Detailed WWE Tough Enough Recap

May 2, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller

The crew is woken up by the sound of air horns and they are told to get outside. Booker T, Bill and Trish have devised an obstacle course for everyone to negotiate, with MANY excruciating obstacles. A.J. runs it first and by the end he is clearly gassed. Ryan has a very hard time on the crab walking and DeMott gives him a hard time, Gunny Hartmann style. Jeremiah looks to impress as he gives it his all. Ivellise clearly struggles, but Martin helps her out. The trainers dismiss the recruits to get ready for training.

The recruits are greeted by Rey Mysterio, today’s guest visitor. Today’s lesson is about teamwork, relying on one another and pushing each other to be better. Rey reflects on his own personal experiences, being beaten up, feeling in pain. He talks about how he got where he is because he kept on his feet and dusted himself off. He believed in himself.

Bill has the recruits line up. Today’s training session involves giving a bag several body slams. Martin handles it with ease. Ryan tries to get in and trips on his ass and gets thrown out. Ivellise clearly has difficulty with this activity as well. Its chain time and Ivellise looks to have hurt herself as Booker calls for a medic!

We come back and they show the events where Ivellise hurt herself, which apparently is a hamstring. She clearly limps and Trish is concerned about her well being. Ryan messes up the skill drill again and is shoved out.

The recruits are back at the mansion as Trish checks on Ivellise and Christina and tries to convince them to step it up. Ivellise says there is no way she would let Christina accidentally hurting her get in the way of her dream.

Life Lesson incoming. The week’s lesson is teamwork so its appropriate that we are taken to a local basketball gym. Booker T introduces John Salley, who brings out a team of…shorter basketball players (I wonder if Hornswaggle knows them). Today’s life lesson has the recruits facing the short guys. Even at their height, the short guys are mopping the floor with the recruits. The recruits were clearly a mess out there as Ive gets banged up. The short guys, demolish the recruits 36-16.

Coming up: We’re shown a preview of Booker T losing it.

Time now for our skill drill as the recruits enter the gym. Booker expressed his dissatisfaction at the life lesson, and says he will put his foot in anyones ass and then calls Ryan out for rolling his and pulls him to his feet. Austin calls out Ryan for his shirt, which Booker used to grab Ryan and pull him to his feet. Today’s drill involves a trio of three, much the same as last week with an additional person. Martin as usual, takes command immediately, to Austin’s satisfaction. The trainers all agree hes the best and calls him over telling him to sit. The lackluster performance of both ladies allowed A.J. to move on. Ryan seems to redeem himself and manages to move on, to Luke’s chagrin.

The three are put back in and are told they keep going until they are told to get out. Ryan did good last round but did NOT impress and was quickly sent out. A.J. shows signs of being gassed and is told to take a seat as Martin wins yet ANOTHER skills challenge. Luke complains majorly about how he performs. He asks if 98% isn’t good enough (personally, I say HELL NO!).

Trainer’s judgment when we come back.

Bill mentions Ive’s injuries and thinks that she is just getting by. Austin mentions Christina and think she has shown no improvement, which everyone agreed. Booker felt Ryan stepped up then right back down. Austin was NOT impressed by Luke. Trish thinks its hurt Luke’s pride, not too far off.

Time to reveal this week’s bottom three: Christina, Ryan and Luke. Austin accuses Luke of staring at him, then tells the three to get their stuff and come back. Luke is bummed about being in the bottom three and feels his is able to prove he can stay. Christina feels the trainers think she has lost it (she’s right). However, she is feeling optimistic as being in the bottom three is not a guaranteed loss. Luke clearly shows signs of butt-hurt over his status and calls Ryan a cockroach.

RAW Preview: John Cena will be taking on The Miz, who is using his rematch clause. Plus, The Rock’s birthday party TONIGHT.

Time for the scene we are all used to. Ryan, Christina and Luke get in the ring as Austin makes his awaited entrance. Austin focuses first on Christina. Austin asks about her, Christina said she has a cheerleading, ballerina background and started wrestling 8 months ago. She admits her mistake on the leapfrog and Austin calls her out on it. Austin asks if she is better than Ive, she says yes but Austin tells her she needs to show it.

Austin asks Luke if he is too good to be here and Luke says he hasn’t had a bad day. Luke says he has had 4 years under Tony Atlas. Austin mentions Luke’s relationship with Jeremiah and says Jeremiah is outperforming him. Which brings Austin to Ryan….or not and back to Christina. He asks her if Luke is Tough Enough, she says he is insecure, which he refutes. Austin asks if hes arrogant or an asshole. He says he doesn’t like people who are full of themselves.

He asks Ryan why he’s here. Ryan feels he has improved, that he is getting it and trying to break his old habits. Austin asks what his problem is. Ryan feels he can hold his own, but Austin calls him out for his 3rd time in the bottom three. Austin tells Ryan he has a dilemma, who says he shouldn’t because he feels he can rebound. Austin asks Christina if she really wants to be here and calls Luke a dipshit. Austin says if Ryan has given it his all and has been in the bottom three three times, then he just struck out. He tells Christina and Luke to step it up, then wishes Ryan luck.

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