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TNA Slammiversary & WWE Capitol Punishment Posters‏

TNA Slammiversary poster:

WWE Capitol Punishment poster:

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15 Responses

  1. Brian Redban says:

    Hmm I find it interesting that TNA’s poster has only their originals on it..

  2. pauliewalnuts says:

    Half those guys aren’t “Originals”

  3. Tom says:

    I liked TNA better when it was mostly about the Originals with an outsider here or there to spice it up. This ‘WWE’ reject deal with one or two Originals sprinkled about stinks.

  4. Brian Redban says:

    Oh, did they come from the WWE? I’m talking about the guys who’s been there before the big WCW/WWE influx.

  5. cold says:

    Im Sorry But Eric Young is kinda ruining that poster, everyone is all serious and then he’s kinda like “duh”

  6. Cody T. says:

    Neither poster is impressive. WWE’s is simple and effective, but from TNA as usually its pretty lazy work.

  7. Riten says:

    Hahahah They Are The Originals, They Just Need Abyss And Amazing Red. TNA’s Homegrown Talent.

  8. The XFL says:

    @Brian Redban That doesn’t make them originals.. -_-

  9. robbo says:

    As said these are the originals on TNA’s poster. They have always been seen as the originals so if you say otherwise.

    The Capitol Punishment one actually looks awesome.

  10. Please bring back KING of the MOUNTAIN!

  11. Korey Parker says:

    AJ styles IS a WCW/WWE reject—–he had like 2 mathces in WCW and went no where.

    Kazarian told them off whcih is pretty awesome—to tell the big money house “you’re not going to ruin me” is pretty ballsy

  12. E-Ry says:

    Technically AJ and Storm are the only ones who have been there since day one. Sabin, Shelly, and Daniels came in around the Sports Entertainment Xtreme angle. Kazarian showed up shortly after. Roode and Young were brought in for the World X cup, as obviously part of Team Canada. Then Joe comes in. They still can be considered Originals, along with Abyss and Jarrett.

  13. Chad says:

    Randy Orton looks like a penis

  14. Pro wrestling 4 eva says:

    The Slammiversary poster is cool, don’t care about the WWE PPV poster.

  15. Brandon says:

    I liked the fake Vince Capitol Punishment poster better.

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