WWE EXTREME RULES: Michelle McCool vs. Layla (Loser Leaves WWE, former TNA star debuts)

May 1, 2011 - by Adam Martin

“Loser Leaves WWE” No DQ Rules
Michelle McCool vs. Layla

Michelle with a cheap shot early on. Layla fights back with some big right hands. Michelle dumps Layla to the outside. Layla responds sending Michelle face first into the announcers table. Michelle then sends Layla into the table and hits a big kick to the body. Michelle tosses Layla back in the ring. Layla with a spin kick and kick to the back combo. Layla with a few chops, but Michelle with a belly-to-belly suplex. Michelle tosses Layla out of the ring, but misses a flying kick. Back in the ring, Layla rakes the eyes of Michelle. Layla with a flipping stunner off the top rope on Michelle. Michelle recovers and catches Layla with a quick kick to the chest. Michelle looks to put Layla away with a Styles Clash, but Layla counters into a reverse neckbreaker. Michelle with a kick to the head of Layla. Few counters and Michelle connects with her version of the Styles Clash. Michelle goes for the pinfall, but Layla turns Michelle over to her back and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Layla

After the match, Layla starts crying and heads up the ramp. Michelle McCool starts crying in the ring as well recovering. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, the crowd starts singing the goodbye song as McCool is crying. Kharma (Awesome Kong) walks out. McCool tries to leave. Kharma grabs her and drops her down with a big facebuster aka the Implant Buster. Kharma starts laughing. Backstage, we see other WWE Divas looking on quietly.

A promo for Tough Enough airs.

Backstage, Ricardo Rodriguez is warming up his voice to announce Alberto Del Rio as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

A video package runs focusing on Edge’s retirement giving up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the new match taking place tonight for the vacant title in a Ladder match – Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian.

* Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian in a Ladder match to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion is up next.

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