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Possible WWE Over the Limit PPV Spoiler

Believe it or not, the current plan is to book another Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Michael Cole singles match in three weeks at the next WWE PPV, Over the Limit in Seattle.

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  1. KAM says:

    Oh Come ON!!! Enough is Enough. I had too much of Cole tonight. Sure, he makes a lot of heat but please… spare us.

  2. guzman says:

    i rather see hornswoogle than this cr*p

  3. Jerry Lawler needs a WWE World Title Run

  4. McMahon says:

    Should just had one match at ‘Mania, let King win, and then end the feud.

  5. Fran says:

    Overdone is an understatement.

  6. aag44 says:

    I knew it!!! The moment I saw that JR and The King didn’t win tonight, I just KNEW that they were going to have a third match… Honestly, though, couldn’t they at least switch it up a bit and make it Lawler vs. Swagger?? Cole is annoying and hence at least decent as a heel, but I really think no one wants to see him in a PPV match.

  7. Nuff Said says:

    I would find a Hornswoggle vs Khali match more entertaining

  8. Jono K says:

    Is the next PPV in 3 weeks?? OVERLOAD

  9. Ian says:

    Of course they are…with only 3 weeks they have no time to build anything else…I find it odd that they seemingly ended so many feuds with only 3 weeks to build to another PPV.

    Its obvious we are going to get Cena-Miz, Morrison-Truth, Lawler-Cole because these are the only 3 things that have been building…could get some sort of match between Corre members and someone will attack Christian to set up that title match, but nothing else has been built up…this is why I keep saying to drop the number of PPVs they have each year…it was so much more enjoyable when they had their big 5 and could actually build up to big PPV feud culminating matches instead of seeing the same matches for 3-4 PPVs in a row.

  10. Matthew says:

    I’m just ticked that Miz is on the dang poster

  11. Bommaniac says:

    He has a title shot and then loses to Cole for the next few months. Genius.

  12. William Arvin says:

    Let it be a “Loser leaves Commentary Desk” match, and to make sure that there is no interference, let it be a Hell in the Cell Match.

  13. joey ford says:

    lawler verus cole in loser leave commentary job in a hell in a cell match and jack swagger barred from ringside

  14. adam says:

    The amount of matches these two are having is way over the limit

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