will get another Title shot, they run into a new face name Ginger Mahal who seems to be interested in taking over Managing duties for Kahli.

Shamus is out next and they talk about how Shamus lost the US title to the Raw’s Kofi Kingston in a Table match. Out next is his opponent Daniel Bryan and they talk about how both men came over to Smackdown in the draft.

Shamus begins the match with a head drag drops Bryan with an elbow then gets a two count. There’s an exchange in the corner that Shamus gets the better of whips Bryan into the other corner where Bryan flips over and Shamus ends up outside the ring where Bryan gets a suicide dive. Shamus is using his power to get the better of the match and he nails a huge one knee backbreaker as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back from a commercial Shamus has Bryan in a surfboard and they reiterate how both men are drafts from raw. Shamus still has the upper hand with his power he puts Bryan in the ropes and delivers a number of clubbing blows to the chest followed by a large knee. Once Bryan is back to his feet Shamus catches him with a shoulder tackle and gets a near fall. They end up in the corner where Shamus goes for a superplex that Bryan reverses and gets off a huge dropkick as they get back up Bryan catches Shamus with a number of kicks chopping down Shamus catching him with a shinning wizard and getting a two count. Shamus goes for the Celtic cross and Bryan reverses Shamus gets a bit of the hand again and Shamus goes for the Shoulder block and gets reversed into the Labell lock that Shamus escapes. Shamus rolls out and catches Bryan with a bro-kick through the ropes then slides in and hits another one for good measure and gets the three.

We see highlights of the match leading up to the finish.

Rating: 3.5 outta 5. One VERY GOOD opening contest for Smackdown.

They hype the World Title match tonight before going to commercial.

Back from commercial they show the video outside from Orlando and hype the Title match. Out next is Cody Rhodes still wearing the mask. He has two men with bags, they say the bags are so that he doesn’t have to look into the lying eyes of the crowd. The Lights go down as Cody has the Mic

He talks about the adding insult to injury saying and how Rey did it with the Myst to gain the win this past Sunday. He says that he forced Rey to expose himself and says that Rey is gutless and a coward. He talks about how Rey got drafted to Raw and Cody will no longer have to deal with him. He says his Eyes are still burning but that he can see that everyone in the crowd is ugly which causes some boos. He says that he will provide the crowd with brown paper bags as the crowd begins to chant you are ugly. It shows some in the crowd having the bags on. Cody talks about how his face repulsing the fans their uglyness offends him.

Note: In my opinion Cody officially found his nitche with this gimmick and the Heel act. I am honestly interested in seeing where he goes next.

Next they talk about how Kane and Big show retained the Tag Titles this past Sunday due to the mis communication and malfunction of the Core. Show is in a one on one match against Ezekiel Jackson. They talk about how Jackson is the strength in the Core. The core escort Jackson to the ring and next Kane is out to be in Show’s corner as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Smackdown comes back with the two men tying up. Jackson shows how powerful he is by dropping Big show. Show gets the take down but Jackson turns it around and starts putting the boots to him. Jackson gets the running splash on show in the corner and then follows it up by a huge body slam. Jackson is rolling this match up until Big show gets a side suplex to break the headlock. Both men are on their knees exchanging punches with Jackson as they work their way up Show levels Big Zeek with two closelines. The core gets on the appron and Kane starts to try taking apart the Core by himself until they get the better of him. Show takes out the core before getting back in the ring and Jackson gets a huge closeline to pick up the victory.

After the match The core gets in to congratulate him and Jackson looks at them with distaste before walking to the back.

Match Rating: 2.5 outta 5. The match as is most of their matches are was hampered by the fact that the Core got involved. Jackson is getting built up which is something I can support.

A video is shown hyping the Raw recall. The video will center around this past Monday which was a celebration of the Rock’s birthday as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Smackdown comes back and airs the video that Vince showed from this past Monday night as well a number of the tributes that everyone gave him from this Monday as well as a number of cuts of the Rock out in the ring and some of the special guest that were there. Also a few cuts of the backstage party they had for the Rock. The last bit of the Video shows Cena and the Rock in the back with Cena saying if Rock wanted the belt, he’d have to go through Cena. It shows the altercation between Cole and the Rock that ended in a Rock Bottom and people’s Elbow. After the Video they hype the Title Match again before going to another commercial.

They come back and show the WWE Rewind where Layla won the Loser leave WWE match. Next out is Layla for a diva’s match. Her opponent is Alica Fox. In the background Booker T threats Cole as the Match begins. There’s two lock ups before Alica Fox gets the upper hand and gets Layla in the corner with a couple of kicks before Layla gets the reversal and catches Alica with a big move and picks up the win. Next Karma comes out and Stares down Layla who runs to the back. Alica Fox goes for the cheap shot from behind on Karma that doesn’t phase her. Karma turns around and amazingly enough Alica Fox doesn’t back away, Karma catches her with a clothesline followed by the Inverted Powerslam. Karma laughs and exits the ring.

Camera’s shift to the back to see the Heath, Wade and Justin confront Jackson. They call him out on Zeek walking out on them. He stands up and looks at all three of them before attacking Barrett. He gets off a few good shots before the numbers game catches up to him they begin to perform a gang beat down on Jackson, at the end they drop what appears to be a full industrial sized laundry basket down on Jackson’s body. They show his laid out body as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Note: This could be the big moment where they truly begin to push Jackson as a force. As I stated earlier I think that it would be a HUGE build for them to get him a position to where he could be a big name.

Smackdown comes back and they show the beat down on Jackson before the commercial. Out now Chavo is out to watch the next match which happens to be the Smackdown Debut of Sin Cara. Cara does his signature over the top rope ring entrance. His opponent is Tyson Kidd.

The match starts as Cara gets the upperhand with tons of fast paces action. Cara does the hand spring before catching Kidd with a two spin hurcanrana that sends Kid out to the Floor. Cara threw Kidd back in the ring where he caught Cara with a number of Kicks. Kidd gets the upperhand who goes for the over the top legdrop and misses onto the appron. Kidd catches a bunch of kicks and a backhand elbow as well as a springboard closeline before getting Kidd in the corner and delivers his backflip slam off the top to win the match.

There’s a video showing highlights leading up to the finish. Back, Chavo is in the ring and both men shake hands. It’s worth mentioning that based on the Commentary that Chavo was providing that there could be a rivalry beginning between Chavo and Sin Cara. Next there is a video about how WWE is beginning a anti-bullying campaign called Be a Star.

Next we See Todd Grisham interviewing Teddy asking if it’s fair that Christan has to defend his championship tonight. He says that even Orton had a hard night Last Sunday at Extreme Rules in a last man standing match. Smackdown goes to commercial starting by hyping the new Wrestlemania DVD available this Tuesday.

Smackdown comes back, Next up is the Main Event Randy Orton vs. Christan. Out first is Randy Orton to a VERY loud pop from the crowd. Next out is Christan to a decent pop. The match gets underway as they lock up, Orton gets the upperhand with a headlock, they go back and forth as Christan catches the tackle and gets a quick one count. Christan runs back and is caught with a back drop. Orton begins giving Christan clubbing blows to the chest, Christan rolls to the outside where Orton tries to get the DDT but it’s reversed and Orton ends up outside the ring. Christan catches Orton with a baseball slide then tries to follow it up with a suicide dive that Orton slides out of the way of. Christan is shown on the outside as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Smackdown is back and Orton is in control delivering kicks to every section that’s exposed. He catches a near fall. Orton drops a knee and grabs another near fall. Orton continues the assault with back and forth corner throws and ends it with a huge throw into the corner and gets another near fall. Orton gets the lockup from behind. Christan is trying to work his way out and catches the elbow. Christan reverses the clothesline, Orton holds himself up, Orton went under a cloesline attempt and knocks Christan out of the ring as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Smackdown comes back,from commercial and Christan is in control. There’s a bit of exchange between them and Orton gets the upperhand with a backdrop. Both men get to their feet and start exchanging blows, Christan drops off the ropes and Orton catches a drop kick, starts to get some momentum before Christan stops it and gets the corner kick on Orton. Orton couters the headlock and turns it around and Christan ends up on the Appron before Christan gets to the top and catch Orton with two very big top rope moves. He gets in position and takes off running just to get caught with the Powerslam and Orton gets a two count. You can see the frustration on Orton’s face. Christan turns it around going for the Killswitch that Christan pushes off, he knocks Orton into the ropes and drops over the top and goes for a punch Orton counters and nails a DDT and gets another nearfall. Orton goes for the Angle slam Christan flips it into a reverse DDT. Orton gets up and catches Christan with the uppercut, goes for the RKO, it’s a reversal from Christan Orton pushes Christan into the leapfrog, Christan goes for the Killshwitch, Orton reverses and Christan gets the kick in the corner then goes for the springboard off the corner and gets caught from midair with the RKO! Orton gets the Cover and is the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

Rating: 4.5 outta 5- This Match was EVERYTHING that a World Title match should be, and was definitely the best Free TV match that WWE has done in quite some time. If you have a chance watch this match somewhere. I don’t think I could have done it Justice.

There is a video of highlights leading up to the finish, back live Orton celebrates as we see the sad look on Christan’s face. They tell how Orton is now Champion for an 8th time. We see Christan in the center of the ring, the disbelief still on his face, the disbelief is replaced by anger as he gets out of the ring and stares at the mat. He begins walking up the ramp the anger/ disbelief still on his face as Smackdown goes off Air.

Show Raiting: 4 outa 5: This was the best Smackdown that has been done in quite some time. If they build on this like they should it would definitely put Smackdown back on the map as a Star brand. The match of the night was without a doubt the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Orton and Christan.

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21 Responses

  1. chris says:

    Worst SD to date…

  2. Mshelez says:

    It was interesting the way that Christian walked out at the end. Usually they don’t do that unless the person retires/quits or something along those lines. As much as I’d love to see Christian keep the belt and who doesn’t like a heel Orton, I am looking forward to seeing where this story goes. I just hope that they don’t disappoint.

  3. The XFL says:

    @Chris why? Because Christian lost? Lol quiet down, fanboy. This WAS a solid SD and I think this is just the start of a great feud, if built correctly, between Orton and Christian.

  4. chris says:

    Doesnt matter what u say, Christian was ruined by this, Orton was ruined by this, and worst of all the WHC was ruined by this.

    Christian- went from capt. charisma, to the 2 day joke. Yeah lets take belt off the one guy the fans actually want to see as champion, not only that but lets make his first run short and meaningless while we’re at it. And for what, so thay Christian can at best be pushed as an Edge clone, Oh boy!

    Orton- Was probably the most solid face they had going. He did as he pleased, and beat ass while he did it. But now hes gonna be another superman, thats working so well with cena, hes not stale at all.

    WHC- This is the 2nd short bs run with the belt this year, u know if everyone has double digit title runs, it kinda hurts the purpose. This game of musicle chairs is ruining the belt

    p.s. The fanboy is the one who watched SD, not the one who missed to avoid this crap booking.

  5. mth says:

    Fantastic SmackDown. Christian’s title loss is definitely part of a bigger picture and something that looks like it’s going to be very interesting and very good. He will be champ again, mark my words, and this loss is only going to help it mean that much more when it happens. I am not a fan of Christian or Orton but I’ll be damned if they haven’t gotten me totally hooked now.
    Rest of the show was very solid, as well, with some good matches and interesting storyline developments.

  6. Drew says:

    Christian got screwed.

  7. advo319 says:

    and you know he watched, how? Do you have a camera set up in his house, you creepy little bastard?

  8. The XFL says:

    Of course! It doesn’t matter what I say, yet it matters what a constant complainer, who posts nothing but “they screwed christian, wwe sucks, the creative team is terrible, i want sting, blah blah etc etc” has to say. If you don’t like it, shut up and move on. You’re probably just as bad as that AJ guy who whines about everything because wrestling is not what it was 50 years ago.

  9. AJ Starr says:

    Wow, you f’n marks need to grow up, and get out of here. Stop insulting intelligent people who CAN BACK UP THEIR WORDS. I see someone make a dozen interesting points, and automatically the same broken records run in, and start calling people names because they would rather be mindless sheep.

    Get over it, folks, the only real fans the WWE has left are little kids and women, most of the men are seeing it as crap, and switching to MMA.

  10. Fahim Abrar says:

    Best SD! in years. You idiots who are angered by this, can’t u see what WWE is doing??? They are actually gaining your interest. Never before in recent memory have the fans wanted a guy to win the title as much as we want Christian to win it now! (Last I remember, it was the Rock in 2000!)

    I am glad Christian lost it so soon, because it pretty much GUARANTEES that he will win it again, and end up being a multi-time champion like Edge & Y2j! Personally, I prefer this as opposed to him having the a graceful, wonderful reign as champ and then go back to the mid-card. That’s called pulling a Kane or Chris Benoit!

  11. Matthew says:

    Business wise, it was a good SD.
    I’ve been waiting for Christian to have a World title run for a long time. Story line or not, I think it’s garbage. I don’t think he’ll ever get it back. I hope WWE proves me wrong.

  12. Danny says:

    HUGE Christian heel turn coming???? That sure was an awfully sugar coated speech he came out with…

  13. Kyle says:

    I’ve watched wrestling for going on 14 years and I haven’t been hooked in by anything since the Attitude Era, especially on Smackdown. This years draft DEFINATELY was one to remember becasue it finally gave smackdown it’s credibility. I’m the one who wrote these results and mark my words, I couldn’t do that Main event justice, the fact of the matter is this, Christan will for sure be champ again, and to whoever said Beniot went down to a Midcarder after his title reign, that’s a load Benoit was a top caliber guy all the way up til the end. As for the Huge Christan Heel turn, I can see that, I mean him and Orton can both do some damn good heel work so I’m very interested to see where Smackdown goes from here. And that’s a statement I haven’t made since Brock Lesnar quit back almost 7 years ago.

  14. Chris says:

    And just like the real XFL you fail,Ive never said any of that, Ive never been a fan boy, I’m a fan of the business. I like Dragon Gate, RoH, PWG,Impact Wrestling, and of coarse WWE. In all the years Ive watched this is one of the dumbest moves they’ve made, rationalize, sugar coat, do as you please, it doesn’t change the fact that this sucks.

  15. Kyle says:

    @Chris What exactly is it about this situation that you don’t like? Is it the fact that Christan whose busted his ass got the title “Taken” from him unjustly, would u happen to forget the fact that Kane had the exact same fate some years ago, only he won the title on Sunday and lost it THE NEXT NIGHT, and look at him now, what about this makes no sense and drives you completely stupid about it?

  16. WWE says:

    What a joke show! & what a joke company!
    Simply pathetic.

  17. Bommaniac says:

    I am ok with Christian losing the title as this story has a lot of potential. This is how I think they should play it – Christian will recognise/be reminded that he had a lot of help and momentum from the Edge retirement to gain the WHC. He will have a few near losses for the title due to outside interference or other circumstances beyond his control involving Rhodes or Mark Henry who will say that he had such a short reign that he doesn’t deserve it. He will run out of chances and have to fight his way into Money in the bank, win it and eventually cash it in fairly to make his victory sweeter. This will keep Christian and Orton as faces, let them have some great matches and bring some serious heat on the heel they insert.

  18. Sir says:

    Complaints about the prestige of the WHC are late and pointless; the lineage is broken, the reigns are short and many… Tis’ but a prop!

    Based on all the above I can honestly say I’m indifferent about the latest title change. Ultimately you’ll vote with your remote and it seems that we’ll all tune in again, regardless of our stance.

  19. AJ Starr says:


    I’m sorry, but which of us has been in the business, advo? Was it me, or was it you? Was it you who broke bones and who is permanently injured from a decade in the ring, or was it me? Was it me or you, who booked shows and wrote storylines?

    Oh of course, how silly… the mark is ALWAYS correct via Internet!

    Firstly, if you wish to be taken seriously, it would help if you could write out “AJ” correctly. You know… AJ… A.J …. either one is acceptable.

    But when you can’t even print a two letter name correctly, do not expect to be taken seriously, especially when all you’re doing is saying that you’re correct because you liked the show. You look like an uneducated hick for actually implying that because YOU liked the show, anyone else who didn’t is wrong.

    No, I did not watch the show. Why? Because 3 things happened; Christian was buried and so was all his hard work, Alberto was buried for losing to a guy who held onto the belt for 48 hours, and the Title itself is buried.

    And to whom ever mentioned Kane… it took TWELVE YEARS to recover from his one day Title reign, and he wasn’t exactly booked as a strong Champion, he was actually made to look insanely weak against Edge their entire feud.

    It’s like talking to children sometimes…

  20. chris says:

    See AJ understands, and for those expecting some epic Christian heel run, its a WWE ploy to get u to tune in, itll nevet come to fruitation

  21. Tynen says:

    Why Complain if it doesn’t change Anything AJ ur right really but like i said Marks Fanboys Fangirls and Hicks will Neva Change and Neitha will WWE they will push Cena and Orton Until they Retire.

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