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Smackdown SPOILERS for Friday


Christian came out for an interview and talks about winning the world title at Extreme Rules. Mark Henry, Great Khali and Randy Orton all came out and wanted the first title shot. Teddy Long said he was going to leave it to the fans to decide. Quite the tough decision there. Of course they chose Orton so he gets the shot in the main event.

Sheamus b Daniel Bryan clean with the Brogue kick.

Cody Rhodes did an interview while the guys hand out paper bags to the fans at ringside

Ezekiel Jackson b Big Show after interference from the Corre. Corre also attacked Kane.

Layla b Alicia Fox. Kharma came out and took out Fox with the implant buster.

The Corre all started fighting each other backstage. They all beat down Jackson so it appears Jackson will feud with them and turn face.

Sin Cara b Tyson Kidd with the Spanish fly

Randy Orton b Christian to win the title in a very long and very good match. Crowd into this one.

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36 Responses

  1. Team LayCool says:

    Randy randy randy ! Smackdown is the A show !

  2. The Kev says:

    WWE and Vince McMahon have their heads up their ass. Christian should go back to TNA and go after Sting’s title-hell I’d even be satisfied if he won their TV title-it’d still be better than what happened here. This is almost as bad as the Montreal Screwjob!!!

  3. The Kev says:

    To Team Laycool: Go suck ass-Orton is almost as overexposed as John Cena. I wish they would’ve stuck him in a feud with Wade Barrett for the IC belt, had CORRE give Orton a beatdown, and then send him packing to be a jobber on Superstars. Unfortunately it’s not a perfect world and we have to endure Orton yet again for who knows what stinking reason thay only VKM knows.

  4. DeathNote81 says:

    I was hoping Daniel Bryan’s move to Smackdown would allow him to stretch out a little more. Unfortunately, they drafted his arch nemesis to Smackdown as well, and by the looks of things, nothing has changed. Daniel Bryan is STILL getting his ass handed to him by Sheamus. So what was the point of moving him from RAW?

    To quote Offspring: “Ya gotta keep ’em seperated,” since Bryan can never go over Sheamus.

  5. Nuff Said says:

    Screwing Christian out of that title was NOT COOL!!!

  6. Joesph182 says:

    Unless there going to let Orton and Christian feud for a month this was just a rip off for Christian and the fans.

  7. Bey74 says:

    I actually find Orton’s push more annoying than Cena’s.

  8. Anony-mouse says:

    Bey74… Then you must not be a real wrestling fan, because any real fan hates cena and knows he’s the most annoying thing on the planet bar none.

  9. AJ Starr says:

    Excuse me? Cena is the hardest working wrestler in recent memory. Blame WWE for booking him so horribly. You can’t hate Cena because he’s not in charge.

    So truthfully, it’s YOU who are not a real fan, as is the case with the majority of the WWE fans, because most of you don’t get it.

  10. Anony-mouse says:

    dude, know its the writers (and Vince) that keep cena doing his childrens champion gimmick because he’s a cash cow for the WWE.. I’m totally aware of that.. All i said was he’s annoying.. and if cena is SO hard working, then why does he ONLY have like 5 moves in his arsenal… EVERY cena match goes as follows.. He punches the guy, then he gets his ass handed to him for like 7-10 minutes.. then he gets “power” from the children who are crying because they think he’ll lose, then he does the only 5 moves he seems to know (charging shoulder move x2, opponent tries to swing at him, then he ducks and does his protoplex, then 5 knuckle shuffle, then the attitude adjustment) and then he wins (and maybe, MAYBE he throws in a poorly executed dropkick and a diving leg drop from the top rope to try to get real fans off his back.. but that’s not fooling anyone)… Yeah… he works REAL HARD…. And if he was so hard working.. why is it that he STILL after ALL these years, can’t sell ANY move… He can’t sell a kick to the gut.. WTF is that?

  11. Anony-mouse says:

    the beginning of that last message should say “I know”

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