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WWE EXTREME RULES: Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian (WWE World Title – Ladder Match)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Ladder Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

Del Rio with some big kicks and a kick to the head early on. Christian drops Del Rio with a shoulder block. Christian with a quick back body drop and spinning shoulder block. Del Rio works over Christian on the outside. Christian rolls under the ring. Del Rio grabs a ladder. Christian cames out the other side, rolls in the ring and dropkicks the ladder into Del Rio through the ropes. Christian grabs a ladder and sets it up under the title. Christian climbs up and Del Rio quickly pulls him down. Del Rio with a kick to the back of the head. Del Rio follows that up with a dropkick to the face of Christian. Del Rio stays on Christian and drops him off the steel ring steps. Del Rio drapes a ladder across the ring apron and announcers table. Christian dodges being suplexed over it and Del Rio pushes him back into the steel steps. Del Rio again follows that up with a few kicks to the body. Christian is going up top, Del Rio pushes him off, Christian catches himself on a ladder, jumps off and catches Del Rio with a splash. Christian sets up a smaller ladder under the belt and is climbing. Del Rio quickly jumps in and pulls him off with force. Del Rio drops Christian’s head off the ladder. Christian and Del Rio attempt finishers. Christian then ends up launcing Del Rio over a ladder setup in the corner. Christian knocks Del Rio off the ring apron using a ladder. Christian sets up the ladder under the title, climbs up and Del Rio launches a ladder at his break to stop him. Del Rio sets up a small ladder next to Christian’s, grabs his arm and drops his knees off Christian’s arm/shoulder on the way down. Del Rio works over Christian’s left arm wrenching it back with force. Del Rio tosses Christian back first into a ladder. Christian trips up Del Rio sending him face first into the ladder.

Christian sets up the big ladder again, climbs up, Del Rio is close behind, Del Rio attempts a powerbomb, but Christian with a huricanrana sending Del Rio to the ring apron. Del Rio attempts a suplex on Christian to the ladder over the ring apron/announcers table, but Christian counters giving Del Rio a back body drop back into the ring back first over another ladder. Christian is up top holding the big ladder. Del Rio jumps up catching him with a kick and Christian falls off over the ladder. Christian is down and Del Rio is climbing up a small ladder under the title. Christian pushes it over, but Del Rio catches him with a kick and quick body splash. Del Rio baseball slide kicks Christian out of the ring. Ricardo has a chair and hands it to Del Rio. Del Rio puts Christian’s arm inside, but Christian counters sending Del Rio into the steel ring post. Christian is back in the ring getting fired up. Christian calls for a Spear. Christian with a huge Spear on Del Rio. Huge pop for that. Christian has the big ladder setup and is climbing. Del Rio walks under the ladder, pulls Christian’s legs through and Christian is stuck. Del Rio with big right hands. Christian is hanging through the hole in the ladder near a step. Del Rio gets close to the title, reaches and Christian pushes the ladder over as Del Rio crashes in the corner. Christian picks up a small step ladder and Del Rio kicks it back at Christian. Christian rolls out to the ladder across the ring apron and announcers table. Del Rio goes up top, jumps, Christian moves and Del Rio crashes through the ladder getting his arm stuck on his way down inside the ladder. That looked nasty. We see a replay and Del Rio hit the ladder at a weird angle. Back in the ring, Christian is setting up a ladder under the title.

Christian is climbing up, reaches and Brodus Clay slides in. Brodus moves the ladder, Christian is hanging on to the wire, drops down and then pushes Brodus into a ladder. Christian uses the small step ladder to hit Brodus who goes flying out of the ring to the outside. Del Rio then dropkicks Christian and applies the armbar using the small step ladder. Christian taps out, but it doesn’t matter under the stipulation. Del Rio breaks up the submission and looks up smiling. Del Rio moves the big ladder under the title, starts climbing, reaches up and we see Edge inside a Jeep at ringside. He honks the horn to distract Del Rio. Christian pushes the ladder over and Del Rio falls off crashing into Brodus Clay. Edge cheers on Christian. Christian climbs up and grabs the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Christian

After the match, Christian holds the title close getting emotional and holds it up high. Edge is looking down below cheering him on smiling. Christian slides down and both Edge and Christian hug. Edge holds up Christian’s arm as they hug once more. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish including Edge’s ringside reaction to Christian winning. Back live, Christian holds up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship getting a big reaction from the crowd in Tampa.

We see video of Randy Orton at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Backstage, Alex Riley talks about the high chances of The Miz losing tonight. Miz gets mad. Riley tries to say his catchphrase, but Miz cuts him off.

Back live, we see Lumberjacks around the ring.

* Big Show and Kane defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson in a Lumberjack match is up next.

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12 Responses

  1. Sxwwe says:

    Omg yes

  2. kev says:

    happy christain won, about time! kinda of bitter sweet with edge happy for him to be there sad to see him go :( and oh boy a useless tag match…

  3. Bob says:


  4. Jesper says:


    I’m a very happy peep right now!

    But.. Pretty solid match. This is how a laddermatch should go. Lots of cool moves and stuff. Like that WWE has gone back to being its old self again.

  5. Fairfax says:

    Finally Christian wins the big gold in wwe. Congrats. Truly one of the most talented guys to ever lace em up. This has been a very long time coming and in a time when it seems that wwe does so much wrong we finally get something that is right. I don’t care if he drops the title at the end of the show to hornswoggle, I’m just glad that he finally accomplished winning the strap. Wow.

  6. Ian says:

    Bout time…and whats with the random filler match…its obvious that Barrett isnt going to be a double champion

  7. Korey Parker says:

    Not to geek out or be a party crasher but I would still hope he holds the NWA title to be his best moment. I hate this secondary title idea they created. The Undisputed title was just fine.

  8. Thomas says:

    YES!!!! CHRISTIAN!!!! YES!!!!!

  9. Craig says:


  10. CNK says:


  11. john connor says:

    I am happy for Christian.. i am sure Alberto Del Rio will be a Champion soon too.. they are BOTH quality workers. Great match and outcome.. this was Christians moment

  12. LINDA says:

    Captain Charisma,you didit! I knew you weregonna do it ….. for Edge!



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