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Recent WWE and TNA UK TV Ratings

From Ian Hamilton:

We’ve two weeks’ worth of TV ratings here… with some pretty erratic numbers too!


Raw from April 4
– drew 119,000 in the live airing (-58,000 on the prior week/-33% for the post-Mania show)

SmackDown from April 8
– drew 160,000 in its first airing (+62,000 from the pre-Mania show/+63%)

TNA from March 31
– drew 174,000 in its airing on Tuesday night April 5th (an increase of at least 39% on the prior week, which didn’t make the top 10 for Challenge TV)


Raw from April 11
– drew 152,000 viewers in the live airing (+33,000/+28%)
– drew 58,000 in the Thursday evening replay
– drew 63,000 in the Friday replay

SmackDown from April 15:
– drew 143,000 in the first airing (-17,000/11%)
– drew 32,000 in a Saturday night replay

TNA from April 7
– drew 192,000 in its airing on April 12th (+18,000/circa 10% – it was the highest rated Impact in the UK to date, for those keeping track of that latest stat!)

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  1. dave says:

    TNA is out doing WWE because of their genius channel placement which as JB said reaches more homes than the WWE. If TNA does a PPV, or an Impact here they will make a lot of money and they could easily sell out 10k plus.

  2. Kyle Christie says:

    My comment on the other link may be wrong TNA fans are growing. Where are these people every1 i know that liked wrestling has moved away or stopped watching and if they make a PPV in UK im going i live north east Scotland but (in Sting voice) I LOVE TNA :) BTW i thought Lockdown was really good oh and a note to Mr Gerweck the UK version featured the Pre match show as the UK version is 4 hours long with commercials because as watching i was like i don’t remember reading about this then when they kept saying pre show and lockdown will start at the top of the hour i thought this is a good idea since it lasts 4 hours also the whole pre show thing lasted about 40 minutes :)

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